Violations of The Rights and Freedoms of Life and Body: Based on The Principle of Mutual Respect for Human Dignity

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Published: May 24, 2022

Words: 2238|Pages: 5|12 min read

Published: May 24, 2022

History shows that a lot of people are threatened when human rights way did not follow. All governments need cooperation from all parts of society in preventing terrorism because no other country can resolve terrorism on its own. Therefore, universal human rights norms should be respected for international cooperation in the prevention of terrorism at all levels. Compliance with universal human rights is essential for human freedom and security. In this article, it explains about the war on terrorism and human right that mainly focus on the United States. Terrorist threats are throughout history but the one that shocked the whole world was 9/11 with support from the government, it created the threat that undermines the human rights framework that the international community must deal with threats affecting global security.

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At the heart of any counterterrorism effort is to recognize that all humans have the right to security and life. All governments have a responsibility to respect these rights are recognized and observed, and effective strategies must be used to prevent and punish life-threatening acts because no human rights advocate denies this responsibility. The human rights framework is built on this recognition, but the right to security must comply with the framework of the protection of human rights. Just as states must prevent the occurrence of human rights violations within their territories. States must protect those within their borders from 'Terrorism'.

Actually, the international community has confirmed that 9/11 terrorism must be taken under basic standards of human rights and international law but will they actually operate? The terrorist was detained in Guantanamo where the detainees were arrested without trial, without a fair judicial process, without any legal authority, and the inmates are imprisoned indefinitely. It is clearly a threat to the human rights framework. Many questions have been raised from the arrests of the detainees. One of the most important measures the United States has taken is the arrest, detention, and violence of suspects or terrorists.

The report shows that the detainee is repeatedly questioned and without basic human rights, such as lack of sleep, being confined to a confined room, standing for a long time, or violence. It is a serious violation of human rights. The use of violence or even torture during enemy investigations to obtain vital information is not a new and widely used method in the past. But taking such measures goes against the globally accepted idea of human rights. Even though ICRC let the detainees can be visited but the United States saw the detainees as enemies and did not agree that the detainees receive protection from humanitarian or human rights laws. However, it cannot avoid a fair court process or Fundamental human rights norms to protect detainees.

In the case of a taxi driver name Sayed Abassin from Afghanistan who was arrested and questioned over and over again by lack of sleep and bound without a lawyer or just court proceedings? He was detained in Guantanamo for a period of 1 year and was released without trial. It demonstrates in respect for international human rights or humanitarian standards that it creates abuse and detriment to the lives and rights of others under the arbitrary exercise of executive power. This is about an 'injustice' process against suspected terrorist offenses against the United States. It is a very serious human rights violation that goes against the law of justice and human rights. It is also against the principles of promoting human rights and freedoms.

The Rule of Law is an essential foundation that we must respect. It is not that anyone who has power can do anything he wants, by using his power to bully or violate other people's rights. Actually, no matter how bad or evil someone is branded. Respect for the rule of law must come first and provides equal protection for all.

Moreover, it led to discrimination that a lot of Arab and Muslim people are arrested in the United State that they are being charged with terrorism It has been shown that it is unsafe for people in the United States with a certain race or religion involved. It violates international norms that prohibit discrimination on nationality or religion which makes the anger more intense.

From the event of 9/11, We can see that the human rights framework does not prevent governments from issuing criminal warrants. Which makes terrorism less likely Where government law should not violate freedom of expression in areas such as religion. The United States adheres to a human rights framework that terrorists can be considered a criminal at a fair trial. But it shows that governments can take some extra steps to deal with some secrecy or evidence in accordance with the legal system. This is a loophole that can make a terrorist accused under an ongoing process.

It has been explicitly acknowledged that there may be an emergency in which international human rights protections, such as Article 4 of the ICCPR, on emergencies must be formally declared and to the extent that they do not cause discrimination about race, religion, skin color and must not conflict with other international laws. But in the case of many Arabs arrested in the United States after 9/11, Arrested during the time the emergency was not reported. Moreover, this also includes the inability to punish or torture detainees in any form for violating human freedom besides in a critical situation.

Indeed, the human threat is not just a war on terrorism, but also things such as poverty or the lack of fundamental human rights. The control of terrorism has limited people's lives in terms of well-being, food, and housing, as the focus of the war on terrorism ignores other challenges that affect Human security that may be equal or greater.

There are other challenges that affect human security, such as education, assaulting women, the famine of the people, and the lack of access to basic human rights or well-being. These are all pressing challenges that must be addressed as well. It is true that terrorism has a serious impact on human security and should be dealt with. But the war on terrorism ignores other causes of human insecurity and destroys human rights norms of human security.

About the violence that occurred in Thailand, if it was an area known to many it would be the violence in the three southernmost provinces namely Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. This is not only death or injury from acts of violence, both government and insurgent movements. But it also leads to human rights violations in many ways, for example, a child in an area directly affected by death, injury, detention, and being affected indirectly are orphaned by violent incidents.

Human rights refer to the universal rights through which all human beings are born, equal, the dignity of humanity, freedom of thought, and action that no one can offend. And fundamental human rights are the basic necessities for self-survival and development that have four factors: free and stable life, but conflict as a result, fundamental human rights have been violated as a result of accumulated events in the past.

Thailand's southern border provinces are where the conflict between the Malay Muslims fought and expanded their struggle for independence from the Thai rule. According to the history of the past, the history shows that this area was originally a Patani country in the past. But due to the agreement between Thailand and the United Kingdom made Thailand govern by forcing to blend Malay culture and religion poses a threat to the Pattani identity in the region, leading to much resistance and violence.

These areas were the areas of fighting for the Patani movement and the Thai government. Shooting and harassment Causing retaliation from the government. In the past, the violence arose as a result of the actions of both sides, the Security Officers and the Patani Movement. 6000 people died and 10,000 people were injured.

In this violent situation, the group of people seen as violent is Muslims. As such, in the event of violence, the government will declare a state of emergency and enact special laws with the arrest of the accused for 35 days without the right to see a lawyer and a process of violence against detainees. It was seen that this incident was a serious human rights violation, similar to Guantanamo Bay. Moreover, it looks like the religion is involved. This is contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Thailand has certified. From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1 states that individuals enjoy the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration without any distinction. Such as race, color, gender, language, religion, and political opinion.

In the case of a 44-year-old man said more than 100 police, military, and other forces have surrounded his home, with his wife and two children in the house, a 17-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter, and two of his friends, causing crashes. Each other between the officers and the people in the house, leading to death and arrest. He said the officers had assaulted his son, smacked, and killed him. He was very sad that he had been treated so cruelly. He was arrested and questioned repeatedly with sleep deprivation and was assaulted under investigation and there are still many cases that have been treated unfairly like this.

Those who have been tortured have a feeling of fear, paranoid, afraid of being repeated, wanting revenge, not wanting to live They were afraid of being killed and had to live like a homeless person because they were still in conflict situations so they could not change their paranoia and the need for violence in response.

Moreover, the lack of an unfair trial is due to the delay in the process of the law and the seriousness of the extraordinary. Extraordinary case law is a case where death arises from an officer who claims to perform duties or death during the custody of the officer. Initially, the officers were accused of making the public the dead, but the authorities argued that the dead had first used weapons on them. Because of the extraordinary killing cases involving government officials, the power to investigate and seek evidence for fact-finding is the power of government officials. The dead can not claim justice.

In detention with special laws, the release is rejected by society. Although in some cases there are complaints of torture. But nothing can be changed because the authorities have the attitude that they follow the law in all respects. It raises the question of how the act of torture is caused by the actions of a person representing the state because people understand that the person representing the state has a duty to protect the people. At that time the people were unable to trust the government, leading to the destruction of state security, so the impact of torture was very important in resolving the conflict.

All in all, it can be said that there is a problem in the situation of violence arising from both armed conflicts, leading to various forms of human rights abuses. This was caused by actions from both the Patani Independence Movement and the government officials and resulted in an endless cycle of violence. Although there is a peace process in place, if human rights violations persist, it is difficult to achieve sustained peace by raising awareness and promoting human rights education. To the people, State officials and armed forces will lead to some degree of prevention of human rights abuses.

Human rights violations in most southern border provinces are violations of human rights and freedom of life and body in connection with cases of alleged torture by security officials under a special law. Because there is clear information that cases of torture that took place in the southern border provinces It doesn't happen by chance in one place or at a time. And the government cannot control and the persistence of torture points to the gap between central government-imposed policies and the practice of officials in insufficient legal frameworks that, in practice and allow torture. It can help promote systematic torture.

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In addition, Guidelines for the prevention of violations of the rights and freedoms of life and body are based on the principle of mutual respect for human dignity. All parties must adjust their attitudes and, in order not to violate the rights and freedoms of life and body, they should follow the basic standards that everyone, as a human being, should be treated, namely, to have a physical examination before admission. In control Have relatives and lawyers visit and counsel detainees from day one. Provide an independent and fast system of grievances and investigations. Those who complain they have been wronged the torture must be examined immediately by a doctor and must be supervised by other agencies not related to the security regime. Guidelines and procedures to prevent any action It is torture and builds confidence among the people in the performance of the staff. Law enforcement If a government official is found guilty, both disciplinary and criminal penalties must be taken seriously to avoid a culture of impunity. It is also pivotal to review the promulgation of special security laws in the southern border provinces, which should be enforced sparingly and for a limited time. In any area where the situation improves, the enforcement level should be reduced by the promulgation of the Internal Security Act.


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