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We Should Still Be Educating About The Holocaust

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The Holocaust, a dark moment for humanity where over six million Jewish men, women, and children were killed under the rule of the Nazis. This event happened because the Germans believed to were the superior race and were against other religions that wasn’t Christianity. Since it’s a very sensitive topic, some educators believe that this topic shouldn’t be taught to the future generations.

Even though this topic is sensitive to others since it’s about a dark moment of history, it should still be taught world wide. We should still educate The Holocaust to future generations because it provides moral education, and promotes human rights. The Holocaust provides moral education to the students who study this subject. It teaches kids how to act around other people with different backgrounds by acting responsibly and respectfully. For an example, in the book Survivor’s Club by Michael Bornstein, he mentions in his book how “Papa and Mamishu worked alongside Christian Pole who came to the gun powder manufacturing facility for paid work.”(Bornstein 112)” which shows that even though back then where Jewish people were seen as enemies by Christians who were citizens of Nazi Germany, they could still work together in the same environment while respecting eachother whereas it was normal to be racist towards Jews and was urged on to be hateful towards them. Also the students start to gain awareness of the complexity of the subject. Students understand how people were discriminated against and were killed for their beliefs and “Understand the roots and ramifications of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping” (“Why Teach About”). Lastly The Holocaust promotes Human rights.

After The Holocaust ended and World War II was finished, many countries developed and enforced new rights. It laid the foundations of the modern international criminal justice which was supported by all the countries. (Why Teach About). This taught students that preserving the humans rights that were gained after the Holocaust were there for a good reason and if The Holocaust wasn’t taught anymore, people would question some of the rights we have and wouldn’t know where it came from. Also The Holocaust reinforces humanistic values and protects and preserves the free and just socieies that exist today. In Survivor’s Club by Michael Bornstein, there was a scene where Soldiers “used clubs to pummel him over the head, back, and legs until he collasped. Then they raised their clubs at the rest of the Jewish laborers, and one soldier shouted, “Who’s next?” (Bornstein 32). Back when The Holocaust was happening, this was a normal action to do towards Jews as a German soldier that happened on a daily basis. In conclusion we should still educate The Holocaust to future generations because it provides moral education, and promotes human rights. Both of these help humanity on never letting this event ever occur again in the future.

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