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What Is Cultural Convergence?

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Cultural convergence is when different cultures become more and more similar and things like beliefs, values, customs and behaviors become alike. This is mostly shown with countries that interact and communicate, such as India and Pakistan.Communication and languages are incredibly important, as through languages we can see the impacts of cultural convergence and globalization throughout the world Cultures converging has an extremly positive impact to the world, as it is bringing countries closer together than ever before. Through the help of media, people from different places can learn more about cultures from different areas. Clothing, religion and languages are now shown to many people in the world. Things such as technology and sports are things that are helping us to build a common culture, as in the past, different parts of the world barely understood one another.

With the aid oftechnology and the internet, many people are now able to communicate with each other.However, culture convergence isn’t always a positive thing, as more and more of the unique characteristics of different cultures are being washed away. Languages, for example are one thing that is very quickly diminishing as English seems to be dominating the globe, and because of this, native languages are struggling to survive and are on the brink of becoming dead. Kyzl, is a perfect example of this, as native languages such as Tuvinian, are slowly dying out, as the younger generations choose not to learn and use it in favor of English, Spanish and Mandarin. This is most likely due to the increasing amount of media shown all over the world, from news, to movies and music. These are mostly in English, so in order for them to be connected with the majority of the world, learning English is a must.

Tourism is a huge part on how cultures are losing its distinct characteristics, the people in Omo Valley for instance, is a prime example of this. Due to increasing tourism within Ethiopia, tribes have been taken and housed in ‘modern’ villages, and have now become beggars, as agriculture would have been impossible due to no land allowance. They now live on photo money from tourists, Suri women who would normally paint their faces for weddings, now do so whenever tourists come around, and childrenwould remove their shirts and climb up trees. They do so for the ‘authentic’ photo that tourists and photographers look for.

To prevent globalization, several countries, such as North Korea and Bougainville are trying it’s best to preserve their culture. North Korea has tried to protect its culture by isolating itself from the rest of the world, as they are striving to become self-sufficient; however, both countries have only recently got in contact with the outside world, this could mean Cultural convergence is extremely helpful to the world, however, it is only to a certain extent, if it goes further it seems like it will be impossible to distinguish one culture from another, as cultures would become carbon copies of one another.

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