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What Measures Are Needed To Adapt To An Oil-Free Future? 

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How much oil is actually left on Earth? When will we run out? These are questions that people don’t usually think about. Humans are so used to things just working all the time; it is hard to even think about something running out. The truth is; we are going to run out of oil and it will happen very soon. In order for the world to continue functioning as it is, citizens have to take action from today. We need to think about using natural resources to generate electricity and help fuel the rest of our lives. None of this can be possible without informing the public about this current issue because many people aren’t aware of what’s coming. It is explained in the film, The End of Suburbia, that as years go by, it’s going to get harder and harder to pump oil; causing oil to become very expensive. The film describes the history of suburbs and how they have only caused more consumption of oil. This is why the world is going to run out of oil much faster than we expected. In order to survive this future without cheap oil, citizens and governments need to be informed about the depletion of oil, they should also start thinking about using renewable energy sources, and they must learn to save these resources.

Citizens play a huge role in oil consumption. People have become so used to their lifestyles, it is hard to change. It has become normal to always have electricity, gas for automobiles, and a store for every need. The world has advanced in technologies and for now, everything might seem like it’s okay, but there will be upcoming challenges. This lifestyle that has become normal is very hard to maintain and doesn’t exist in most parts of the world. To adapt to a future where it might not be possible to have all these sources, citizens must start taking action from now. There won’t always be enough oil supply to support all the people around the world. In fact, according to the U. S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), only 99 out of the world’s 216 countries have any oil reserves at all. Citizens must save electricity when they can and try to decrease the use of oil. In addition, with the increase of suburbs, the need for transportation increased greatly. The film, The End of Suburbia, clearly explained that it would be impossible living in a suburb without a car. This proves that suburbs have only caused oil consumption to increase when the intention was to flee from the polluted city life. A possible solution to this worldwide issue is for citizens to use oil-based resources wisely and think about the future while making everyday decisions.

The world is actually running out oil and for many people, this may not seem like an issue. Although it may feel like there is more than enough oil, there isn’t. After a certain point, it gets harder to pump and produce oil. This is when the world has reached peak oil. It is easy to pump large amounts of oil to begin with but as more and more gets used, we get closer and closer to the peak. Unfortunately, the world right now is really close to the peak of oil, and now the decline of oil supply will soon begin. This will be when there will be a limited supply of oil causing it to be a lot harder to pump, therefore making oil very expensive. If we want a future with enough resources, we need to start using alternatives to fossil fuels as they will eventually run out. Oil companies need to realize that switching to renewable energy sources will be the best long-term solution. We need to develop technologies that are not oil dependent. There are many methods of creating electricity without burning and they will last forever. Some examples are solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro energy. It will be very beneficial in the long run if we start using these natural resources. Using these methods to create energy can be much better for the environment and the economy, especially since oil prices are going to increase. Before citizens and oil companies can actually begin taking action, they need to be aware of what’s going on. It is the government’s job to inform the public about why certain changes are happening, such as the oil price increase. This will help citizens make small changes to their lifestyles to eventually solve this issue. It is not only important to inform the public about the depletion of oil but they should also know about the alternatives. Although people don’t like to hear about things running out, but it is better to be prepared than to suffer later. Thinking about the future while making decisions is very important. According to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, the world consumes about 86 million barrels of crude oil per day, it would be easy to conclude we’ll run out of oil in 55 years, or sooner if we increase oil consumption (Leach. 2014). So many people still don’t realize that these resources that are helping run our lives are eventually going to disappear. In the future, when oil prices will increase, citizens will have many question.

People will need to know the reason for the oil price increase. Therefore, governments and media must inform citizens about our future challenges. It is safe to say that we are a society addicted to oil. Our lifestyles are dependent on oil. Whether we want to or not, we will have to deal with the increasing oil prices because oil is really running out. The worst part of this oil crisis is that the world relies too much on fossil fuels, as if there are no other alternatives. Additionally, the creation of suburbs was for people who wanted to leave the busy city, but it was only a good idea for the time of oil. It is going to become too hard to maintain suburban lifestyles in the future. A lot more oil will be needed but the more efficient we are at collecting oil, the worse it gets. Therefore, people must begin making better decisions for our future. This problem can only be solved if people all over the world know what is happening and how our world is functioning. It is important to begin finding renewable resources to generate energy, informing citizens about oil depletion, and finally saving the resources so they can last. These changes must be made to ensure a sustainable future.

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