Why Gun Rights Should Be More Strict

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About this sample


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Published: Jan 28, 2021

Words: 1455|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Jan 28, 2021

In this essay, I will be discussing gun control in America and where I stand on the issue of its regulations. I want to start off by saying that death by guns is out of control and it’s ridiculous how easy it seems for anyone to just own a gun nowadays, no matter your age. For example, there was a story on the news about a 15-year-old boy bringing a gun to the school he was attending and when he was asked how he got a hold of the gun he said he bought it from someone off the street. I believe that there should be more strict rules on who should own guns and how they are sold because the death rate of how many people are dying because of gun-related incidents has to decrease. Gun control should have more strict rules because gun violence affects communities, lives, and school safety. While many people of the world believe that the Second Amendment, 'the right to keep and bear arms' provides security and self-protection, I believe that gun ownership leads to deaths, people’s lives being affected, and lifelong injuries.

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Violence is everywhere in the world. In every country, city, and town there is some form of violence. For the duration of my life, there have been a great number of deaths and serious injuries due to gun violence. We happen to live in a country where gun violence is among the most prevalent in the world: The United States of America. Today, gun control and gun violence have become a controversial issue in America. The issue for gun control has been debated for a long time, probably ever since they were created. It is small, yet an extremely dangerous factor in our lives. Gun rights could be beneficial and problematic at the same time.

Gun-related violence is violence committed with the use of a gun (firearm or small arm). Gun control by definition is the regulation of the sale and use of firearms. Gun control is important because it was created to reduce gun violence and deaths. Gun violence affects communities, lives, and school safety. My thoughts on gun control are that its laws should be more strict because guns are obvious really dangerous. There are too many people losing their lives over them, their families are greatly affected and they carry that lost with them forever.

Firstly, gun control should have more strict rules because people owning guns leads to death. Hundreds of Americans are killed by firearms every day and many more are injured from being shot. In the year 2016, there were more than 38,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. In the year 2017, there were 40,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S, making it the highest gun deaths in decades. 2018 was particularly a really bad year for schools because there were around 94 gun related disturbances. There were so many incidents involving guns in these past few years that it makes my head spin when I think about how many of those incidents could have been prevented from happening if gun control laws were more strict. I know some people buy guns for their protection and I strongly believe that should be the only reason people would ever use a gun, but it isn’t the only reason and that’s sad. What I mean by that is a lot of people buy guns to deliberately hurt other people for a lot of sick reasons. For example, people could shoot someone for revenge, hatred, obsessive feelings, or jealousy, etc.

Secondly, Gun control should be more strict because it affects so many people’s lives. When someone’s life is taken away from them, their family faces a loss. Their family will go through a very difficult time because it was very unexpected and they will feel even more heartbroken over the fact that they didn’t get the chance to say goodbye or give the person they lost one last warm hug before they were gone. Losing someone you loved is like losing a piece of yourself that you will never truly get back. It is one of the worst things a person could ever experience in their life and even though at some point it becomes easier to grasp that loss, there will always be an emptiness that can’t be filled. When I think about how a life could just be taken away with just one bullet from a gun I wonder how could someone be so heartless and if gun control laws were more strict could it prevent innocent people from losing their lives a lot less?

Lastly, gun control should be stricter because it leads to people having lifelong injuries. There people who are shot by a gun and was lucky enough to live through it but was badly injured from it. For all the deaths there is involving guns, there are a lot more injuries caused by them every year. Sometimes when people are shot by a gun they can be severely injured or possibly paralyzed. For example, gunshot wounds can cause someone to lose one of their limbs, it could cause disfigurement of the body, severe bleeding, damage to tissues and organs, broken bones, wound infections and paralysis. Wound's like these could leave a person very depressed and sad, which could lead to them to wanting to commit suicide.

Utilitarianism is the doctrine that an action is right insofar as it promotes happiness and that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the guiding principle of conduct. Utilitarians answer the following three questions; what is good? Which is, pleasure, what is right? Which is, actions that promote the greatest sum total amount of good for the greatest number of people, and what is just? Which are, laws that promote the greatest good for the greatest number? Utilitarians believe that the right thing to do is to produce as much happiness as possible while the wrong thing to do is the complete opposite, which is causing unhappiness or the least amount of good for the greatest number of people.

In a Utilitarian’s view, they would say that guns do more harm to the greatest number of people than good to the greatest number of people. They would say that guns shouldn’t even be allowed to be owned and should be banned for good. Firearms are a means to harm other people and whether it’s for self-defense purposes or selfish purposes, like killing someone out of hatred, it’s wrong. Life is precious and you only get one, so taking away a life doesn’t promote any kind of happiness. Utilitarians would say that gun control laws are unjust because they don’t prevent most bad things from happening which ultimately doesn’t cause much happiness.

Virtue ethics is person rather than action based. It looks at the moral character of the person carrying out an action. Virtue ethicist asks the following questions: am I a good person? Am I flourishing? And am I living well? Virtue ethicists believe that having good moral character is the most important thing to flourish. In a virtue ethicists view, they would say that gun control laws are beneficial to people who want to protect themselves from those who want to hurt them, like intruders or murderers. In their view, gun control laws help a person flourish because by protecting themselves they get to live to see another day.

I agree with the utilitarians view more because I don’t believe that gun control laws help as many people as much as they harm them. I think that guns are so much a part of this world that no one stops to think about how powerful and misused they really are. If you think about all the mass shootings and other gun-related incidents you’d see that guns only cause people pain and devastation. If gun control laws were stricter or even if guns were banned permanently our country could be a much safer place.

Some people might argue that gun control laws shouldn't be banned because they are good for self-defense when one is in danger. While that might be true, people can’t ignore that there are other ways people could protect themselves. For example, tasers/stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bat, and even dogs are great for protection. So if gun control laws were to be more strict or if guns were to be permanently banned people could still feel safe and there would be a lot less killing.

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In conclusion, gun control should be stricter because gun ownership leads to deaths, people’s lives being affected, and lifelong injuries. Hundreds of Americans are killed by firearms every day and many more are injured from being shot. Our country would be a safer place to live with guns out of the picture.

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