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Why IoT Should Be Considered Deeply

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IoT (Internet of Things) enables us to ride cars without drivers, to watch pets from offices and so on. Of course, these technologies are very useful, however, I think we don’t have enough attention to use them in usual life. I argue it from three viewpoints; they make huge incidents, present days are the best time to consider the IoT security and we don’t have appropriate knowledge about them.

In 2016, the computer virus called “Mirai” caused a great impact on the Internet society. According to the research published in USENIX Security Conferences, it created the botnet, which is constructed by a huge number of hacked computers, and filled in the capacity of the Internet traffic. It means normal connections are killed by them and people can’t use the Internet regularly. This virus cashed in on the week IoT security. Moreover, this incident proves that even if a computer is a low spec like an IoT machine, cooperating computers have the effect on the Internet. Therefore, they are the good targets for the botnet because IoT machines are utilized in the whole world. It goes without saying that IoT security is the most important to save the Internet.

To consider the future of IoT, we should follow the Internet history. According to Internet Society, in the 1960s, the origin of the Internet was born in USA laboratories. It was created as the way of connection between laboratories, thus, it need not have secure connections in the early days. However, the more we become familiar with the Internet, the more people try to abuse it. To sum it up, the security of the Internet became necessary because it was used widely. Therefore, before the establishment of the countermeasure of security, there are a lot of victims in the world who had trouble about the Internet. Of cause it is fact that there were some victims, however, if it has been paid attention to its security when it was born, victims would have decreased. The same story can apply to IoT. Hence, no other time is better than current days when crimes using IoT vulnerability began to occur to consider the security of IoT.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), one of the most authoritative laboratories in the world, is presently preparing draft about IoT security. In the other words, the specialized agency does not have enough preparation for spreading IoT. In the logical of things, users don’t have amply arrangements.

In conclusion, IoT has a lot of potential risks at this time. The reasons are that many IoT machines are released in around the world and the recent spreading of IoT is too suddenly to make provision appropriately. Thus, it is not late to wait to establish the secure standard of IoT because IoT enables us to realize the future technologies.

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