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Why The Black Lives Matter Movement Has to Be Removed

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The Black Lives Matter movement has been disturbing people’s lives by blocking streets and by creating a false movement to “better” the lives of blacks. One side believes that the BLM movement is not beneficial to America because of the following reasons, the protests usually end up in violence, not all blacks support the group, their idea of racial profiling is inaccurate, and they are disturbing citizens of their daily lives. Another side believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is essential to America because of the following reasons, the movement will end harassment, keeping this movement will show a message to youngsters, police are already doing investigations to solve the problems, and are supporting both blacks and other races. The BLM movement disturbs others of their everyday lives by blocking streets and causing riots. This make sit hard for people to go of with their day. The Black Lives Matter movement is not beneficial to America. This movement needs to be removed from society.

Racial profiling does not only target black people but it targets other races as well as hispanics. “Black people are the first to die, not the first to fly, in this racist climate crisis.” This statement is wrong because not only are blacks getting discriminated but so are hispanics, Muslims, and other people of color. This means that the people who are supporting this movement aren’t aware of the statistics. “African Americans and Hispanics were somewhat more likely to disagree and were somewhat more likely to be ticketed after stops than white drivers.” This is important because shows that African Americans aren’t the only victims. Hispanics should be known for their discrimination. These protesters are bringing violence into the “peaceful protesters”. There is no reason to protest if people are going to get hurt.

Violence is brought up to get their point across during the protests. The protesters are doing everything wrong to get people’s attention. “The Baltimore mayor called for peaceful protests, and the violence was condemned by President Obama.” The protesters are using violence and are giving others the wrong message of the movement. There message is currently unknown because of the way they present themselves. “Police believes Black Lives Matter is causing the death rate to go up.” The Black Lives Matter movement is damaging America and the Chicago’s police superintendent is blaming the movement for the murder spike. Chicago’s crime is already high and there doesn’t need to be anymore. The protests are blocking streets that hold traffic and chaos. This needs to end to avoid any other chaos.

The protests are unnecessary and are disturbing others of their peace. People have the right to do what they want without problems. “Last month, Black Lives Matter UK protesters blocked a main road leading to Britain’s largest airport, Heathrow, bringing traffic to a standstill.” People can not do their every day schedule because protesters are in the way. This is a problem because this leads to more stress to the public. “Some in the crowd threw rocks and fireworks at police.” The protesters for the black lives Matter movement cause more risks to others like when they blocked a street from a child going to the hospital. Of course this is a problem because this left a child’s life in danger. Another side believes that these protests are actually helping the movement grow. There are many specific issues with this idea of the Black Lives Matter movement being a growing experience to the community.

The Black Lives Matter movement claims that they support lives other than blacks. African Americans aren’t the only victims in this social crisis. “Most high profile hate crimes involve violence committed by whites against other ethnic minorities race crimes against whites generally go unnoticed.” This is important because the movement supports other races and believes that these people are being discriminated too. If other races are being discriminated then this could lure other people in their movement. This statement is not true because if they supported other races they would talk and protest for other races. However this is not what the movement does. Instead they blame whites for discrimination when they are doing the same thing by not bringing other races in the cause. “There is a need for white people to take responsibility in a society that privileges them through racism and anti-black racism in particular. ” Black people aren’t the only ones being discriminated and this must be known. If people don’t know this then the movement is making an invalid statement. This is true because hispanics and other races are being discriminated also. They should not be held in the dark and the background. Not only does one side believe that blacks are being targeted but they also believe that police are accountable for this action. White policemen in particular are being culprits.

Another side would believe that police brutality is the real reason why African Americans are dying. It’s not the African Americans fault for the crime percentage to go up. “Chicago and Cleveland who had failed to hold police accountable for shootings.” These cities failed to blame their crisis of the police. This is a problem if the BLM is going to blame the police for their own actions. This statement shows that the movement blames their problems of the police and doesn’t take of their own responsibility. The movement can’t blame the police for doing wrong. “Supports the systematic harassment and brutalization of black people and does not hold police officers accountable for violence.” The movement claims that they don’t blame any of their mistreatment of the police. If this is true then there wouldn’t be countless of news reports of the mistreatment of police. This is false because every little thing that is found of the news is about police brutality. This needs to be removed from the news because it is scaring citizens of their protection. Clearly this side doesn’t have a clear understanding of this movement.

The Black Lives Matter Movement disturbs people’s everyday lives and cause unnecessary chaos. This has created an unwanted hysteria in America. This movement has caused children being held back from the hospital it causes adults to be late for work because of the blocking of the streets. Black people aren’t even the only ones being discriminated hispanics also have a large percentage of discrimination. Their protests are violent and hurt police and also the innocent people that are in the protests. This movement needs to be removed because it is causing a chaos that will forever be nonstop. African American will always feel as if they are being mistreated but their are other ways to end that. Not by causing more problems and discrimination to their own race. They are making matters worse with their own making.

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