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Open Carry of Guns in The United States

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Open Carry of Guns in The United States essay

Gun control is a very sensitive topic in the United States and among all the states, however all but 5 states do not allow open carry in the United States, but all have different policy over the requirements and rules over open carry. In Texas the only thing you need to have to openly carry a gun is an issued permit, while many other states have restrictions on what you need to openly carry a firearm.

The biggest two political parties, Republican and Democratic parties play major roles in the United States and have different opinions over policy. One of which is their views on firearms. Some political parties believe that guns shouldn’t be restricted, that it is our second amendment right to bear arms. While, other parties believe that guns should be regulated and have restrictions on what type of guns the people can have, how many we can have, ect. Many arguments happen over this topic. What doesn’t help this is gun violence, which helps the restriction come to light.

The Republican Party in not only Texas views guns very differently than other parties. The Republican Party stands strong on the second amendment. The Republicans believe there should be little restriction on guns, but still have some restriction. The Republicans believe that the second amendment right should be available to all law-abiding citizens, but not only in Texas in the whole United states. This party is very against the restriction of the people’s rights against guns, especially if they are following the laws. Licensing of guns is a big topic that the Republican party is very against. The republicans believe that licensing guns is an invasion of citizens right to privacy and applaud the citizens and interest groups filing and organizing lawsuits against firearm manufacturers to deprive citizens of their rights.

While the Republican Party sits on loose to no gun laws, the Democratic party sees guns in a very different light. The Democratic Party wants citizens to have their second amendment rights but with a lot more restriction. They believe that the citizens rights to own firearms is subject to “Reasonable Regulation” in their eyes. In the Democrats argument against guns they use gun violence as their argument. Which leads to limits on what kind of guns, how many we can own, how much ammunition we can have for our guns, ect. This can also lead to difficulties obtaining guns for many citizens. At the very least, Democrats want a background check to be taken before a gun is purchased, this can hold up, as well as annoy citizens because it is a barrier between them and their rights. The background check does nothing to help protect against gun violence, the only thing it does is delays it. The mental state of a human being can and will fluctuate and change, either for better or worse.

Another big topic that the Democrats show to restrict guns more is the reauthorization of the assault weapons ban. As well as closing the loophole of obtaining special weapons through gun shows. Their argument says that they will protect out rights to own firearms and keep the weapons out of the hands of terrorists and criminals. They claim to achieve this by restricting where we can buy our guns, what kind we are allowed to own, and the ammunition we are allowed to own for them. If the Democrats are protecting our rights, why are they taking them all away?

On November 6th, 2018 there will be the election of the Texas Governor, both of these candidates have their own opinions on the gun control case, while their party can already assume how they stand on guns, they themselves may see them a little different. Greg Abbott is a Republican and Lupe Valdez is a Democrat. Since the state that these candidates are running for is strongly pro-guns, their views on guns may not mean much if they are against guns. Both candidates maybe all for guns even though their parties may not be.

Greg Abbott’s stand on gun control is pretty much a republican stand on the issue. Abbott believes that citizens deserve their 2nd amendment right to bear arms and will do all he can to keep our rights safe. He challenges potential federal laws that could limit gun rights. He was also one of the first Attorney Generals to challenge the Obama administration on gun restrictions and regulations.

While Abbott has a strong stand on keeping the citizens 2nd amendments rights safe, he has some policies that could possible cause gun restriction. After many incidences with gun violence, it has started an uproar with guns and how they should be taken away, many parties and interest groups have been protecting our rights, Abbott stands on the side of the citizens keeping their rights but restricting places where citizens can carry guns. The main place is schools, there has been a lot of gun violence at schools this past decade or two but has been more exposed to the light in these past few years. With school violence with guns and involving children bring a stronger stance to get rid of guns while Abbott has a solution to the issue due to his stances on rights.

Abbot’s plans for a 40-point plan for improving school safety when It comes to corruption and gun control. The one part of it that goes against what he believes is his restriction on who can buy and keep guns. He claims he isn’t wanting to add more restrictions, just enforce the current restrictions more and close some loopholes, but that in doing that it will lead to adding more restrictions.

Lupe Valdez, our Democrat candidate, her stand on guns. Valdez wants more restrictions on guns, she doesn’t support some of the gun laws we currently have. She believes that there should be an increase on background checks and making sure people’s mental state is healthy, she wants to ban parts for weapons such as upgrades like bigger magazines, sights, ect. And she wants to take away guns from the people who may have some issues. The only problem with taking away people’s guns is it’s a complete violation of their rights. People make mistakes, it could’ve been a small incident or dumb decision that didn’t cause much harm and they lose all their rights forever is her stance.

Valdez currently does not approve of open carry of guns and she wants to try to get rid of it. She approves of concealed carry, she claims that she is comfortable with guns and understands the role it plays in Texas culture, but she wants to take big parts of it away and violate our rights. She uses an example of if someone cannot solve their aggressive issue without reaching for a gun should not have one. Should that be the case, the background check and current rules that are not strictly enforced should have taken care of that. Valdez’s problem is she wants to add more restrictions that will lightly be enforced rather than cracking down on the current rules in place. The current rules work if they are enforced as they should be.

Both Parties and both candidates have their view on guns, Abbott stands with the Republican party’s beliefs on guns, but with a few modifications, such as his 40- point plan. Valdez stands with the Democratic Party’s beliefs on guns that they should be restricted more but she seems a little more lenient than what a hardcore democrat would say on guns.

These two candidates can affect Texas’s policy on guns in major ways, whoever wins will change how Texas sees the future of guns. Texas has pretty lenient gun laws and you can get a gun easily if you are a good citizen. With these two candidates we can see a change on the buying process, and maybe see some recalls if our democrat nominee gets elected and get what she wants.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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