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Variety History Topics
Top 11 Global History Project Ideas 
Most Significant World History Topics
🗽 United States History
🏰 European history 
🌅 Asian topics in history 
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40 Significant Topics in History for Great Research

topics in history

History is one of the most enchanting and influential science areas that plays a critical role in promoting intellectual growth and development. Not everyone tastes it, but the study is necessary. Mankind has a  tendency to face the same cyclical problems. Having understood the details, people learn and evolve more effective ways to solve problems. This is our pride, shame and secrets in one "cocktail" of events.

Studying historical discipline expands awareness of the political area, educational processes and technological progress. After in-depth investigation topics in history, you develop critical and technical thinking through the events analysis and their impact on the future. Therefore, we create the systematized essay writing structure. Mentally savvy people fascinate with knowledge, don't they?

History offers many exciting topics to write an essay about. From the rise of African culture to the 2021 military coups in Guinea. The enchanting history research paper topics are built on a clear structure divided into sections. The work difficulty on a historical essay or research project may lie in the lack of exciting topics in history and the feeling that all ones have already been written. The work should bring enjoyment, so we provide cool historical events to write about.

Variety History Topics

Writing historical works seems a daunting task due to the inability to evaluate things from one's own experience. Also, not having thorough events knowledge does not give a chance to fully understand.

Information systematization always leads to qualitative results. Before researching the history topics list, we suggest understanding the working mechanism. To choose the proper topic, it is worth determining the historical aspect to rely on. There are 5 major sections on topics:

Politics: the state structure, rulers, wars, government forms, legislation.

Religion and philosophy: religion, rituals, cult actions, reality concepts.

Economics: forms, production, banking system, finance, employment.

Culture: values, traditions, language aspect, architecture style, education.

Society: personality, nationality, religious affiliation, social groups, creativity.

Top 11 Global History Project Ideas 

Epochs of crises and revolutions have led mankind to technological progress. The World way has changed repeatedly, from colonization to industrialization, from kingdoms to states, from subjects to citizens. The countries that have industrialization benefits are now at the forefront. Their influence is growing, and the force balance in the world is shifting periodically.

  1. The relationship between USA and USSR
  2. The Great Depression
  3. The French Revolution
  4. The Age of Discovery (XV-XVII centuries)
  5. Migration Period (IV-VII centuries)
  6. Colonial collapse and the Cold War
  7. Racial segregation in the United States
  8. Wars of the Roses
  9. The Civil War
  10. Civil rights movement
  11. Strength of the Civil Rights Movement

Most Significant World History Topics

Is it easy to choose the most breathtaking historical event? The answer is the same for everyone - not easy. Rely on the key areas in the history (listed above) and get a simplified selection. Then pick a period (e.g., epochs, centuries, years) and the range of topics narrows. Next, choose a country, state or continent. Such specifics help to quickly select a goal for a written essay and give productive results.

We offer you to consider topics in history by sections: USA, Europe and Asia.

🗽 United States History

America's history has gone through many growth and decline periods. It began with colonization, the nation formation through wars, survived slavery, racial inequality and industrialism. The USA path is rich in events, so we select the significant American history topics.

1.  Great Migration of African Americans in the XX century
African Americans began to actively move from southern rural areas to north cities with a frequency from 1916 to 1970. They were inferior to the white population under Jim Crow laws and had no political rights. Describe the political terms used for bypassing the official anti-slavery law. Specify how they managed slavery escape and find social and economic opportunities.

2. Salem witch trials
The end of the 1600s was commemorated by a mass "witch" hunt, about 20 girls were hanged. The rest were imprisoned in the Salem Village community. Answer the questions: How did the Salem witch trials end? What is the witch trials' legacy?

3. Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor is an American-Asian event, but it is appropriate to attribute it to American history. In 1941, the United States broke off relations with Japan and began to cooperate financially with China. At that time, Japan and China were at war. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, hoping to conquer Southeast Asia.

4. How did the September 11 attacks affect Americans?

5. Louisiana Purchase.

6. What was the real Gold Rush?
The Gold Rush became a mass craze. The most valuable item in those days was not gold! It sounds like a joke, but it's true - it was more profitable to sell shovels than to dig for gold. Explain its occurrence reasons and abrupt ending. Describe unusual facts not found in ordinary scientific works, essays or abstracts. Answer the questions: What did the Gold Rush helped create? How did it affect the United States' development?

7. Prohibition in the USA. Is this a fiasco or an instructive act?

8. The Ku Klux Klan: A shameful US chapter.

9. The Industrial Revolution. How has this affected global production processes?
There was a financial and banking system transformation and the rapid modernization growth made it the capitalism's "second echelon". The rise has been organic with real market changeable needs. Describe the industrialization process and its global impact.

10. The Era of Good Feelings in the XIX century

🏰 European history 

Europe experienced serious upheavals. European development has survived the Roman Empire`s fall, the great eras in art and the decline after the World Wars. There are a lot of topics to consider, and we offer 10 important history ideas.

1. Middle Ages. The religion cult and a total mindset change.
The Roman Empire's collapse served as a new milestone in the evolution and put the idea into the population's minds about a single Christian state. The Middle Ages how the church world development kept religion at the helm for a long time.

2. The Evolution of Civil Society: From Ancient Greece to Modern Times.

3. "Springtime of Nations" (1848-1849). Its reflection in European culture and art.

4. Otto von Bismarck's personality role in the German unification process.
History called him the Iron Chancellor. Under his leadership, Germany was unified. Describe how he managed to rally the country and turn it into a strong industrial power.

5. Anglo-German antagonism at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries and its causes.

6. Diplomacy during World War I and post-war peace plans for settlement.

7. Anti-Hitler Coalition on the World War II Fronts: from enmity to military alliance.
A states and peoples coalition fought against aggressive Germany, Italy and Japan bloc and their satellites. Thoroughly analyze their actions and strategy to eliminate the Third Reich leader.

8. Italy in the bipolar world era and in the early XXI century.

9. The Fascist Italy Path.

10. The Maastricht Treaty signing and the EU organization.
The treaty has united countries for over 30 years. Attempts to unite in a single union originated in the post-war period. Winston Churchill suggested the European countries stop conflicting and create an alliance similar to the United States.

🌅 Asian topics in history 

The Asia region is the largest World part and there is much space for its historical reflection and discussion. Paper topics for work are limited by the information source's abundance and size, which cannot be read in the full version. Therefore, we provide the most entertaining topics in Asian history.

1. Mongol conquests and Central Asia. Yasa and Islam: compromise contradictions.

2. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: exceptional atomic bombs use and their consequences.
The atomic bombings' role in Japan's surrender and the bombings' ethical justification is still hotly debated. Describe in detail America's motives and the consequences for Japan.

3. Meiji Restoration and Japanese modernization.

4. Main Cultural Achievements of Korea in the Three Kingdoms Period.
The states were formed in the struggle against the Chinese conquerors. The Han Dynasty's fall freed the three Korean states from the need to confront an external threat. The three kingdoms' culture was common. Indicate the global religious changes and achievements for future generations.

5. Japanese statehood Formation (VII-VIII centuries): Asuka periods.

6. Religious ideas comparison between the Sumerians and Babylonians.

7. The Islam Emergence: Background and Influence.
Islam arose in the early VII century in Mecca, where paganism dominated. This period is characterized by the gradual patriarchal tribal system destruction and the class society emergence. Talk about the transition sequence to Islam and about heritage.

8. Crusades Aftermath.

9. Japanese Spirit Rise in the Edo Period.

10. Yihetuan Movement in China. 
A specially organized grouping in 1898-1901 opposed foreign interference in China. The authorities went over to the rebels' side. But the Empress went over to the Alliance side, who suppressed the uprising. Describe how China became even more dependent on foreign countries.

To Sum it Up

History is a deep science that requires detailed analysis. The role of history paper research divides your knowledge into before and after. We have provided you with diverse topics for different eras and countries. We hope you find this list helpful.

If you want to get a quality essay, our authors help you sort out the topic and write it for you.