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CSE Journal Citation

The CSE style guide dates back to the 1960s, with the first edition called the Council of Biology Editors (CBE) style. It was created as a style guide for biology journals. In 2000, the CBE changed its name to the Council of Science Editors, and the style became known as the CSE style. The latest CSE style edition is the eighth one, published in 2014.


If you’ve found a journal you want to cite, and your paper requirements state that you need to use CSE style, you need to know a few simple rules.

Principles of formatting reference lists in the CSE style

Formatting a reference list according to the CSE style specifications is straightforward. The CSE enables you to use any of the three systems:

  • Citation-name
  • Citation-sequence
  • Name year


Below you can find the examples of reference list entries formatted according to the name-year system. The most important rules for reference list formatting go as follows:

  • List your sources alphabetically but don’t use a numbered list.
  • List the last names and initials of the authors in the order in which they appear in the original article, separating them with a comma.
  • Include the names of the first ten authors.
  • If there are more than ten authors, include the first ten author names only and add “et al.”


Journal article

Structure: Author AA, Author BB, Author CC. Year. Article title: article subtitle. Journal Name. Volume(issue): Pagination.


Example: Chow, A. R. 2022. How Blockchain Could Solve the Problem of Digital Identity. Time. Volume: 01-2022: 96.

Online journal article


Structure: Author AA, Author BB, Author CC. Year. Article title: article subtitle. Journal Name [Internet]. [date accessed];Volume(issue):Pagination. URL. Notes.


Example: Martin T. W. 2022. North Korea Finds Its Missile Tests Have Lost Their Shock Value. The Wall Street Journal [Internet]. [Jan 28, 2022];Vol 105(3).

Requirements for citing journals in CSE in-text citations: Parenthetical references

The CSE style in-text citation rules are easy to pick up. If you don’t mention a particular author by name in a sentence, you must list their last name and the publication year in parentheses at the end of the sentence.

Structure: Sentence (Author’s Last Name Year of Publication).


Example: Each user is able to receive $50-$100 a month worth of the token, the value of which permanently swings on the large cryptocurrency market (Chow 2022).


If you mention the author’s name in the text, directly follow it with the year of publication in parenthesis.


Structure: Sentence Author’s Last Name (Year of publication) the rest of the sentence.


Example: According to Andrew R. Chow (2022), each user is able to receive $50-$100 a month worth of the token, the value of which permanently swings on the large cryptocurrency market.


If you want to directly quote, or refer to a table, chart, or figure in a journal article, you need to put the sentence inside the quotation marks. Then, follow with the author’s name, publication year, and the page number(s) where that information is found in parenthesis.


Structure: “The quoted sentence.” (Author’s Last Name Year of Publication, p. number)


Example: North Korea’s six missile tests in January match its output from all of last year (Martin 2022, 1).


If an article has two authors, include both names.


Structure: (1st Author’s Last Name and 2nd Author’s Last Name Year of Publication)


If an article has more than two authors, list only the first author’s name followed by “et al.”


Structure: (1st Author’s Last Name et al. Year of Publication)


How Citation Generator Can Help You

If your paper requirement states that you have to use the CSE citation, you must cite your journal sources respecting the CSE style guide. That way, you can pass with the highest grade and help your readers find the sources easily. Finally, properly citing sources will help you give credit to fellow researchers whose work you’ve used for inspiration. 


There is a quick fix if you find CSE journal citation rules hard to follow.


Use the free CSE Journal Citation Generator by Grades Fixer. Select the CSE style from the drop-down menu, paste the article title or DOI number, and hit “Search journal.” The generator will provide CSE journal in-text citations and reference list entries to copy and paste effortlessly.

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