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Сonsumer behaviour and self concept

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With the emergence of everchanging technology, the environment of business has become highly dynamic and so is the consumer behaviour and buying patterns. Understanding purchase patterns and buying behaviours is an important area of interest for the consumer researchers. Solomon describes consumer behaviour as ˜it is the study of the processes that are involved when people select, make a purchase and use products, services or experiences in order to satisfy needs and wants' (Solomon et al, 2002:5). Kotler explains consumer behaviour as, it covers all the grounds that are related to the selection of a product or service, buying and then consumption of the goods or services (Kotler, 2002). Consumer Behavior is the totality of consumers’ decisions with respect to the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods. One of the most commonly studied variables believed to impact consumer behavior is self-concept


Self-concept is defined as the way, in which we think, our preferences, our beliefs, our attitudes, our opinions arranged in a systematic manner and also how we should behave and react in various roles of life. Self-concept is a complex subject as we know the understanding of someone’s psychology, traits, abilities sometimes are really difficult. Consumers buy and use products and services and patronize retailers whose personalities or images relate in some way or other to their own self-images Traditionally, individuals are considered to be having a single self-image which they normally exhibit. Such type of consumers are interested in those products and services which match or satisfy these single selves. However, as the world became more and more complex, it has become more appropriate to think of consumers as having multiple selves.

What is Self-Concept?

The below are some of the major aspects of Self-concept Self-Concept is Organized We all have various views about ourselves. We all may think we are kind, calm, patient, selfish, rude and what not. It doesn’t matter what perception you have about yourself, but the one perception that facilitates all these insights is organized self-concept. When a person believes in something that matches his self-concept he sticks to his view and does not agree to change the same and even if does, it takes a lot of time. Self Concept is Learned It is believed that self-concept is learned and no person is born with a self-concept. It develops as and when we grow old. Our self-concept is built when we meet people socially and interact with them. We are the ones who shape or alter our self-concept and its quite natural that we may have a self-concept different for ourselves as compared to what people think about us. For example − If an individual thinks, he is very generous and helpful, it may not necessarily be the case with others. Others may see him as a selfish person.

Self Concept is Dynamic Our self-concept in life is not constant and it may change with instances that take place in our lives. When we face different situations and new challenges in life, our insight towards things may change. We see and behave according to the things and situations. Thus, it is observed that self-concept is a continuous development where we let go things that don’t match our self-concept and hold on those things that we think are helpful in building our favorable perception.

Self-concept is the composite of ideas, feelings, emotions and attitudes that a person has about their identity and capabilities. the self-concept also consists of a wide variety of self-conceptions

  • Actual Self: How an individual in fact sees him/herself
  • Ideal Self: How an individual would like to see him/herself
  • Social Self: How an individual feels others see him/herself
  • Ideal Social Self: How an individual would like others to see him/herself Product

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