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7 metrics to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy

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How to understand if your content marketing campaign is having success or not? Never underestimate some fundamental data The world of the web, we say it often, is full of information and for this reason we need to know what to do to make your business successful. Which contents can be more effective? To know it, just explore a little and learn how to interpret metrics and data that, necessarily, a content manager or an advertiser must know.

  1. Cost Per Acquisition
  2. We often focus on cost per click, but we must also take into account the cost per acquisition. This keeps track of the total revenue of the entire marketing campaign by directly comparing the cost with the sales generated. The cost per click corresponds to the cost of each individual interaction, but it is essential to understand whether a content marketing campaign can be economically advantageous and that is where the CPA takes over by providing the necessary information. It is from this metric that the success or failure of a campaign can be identified as it provides the general data on the progress of effectiveness,

  3. ROI
  4. At the basis of any economics lesson, ROI is a fundamental element for understanding business trends and is strongly linked to the CPA. Most marketing metrics measure lead generation, but the so-called return on investment is an interesting fact to study. Focus on ROI, therefore on costs, value and performance is necessary: in short, from the invested capital, how much do you earn? Without these data, you do not go anywhere.

  5. Total visits of the site
  6. A figure that is often overlooked and that is instead very important is the number of visitors to a site. Already from this simple number, we can understand if the content marketing campaign is effective or not. By making a test of the published contents, one can understand if the new posts have been ‘welcome’, if the contents are followed by a new audience and if there has been a decline. In short, if the number increases, the contents are certainly effective.

  7. Traffic by channel
  8. Each content has its own channel: addressing the same message on the various channels, you know, is wrong. In short, the post itself can not and should not be published, for example, on LinkedIn or on Twitter. To develop an overview, a company must know what generates traffic and where it comes from. Measuring interactions, traffic and provenance helps to understand which social media is best suited for your business. This way you can create content suitable for any audience and channel without throwing random content into the fray.

  9. Sticky Visitors
  10. We talk about the analytical data of general traffic: the so-called ‘sticky visitors’ are those who return a second time on the site to review the content again. Despite the metrics and detailed data, in fact, what you can never know is whether or not the users of the site like the content. The data of the sticky visitors are however able to provide this data. As? Identifying an IP address repeated over time. If a company notices a large number of new visitors … well, yes. He’s reaching a new audience, but what drives others not to come back? Long live sticky visitors!

  11. Bounce rate
  12. One of the most important information is the rebound frequency. It provides useful information on the quality of a visitor’s experience on the site (a bit like the data on the sticky visitor). The bounce rate indicates if someone clicked on the content within the site or if they left the site before clicking on any other content. A high bounce rate means that someone clicked on the site, but immediately ran away. Let’s hope it’s always low!

  13. Exit rate
  14. Unlike the bounce rate, an output frequency shows which page has been abandoned. Reading and understanding the output rate can indicate which pages are performing well and which pages send the visitors away. The monitoring of the exit rate highlights the non-performing contents of the site, thus allowing to correct the problem and improve the quality of the content effectiveness.

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