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A Journal on Diversity and Stereotype in Society

  • Category: Science
  • Topic: Journal
  • Pages: 1
  • Words: 613
  • Published: 14 September 2018
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Diversity means quite a bit to me. Being an international student and all, that is. Since, I have been here, I have been emerged in many different traditions, religions, and practices. Being different and unique is a good thing in this world, however, sometimes it isn’t. Generally, people make fun of those who are different from them. Catholic Social teachings are concerned with many different aspects of life. One of which is the inclusion of valuing human life. Another is caring for God’s creation. Each person is special and different from one another; however, this does not allocate that other races or cultures should discriminate the other. As the Catholic Social teachings claim we should treat everyone equally, because God sees us all as equal. Instead of waging war because of such differences we should embrace them, while also celebrating them as well. I feel that if this was followed, we would be one step closer to world peace. Even though, I am not Catholic, Islam practices similar beliefs.

Privilege is the title given to specific people. For instance, white men are considered privileged here because they receive the least amounts of discrimination. Whereas, females and African Americans face oppression here in the United States. In some ways, I feel that I am privileged and other areas I am not. In my home country, I am considered extremely privileged because I come from a decent social class, and I am male. In the United States, I feel disadvantaged being a Muslim, because I face much discrimination. However, I do feel privileged since I receive a scholarship. This scholarship pays for my schooling and living expenses. Most students do not receive such luxuries.

Implicit biases and stereotypes are basically the same thing. Which is judging people before you get to know them. In a sense, we all sort of have biases about different religions, races, or cultures. However, this is unacceptable because we miss out on learning about their differences by doing so. I have been stereotyped many times in my life. Many times, people look at me strangely when I’m downtown. Most people have negative feelings towards Muslims because of how the media portrays us. Never have I once seen a positive news article about Muslims of the Middle East. However, there are many good things we do. Not many people know this but a Muslim alleviated Trump from bankruptcy before.

I would say that the tunnel of oppression hit me the hardest. This really made me feel how other oppressed groups felt. Even though, I have had similar experiences in my life, some of these hate groups received it on a daily basis. I especially feel sorry for the African Americans, because they undergone so much trauma. This group, I feel went through the worst amount of oppression. Even though slavery has ended, they still receive racism even in todays times. I feel that this hate will never fully go away until people realize that we are all the same and that skin color doesn’t set us apart.

I am certain that I will encounter discrimination in the near future. Rather it be in school or in my career. However, I will handle such instances with respect and patience. I understand, that generally, people who discriminate have had a bad experience with that race or culture. This is why they stereotype everyone into the same group. If someone says something ignorant to me I will just ignore it and if that doesn’t work, I will report it to higher authorities. I feel that just because someone is rude, doesn’t mean that another should retaliate. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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