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A Theme of Beauty in "Beauty and The Beast"

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Beauty is a concept that is relative and comparative in our society today. Women especially often flock to books, magazines, movies, and media because they have this desire to try and fill that vacant space of being beautiful. After time and time again of being unsatisfied of their need and desire to be beautiful, they should see that their outward appearance of beauty will not change what is important to them, or their identity. Along with that, outward beauty does not show what is essential in a person. It does not show their morals, values, characteristics or their feelings. Outward appearance does not show their love for their family, or their grace and forgiveness. “Beauty and the Beast” is an excellent example of these characteristics and traits. Her appearance on the outside does not consume the Beauty character, but she shows characteristics that no outward beauty can make up for. She shows her love in her sacrifice, morals, forgiveness, and trust. She shows her love through sacrifice and grace. Beast, however, has no outward beauty and often is labeled as angry and hostile. Furthermore, he shows grace when no one expects him to. The fairytale story of “Beauty and the Beast” that entails forgiveness while showing grace for all people in every situation and sacrifice is the most significant gesture of affirmation that you can give to anyone.

In “Beauty and the Beast,” the two main characters are Beauty and Beast. These characters have an interesting dynamic between them. Beauty exemplifies grace, honesty, and trust while this beast is holding her hostage just so that she could save her father. She sacrificed herself for her family because she loves them. As a child, her sisters tormented her because she was beautiful and humble. They were not ugly, but she was just prettier. Her sisters were caught up with the materiality of the world. They only wanted new clothes and fine jewelry. After their father had lost his business, they became inferior in society. Having to sell all the beautiful things they had. Her sisters wailed and complained against the situation, but it did no good. Their father went on a trip in an attempt to save his ships and his business. He asked his daughters what they wanted. Beauty’s sisters wanted jewelry and clothes, but Beauty only wanted a rose. After a great deal of trouble, he went to return home with nothing. Upon arriving near to his house, he became lost in the forest through the heavy rain and snow. He saw a palace off in the distance, and he went in. He ate until he was satisfied, then slept until morning. Beast noticed him and sent him on his way. While on his way out, he took a rose for Beauty to satisfy her request. The monster allowed him to return to his daughters and his family by agreeing to one condition, Beauty had to come in place of him, or he needed to return in 3 months. Beauty sacrificed herself and journeyed to the palace in her father’s place.

In this heart touching story, the dynamics between characters unfold until the very end. The attribute of beauty is not always what it is all caught up to be. Beauty’s father returned home, after the monstrous beast allowed him to do, only to have his daughter take his place. Sacrifice is viewed as one of the grandest gesture that anyone can give. Beauty was willing to sacrifice everything she had to save her father’s life. By this action, she showed love towards her family. Some people show love by gifts, words. Alternatively, quality time, but Beauty showed it through her sacrifice. By doing this, she showed excellent characteristics of her personality. Beauty never knew the situation of Beast. She showed true entrustment in the beast to provide for her and not maim her.

Although people look at the beast as this overbearing monster, he showed characteristics of good. People tend to assume from the beginning that the antagonist cannot have good qualities about him, but the story shows how he is able to give grace to his prisoners. Usually, a reader will jump to conclusions before finishing the writing about a character and how they act and think. Because Beast is the antagonist in this story, many people expect him to have a few good traits about him, but that would be incorrect. Society today often believes that if a character is evil, they have no good in them. However, Beast is an excellent example of showing the ability to have outstanding characteristics. Grace is a hard attribute to understand and show indeed. Beast not only showed it by letting her father return home for some time, but by being hospitable, and caring for Beauty. Beast is portrayed as an atrocious, barbaric, uncivilized monster, but with a more in-depth look, he shows virtues of beauty.

In today’s society, outward appearance has more influence on a person’s status than their values or ideals. In a perfect world, no one would care what the striking appearance communicated about a person. Everyone would take a step back, and listen before judging someone based on their hair, clothes or shoes. In every version or adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, whether a play, musical, or movie, the Beauty character always has the opportunity to judge the beast based upon his looks. In the movie Beauty and the Beast by Disney Beast even says “She will never see me as anything…but a monster.” He recognizes his outward appearance as a monster and even lets that define him at one point, but as the audience finds out later on in the movie.

Many variations of this original story have already been written. Some of these include The Frog Prince and The Pig King. In“The Frog Prince” is one of these variations. This writing is about a frog who saved the princess’ favorite toy, a golden ball because he wanted to spend time with her. He longed to eat dinner at the table and run and play with her. The princess promised to allow him to do all these things with her, completely ignoring that he was a frog. After reobtaining the golden ball, she ran off to return home, but the frog could not keep up. Later that evening her father heard a knock at the door. Surprised, the frog began to explain his situation. The father let him in and explained to the princess how she would have to keep the promise she made. Later on into the night the princess and the frog went into her bedroom. When the princess finally had enough, she picked him up and threw him against the wall. At that moment, he then turned into a handsome prince. This outcome comes to show that even the best people can end up in the worst circumstances.

Every story can be changed, made up, or exaggerated. Companies such as Broadway and Disney have made “Beauty and the Beast” something it is not. They have taken the story way out of proportion even have changed the meaning. Beauty and the Beast have changed the meaning of the original story. The movie and the writing have similarities and differences — for example, the song “Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the Beast” is well known from the movie by Disney. The movie has adapted the story for a younger audience to be able to understand. The New York Times states “The audience needs to be, by turns, reassured and surprised, guided through startling and suspenseful events toward a never-in-doubt conclusion.” This means that even Beauty and the Beast plot has been changed so that the audience stays engaged.

The story of Beauty and the Beast has enchanted a variety of audiences for a number of years. This story tells about grace and forgiveness. It shows the importance of being devoted to a family through sacrifice to show love. Even Broadway, and Disney have taken this story to show essential values such as grace, sacrifice, and love.

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