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Advantages of Single Sex Schools

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Single sex schools are institutions of learning where students of the same gender are educated in different classrooms and schools. This system of education is an old approach that has recently gained momentum. There is enough evidence of the increments since there is an increased number of primary schools, both juniors and senior high schools, and colleges that offer single sex education. Due to the current westernizations there have been an increased number of single sex schools than in the past. Mixed schools on the other hand are explained as an institution of higher learning where both male and female students learn in the same institution and classroom. There have been relationships that have been identified between the two types of institutions. Schools advantages over the other are based on the performance. It is through performance that school A can be better than School B. Other factors that are used in comparison of schools are all geared towards the performance. Some of the factors are the school discipline, cleanliness and punctuality. The need for a better education has called for the mixed systems to be abolished and are only encouraged in the lower education levels like the primary and kindergarten. It has been found that single sex schools have performed better than mixed gender schools.

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The single sex schools have been found to be more advantageous than the mixed schools in terms of education performance. The evidence has been found in the increased number of single sex schools in the developed and developing nations. The need for quality education in the world has called for all the possible means to offer single sex education for students. There are a lot of distractions in schools which leads to parents choosing gender-segregated schools for their children in adolescent age (Liz, 2015). The early stage of growth in boys and girls is very destructive in terms of education if not well controlled. It is at this time when boys and girls start feeling attracted to each other. Boasting, showing off and feeling superior are some of the characteristics associated with this stage of growth. Therefore, some of the students might start isolating themselves from different academic groups resulting in poor performance in school. This age comprises of boys and girls at the age of as early as 12 years. Boys and girls of this age and above are associated with changes in the body. This stage is called adolescence. Moreover, female students are vulnerable at this age since in the majority of the schools, there are early pregnancies leading to school dropout. Thus, the gender-segregated schools are found to increase the quality of education and support the female student’s education. To avoid such circumstances has resulted in the majority of the parents preferring single sex schools to mixed schools.

Different researchers have supported the claim that single sex schools offer education that is of higher quality than that from mixed schools. The adolescent stage has been found to be at odds with academic performance leading to the creation of more schools with gender-segregation. Research conducted in the United States supported the claim by stating that the mixed school environment has more possibilities for socialization, and some of the students may not value education. The research showed that such students would have been better while in single-sex schools and classes. The same has been realized in the developing nations where a number of secondary schools are becoming gender-segregated. The majority of the boarding schools involves classes at night. The interaction between the students at this age at night will be difficult as girls may feel uncomfortable in the presence of boys. Researchers have revealed that the test scores of the single sex schools are higher than those of students in the mixed schools (Tobias, 2015). The study has also shown that there are minimal disciplinary actions that are found in the single sex schools. Therefore, the learning environment in the schools is ensuring quality education. Education offered in such schools will improve the performance of the students. In nations where the national exams are ranked, the top performing schools are the single sex schools. Majority of these schools are boarding. Achieving such grades in a mixed schools will be difficult especially in the high school senior and junior.

Due to increased socialism between the boys and the girls at the mixed schools, there are negative impacts on their performance. Comparing the single sex schools and the mixed schools, it is evident that the boys tend to impress the girls and the vice versa. At this moment, the boys will feel superior to other boys as well as the girls (Hyde & Allison, 2014). There is the feeling of superiority and show off that negatively affects the individual learning. There is maximum distraction especially when the teachers are absent. Discussions in such schools will be difficult among the students when some feel superior to others. Indiscipline cases will tend to increase reducing the performance of the students. Separation of boys and girls in the schools has reduced distraction since the impression of the opposite sex is eliminated. Therefore, the students can concentrate on the books hence have better grades.

It is very important when students are academically competing. It is the same case that bring the preference of school A and not B. schools with higher competition among students will show better results as the students work harder to be the best. There are different facets in the schools where the students will require participation that support education. Single sex schools improve the behavior of the students in participation. The boys and girls are free from the constraining factors that will cause fear of participation (Richard Cairns, 2015). There will be freedom as boys and girls participate in all the facets of the lesson including the areas where they have no perfection. Participation in discussion is an example where the girls will feel free to ask questions and seek answers through all means without fear of shyness. Different academic concepts will be understood with ease and the teachers will have better teaching time. Some of the subjects like mathematics and sciences have been highly performed by one gender and not the other. By being in the single sex schools, the students can strive hard since they have more confidence. Boys, on the other hand, can participate in areas that require expression of emotions. Fine arts such as drama and music festivals in the institutions have been involved in the education system in most of the nations. Students are supposed to show other talents they have rather than academics. Boys are more supportive in poetry and drama classes of the single schools than in mixed schools.

In addition, in the past, rich families took their children to private schools in the developed and developing nations as only these schools were single sex schools. Therefore, the children from the rich families were the only ones that could enjoy the learning environment in such schools. However, since the 21st century, there have been increased number of public schools in the world that are covering the gender-segregated school system. The children from the poor families have now chances to attend the schools hence increasing the amount of educated people. There has been equality in the region since the poor and the rich parents have equal opportunities and all students can attend the single sex schools (Services, 2016). It is an evidence of single sex schools performing better than mixed schools as governments efforts are seen in building of such schools. Moreover, graduation rates in the single-sex schools are associated with high rates for the minorities. Even with the single setup, it is clear that the minorities will outpace the non-minorities in academics. The poorer students attending the single-sex public schools will have the ability to gain confidence in their studies. The parents will also be glad to have their children in schools that they thought could only be afforded by the wealthy. The developing nations in the 21st century have an increased the number of students who have graduated from institutions with better grades thus increasing the workforce in the countries improving their productivity. The income of the workers has also increased what led to higher living standards of the citizens in the region. All the above have been supported by the single sex schools.

Researchers have revealed that there are differences in the altitudes between subjects. There are preferences found in the students such that some subjects are said to be difficult for a certain gender. Girls in a single-sex classes tend to think that mathematics and physics are less masculine and have more preference compared to the girls in the mixed school systems. The studies have revealed that the performance of the students in such subjects has been boosted by the confidence they gain from the single sex school systems. Such students are less rigidly attached to traditional belief that some subjects are predestined for the boys or the girls only (Heneghan, 2014). Research that was done to investigate the preferences of the female students to physics and mathematics in coeducational and gender-segregated schools showed a positive association. Most of the students in the single sex schools rated the physicals science subjects as less masculine as compared to the students in the coed education systems. Therefore, it is evident that the subject preference is highly supported by the gender-segregated schools. The quality of education is better in places where the sciences are highly performed since there is more innovation in them than in arts and humanity subjects. More students in the developing and developed nations will have increased knowledge of the science subjects if the number of the single schools will be increased.

The teaching techniques used by teachers are different. The learning and understanding of the students will differed based on gender. A good example is a teacher who teaches with his voice raised. Boys and girls may have different attitudes towards this. Through there are no scientific proofs, it is revealed that boys can capture 75% of what a teacher teaching in a loud voice will deliver. Girls on the other hand will capture 85% when the teaching voice is low (Clarence, 2014). If teachers realize the statistics, teaching a mixed school will be challenging. There are teaching techniques that will favor boys and not girls. The best learning environment for the former is not the best for the girls and the vice versa. Therefore, single sex schools will have a better teaching experience for the teachers than in the mixed schools.

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The performance in the single sex schools has been found to be better than that from mixed schools. Distractions like the ones caused by the adolescent stage will be minimal in the single sex schools. Since the 21st century, there has been a positive trend in support for education with more single public schools that are increasing equality in delivering of education since the poor and the rich are attending the same schools. The research revealed that there are more benefits of the single schools over the mixed schools. The main factor that was found to affect the students in the coed schools was the distraction which is common at the adolescence age. Due to the differences in sex, there are more social interactions between the students lowering the quality of the education. Thus, single-sex education is more beneficial, and schools should adopt the system since it helps the minority students and the ones from poor background. The results are improvement of confidence, academic performance and the behavior of the students.

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Advantages of Single Sex Schools Essay

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