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Overview of The Motivational Theories for Business

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Overview of The Motivational Theories for Business Essay

Motivation is a reason to behave in a particular way. In other words, motivation is derived from motive and motivate which means need, desire within individual or we can say psychological factors stimulating the people’s behavior. Motivation can be used in any kind of field to make people more powerful. Motivation is more important these days because it stops you from thinking of a different question and aligns you to work and focus in goal. As we all know motivation is a complex phenomenon which affects the whole individual not part of him/her. Motivation has become key factors of life in this modern era.

There are several reasons why employee motivation is important in every kind of business. Motivation is always needed in an employee which allows management to meet the company goals. We can find a huge difference between a normal employee and a motivated employee whereas motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and allow the company to achieve higher levels of work, which a normal employee cannot do it. As we all know there are different kinds of motivation theories proposed by different people from a different background but today we are going to focus on some of the motivation theories i. e. proposed by a different writer from management back background. Example : Maslow Theory, Mayo’s Theory, Hawthorne Theory, Taylor’s Theory, Herzberg Theory, Theory X, Theory Y etc. focusing in all these employee motivation theories ofwe are going to look after Mr. Ferrell motivational approach, Amy advice for general manager and my personal advice for Amy and what are her different alternatives. Mr. Ferrell Motivational ApproachTheory-X was proposed by McGregor who says the worker lack the capacity for self-motivation and the manager must design organization to control and direct them. Mr. Ferrell is using Theory-X motivational approach upon Amy. Mr. Ferrell tends to take a pessimistic view of their employee and he assumes that employee is unmotivated, they doesn’t like the work. And the manager who follows Theory-X has different thinking like team members needs to be punished constantly and look after them and make sure that if they have finished their task or not.

The approach manager is using in totally bossy style just do the things I said you and complete it in time when I said it. Amy is not allowed to change a small thing by using her own creativity she should be totally dependent upon her manager do as he says. Mr. Ferrell always thinks Amy tries to avoid her responsibility. So, he needs to remind her or threaten her and supervise her in each and every steps so all the work is done in time with no mistakes because he doesn’t trust Amy. In this theory authority is always centralized between the managers and supervisor so, the employee like Amy cannot improve their performance in future they just have to learn likea machine complete the just only given task and do it in time. In these days theory-X has already fallen out of trend so, not any organization tries to follow Theory-X. Looking at all of these styles, way of controlling, checking customers time to time or even threatening them if needed here Mr. Ferrell is using Theory-X motivational approach to Amy. Advice, Suggestion, And AlternativesAs we all know, it’s hard to sustain in a company as an employee if they are using theory-X motivational approach for their workers which it totally a bossy way in this era. Amy has already started facing problems so, I can give different advice for Amy. So we can see Amy just left her older job and came here for new experience and the job paid 1$ more per hour than she should learn to be adaptive in theory-X. she can make herself totally task centered and complete her task inside deadline. She should learn to orient her discussion totally focused on how can she deliver a good result. Trying to do good doesn’t resonate with managers the only thing matters here is you can do it or not if yes you can do it than do it in a proper way if no you are fired. Mr. Ferrell here doesn’t like being questioned on the process recommended by them.

So, here if Amy needs this experience and job she should learn to adopt all these things and be a good employee and earn some reward. This will be the best suggestions for newly joined job which she doesn’t want to leave and where she can learn to push her up in this deadline task pressure andentirely have a different experience. Here my advice cannot be fruitful but Alternatives can really make a difference. So, what if Amy doesn’t like to work in theory-X motivational approach. Now, here Amy can have different alternatives she can go gather 3,4 employee who works very hard for the company and arrange a small meeting with Mr. Ferrell and propose him the theory of Maslowexplaining him about physiological needs, safety needs, social, self-esteem, self-actualization and try to convince him about this type of theory is demotivating and its decreasing the productivity of company. Mr. Ferrell can really be changed if he understand the way he is behaving with employee and if he want to build a good company he will obviously do that and which will eventually make all the employee motivated as well as productive. If any conditions didn’t favor Amy than she can resign the job and search for another suitable job. It’s very good to stop doing things that decrease your growth or creativity. Example my sister use to work in a share market company which was totally running the Theory-X motivational approach, every day after the work when she is home after her work. Her face seems like stressing unhappy we always used to ask her what happened everyday something has been happened, sometimes didn’t completed my task, sometimes I tried to work differently but they said its mistake that’s not the way you work here is a system that works. Finally we all family member convinced her to resign her job and she did it and after couple of months she got a job in which it has totally a different environment they followed Theory of Maslow where my sister got took care everything. Starting from physiological need like a vehicle would come to home to pick her up. Talking about her job was secured she felt safe. She told us everyone is like family we work as team my ideas are appreciated and finally she was happy and she could explore her creativity. So sometimes it’s good to be jobless and search for the thing that actually makes you work hard and motivated.

Advice For General Manager After observing the motivational approach Mr. Ferrell is using Theory-X. There can be multiple advice and changes he can really make. Being a general manager of Right-Way’s supermarket parent corporation he can really make a difference in office environment and in employees life. My first and most advice to Mr. Ferrell will be learn and implement theory of equity where its more about being fear. Example: Before in theory-Xwhen one of the team member has saved the company significant amount of money which was being loosed unknowingly in different way here Mr. Ferrell use to reward that employee with a nice dinner with big beef steak, she use take that reward and give it to family because she was vegan. So, this was a reward but it never motivated her and rather it demotivated her. Here things aren’t always like you assume. He didn’t have time to learn whether or not she eats meat. After using equity theory Mr. Ferrell can actually change whole of the scenario the supermarket. This will change everything and make everything fair to everyone and keep every employeemotivated. He can be more emotional talk with the employee and create a fair rewards by understanding what does that personal needs instead of steak dinner. Now he reward those vegan employee a one day extra leave which will allow them to give spend more time with family so they can be highly motivated to work hard or he can reward extra percentage of incentives for the worker who works hard. Example I used to work in a company which use to give us launch for free which was really helpful and motivating.

Everyone used to have launch but the Guard never use to have launch in the office I said him why don’t you take a launch he said my home is just nearby within 5minutes I love to have my launch with my children’s and my wife cooks very delicious. And then I walked away. Another day we were just talking while having our dinner I said the thing about guard and manager said we can give add launch money in his salary and give him. And that was a step of motivation as well as example of equity he had that additional launch money which he didn’t use to eat it office. Now he is more motivated he also had extra money by which he can buy the groceries and eat with family in home. So, My advice for Mr. Ferrell is to use equity theory which will be easy to adapt as well as motivating to an employee and which will finally make a difference as being a general manager.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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