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Alcohol and How It Can Help The Medical Economy

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Throughout the years’ alcohol has been an important factor surrounding the economic health industry, but in certain places around the world, alcohol is utilized as a solvent similar to isopropyl alcohol (C3H8O). On the other hand, there have been any happenings in the scientific world that show that some uses of alcohol are incorrect and therefore falsified. This is why I have decided to write an essay on trying to discover proper and stable economic uses for ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH).

In the previous centuries, alcoholic drinks such as whisky, vodka, and others have been used to clean the surrounding area of wounds, but as always something has to be wrong with these disgraceful methods. Studies have shown that trying to clean wounds with these types of alcohols (whisky, vodka, etc.) it will not only kill the germs but it will also get rid of the natural tissue. To proceed, the general regular consumption of alcoholic drinks such as wine have proven helpful and advantageous for the health, although excessive drinking is shown to be harmful to the healing of the wound. However, in the economical field of medicine, there has been a solution is recognized by the World Health Organization to solve the issue of civilians and their poor practices.

The human skin is one of the most easily contaminated parts of the body when it comes to potential infectivity, which is why it is the main use for ethyl alcohols in medicine. So consequently, in agreement with the current scientific studies, alcohol is not used to clean wounds but yes to disinfect skin around an incision point for a surgery. This specific medical procedure using alcohol has now become available to the public and so has primary caregivers. Further uses for alcohol that are also throughout the medicinal field are methanol and ethylene glycol toxicity and that is for in the case that fomepizole is not at the disposal. Yet ethyl alcohol does not have many accepted uses in the medicinal world.

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Ethyl alcohol does miracles in the medicinal field since most of the properties in it are solvent. It has the greater advantage of having low toxicity chemically (compared to other alcohols) aside with its gift to dissolve “non-polar” substances and having high solubility in water meaning it can be used as a solvent in multiple medicinal drugs, colognes and vegetable essences. So according to this information, alcohol is able to dissolve and kill bacteria through the process known as denaturation, this process includes nucleic acids having to lose their native structures through external stress. When this is going on the core components of the bacteria are exposed and dissolve, losing the way they are built (structure) and they no longer function. When the organs eventually melt away so does the bacteria as it quickly dies. Therefore due to this factor ethyl alcohols are a relevant and extremely useful method of taking care of a certain type of wound or making sure the skin is prepared for an incision point, for the alcohols are good at killing bacteria.

Another probable solution for taking care of wounds, preparing an incision point or for sanitation would be hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide is known for being an antiseptic which can be put to use on the skin to assist in treating and preventing infections of low degree wounds, cuts, scrapes and skin irritations. What hydrogen peroxide does is that it washes up the area by freeing oxygen when applied to the affected area and so this causes foaming in which consequently helps remove mortified skin and clean the affected area. Other possible solutions for taking care of certain types of skin irritations is basic vinegar as it is a completely natural high acetic acid disinfectant. Using vinegar is for wounds is known to be a relevant method of treatment for getting rid of itching, nettle infections and cleaning affected ears. However, to some extent, because for both of these, there are imminent risks which appear with the benefits, yet those resolutions are not in ethyl alcohol treatments. For hydrogen peroxide, the risk is that inside it could be various “dorment ingredients” which are possible to cause an allergic reaction and so for hydrogen peroxide, it is better to attend a doctor or pharmacist before buying for they can fill you in the danger that comes with them. Just like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar as well as certain factors which make it not the best option compared to ethyl alcohol when taking care of irritations. Vinegar has fewer versatile components in it when it comes to the medicinal area and the practice is currently not recognized by the medicinal field since there is no actual proof that it can get rid of irritated skin. So for using vinegar one would also need to attend a pharmacist or a doctor just to be extra careful.

There are various factors affected by this but the principal one is the economical one since it is outrageously increasing the availability to medications even with the lack of medical consultation, giving the chance for pharmaceutical companies to increase their production of these medicines. This allows for an increase in the pharmaceutical share of most developed countries GDP and so it gives the opportunity for these companies to be supported by economic systems everywhere in the world. The principal and most beneficial effect of having the privilege of healthcare products, like ethyl alcohol at the disposal of the public is that there is an increase in the number of people that are able to learn how to use a disinfectant responsibly to treat wounds and this gives the opportunity to for nurses and doctors to focus on bigger and more dependable issues rather than in injuries that could be treated in instances at home.

Another reason why it is a positive step for the economy is that by using this solution, there are more employment requirements in the medicinal field, mainly for pharmacists as for the increasing amount of publicly accessible medicines, pharmaceuticals are able to expand and create more pharmacies and with that more jobs are produced. On the other hand, there are also some negative aspects of ethyl alcohol. The paramount negative aspect of the solution that is ethyl alcohol is that besides the fact that there is an increase in economy and employment, the employs though will regularly show far less regard for documented or undocumented workers which there is a possibility that it affects the economy in a negative way in the future. Although this could very well increase the probability of more people urging for jobs in the pharmaceutical area, as more credentials are required and so they would have to study in a Medical school.


To conclude my work on this essay, to finalize my research and to answer the main question of, how can ethyl alcohol help in the medical economy. The answer is that we can indeed use ethyl alcohol to benefit our health in many ways in the medicinal field and it is of paramount importance that it is used for washing up wounds and skin irritations. Fortunately, when it comes to the economy the results appear to be increased by one of the proposed solutions to the health economy, this means that more citizens will be taught on the risks and benefits of alcohol, and so more employment opportunities are given in the pharmaceutical industry as the demand for civilian access to medicine goes up. Ultimately, it finalizes with the effect that ethyl alcohol has on human health, which is given with concrete evidence that it is beneficial both in the medicinal and recreational world, to some extent, as long it is not used too much.

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