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Alcohol Consumption and Why It Should not Be Available after 11pm

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Alcohol in limited and prescribed dozes can help in the proper development of a body without any serious type of side effects. But it has been observed that when the doze gets maximised then it may lead to serious health and other related issues. Alcohol should not be sold after 11pm due to various effects. There is also a general observation that most of the accidents that occur, takes place only when a person consumes alcohol in a maximum limit or when a person takes excessive alcohol in parties or late nights and gets moving somewhere with own transportation as a driver.

The arguments that can be made in favour of the production of alcohol are the following. It should be kept in mind that the revenue that is being generated from alcohol is a considerable part that forms the GDP of a country. It can also be taken into account that if the sale of alcohol is prohibited after 11 pm, that there can be a good amount of loss in the revenue generation for a province, state or a country in a broader aspect of the term. The government can lose a considerable part of the income that could have been used in the betterment and the welfare of the citizens of a concerned country. But in spite of the fact that alcohol has tremendous harmful effects it cannot be denied that a large amount of the population of a country like India, and other such countries, a major part of the population is engaged in the employment of the production and the allied processes of alcohol.

The arguments against the consumption of alcohol involves different types of the impacts on health, it creates the use of hallucination and other physiological disorders so that in extreme cases the Central Nervous System gets affected and this can lead them into serious problems. Most of the recorded accidents that has occurred has occurred under the influence of drinking alcohol at late night parties. It has also been observed that the alcohol has also a serious impact on the CNS as well as the PNS when taken in excessive quantities and this then leads to muscular non coordination and causes a great impact on the person’s mental and physical health. The consumption of alcohol also leads to different types of problems of memory loss and lack of coordination and sometimes it may also lead to severe damages that are irreversible in nature. If the cerebrum, the limbic system and the cerebral cortex are affected then there can be a severe impact in the body as it may lead to improper muscular coordination. Heart is also extremely viable to the impacts of alcohol. It can be seen that heavy drinking cases can raise the level of tri glyceride levels in the blood and this in turn can lead to different types of heart diseases like diabetes and heart attack. Heavy drinking can affect the proper functioning of the liver systems in the body. It has been observed that heavy drinking can lead to the development of fatty liver that in turn can lead to improper liver functioning and type 2 diabetes. Excessive drinking can also affect the pancreas, heavy drinking can have a great impact on the pancreas and it can cause serious impacts if not treated properly.

In the International market it has been observed that, the government has become aware of the situation and the respective governments are being aware of and are sorting to different types of mass awareness generation programs in respect to the problems and the ill effects of alcohol, then also a large section of the population will be socially educated and will thereby be self-conscious to avoid such type of a lethal consequence of a fatal type of accident. Different types of magazines and biological researchers have brought into limelight that generally the teens are allured to take alcohol after 11 am and also regular drunkards and so a large part of the accident can be averted if the population is not allowed to take alcohol after 11 pm. In this way a large portion of the road accidents can also be controlled.

According to my position, it can be said that most type of reports of accidents has been caused by the unethical consumption of alcohol after 11 pm, so according to the reports of different types of accidents that has been recorded it has been found that most of the accidents that has occurred due to the consumption of alcohol has been due to the impacts of late night drinking and parties. Researches have proved beyond doubt that most of the fatal accidents are caused because of drinking and driving cases.

To conclude the essay, the alcohol has a tremendous amount of impact on the vision as well as the muscular coordination as a result in case of emergency breaks the concerned person cannot act prudentially and as a result fatal accidents take place. It has been found out by the researchers globally that the consumption of alcohol is one of the most potent causes for the cause of different types of health diseases as well as the different types of fatal accidents that are taking place across the world. The ill effects of alcohol are so extensive that some families has been observed to undergo a major type of financial break down because of the harmful impact of this addictive liquid. Researches all over the world has also confirmed that the tenacity of the alcohol consumption capacity of the people has been observed to be greater in case of the teens and once they get extremely addicted to it then several types of fatal incidents and disasters are recorded by the influence of it. Several types of the case studies has been reported in which a mother has lost her only son in the teens because of late night drinking in the parties and followed by driving under the influence of alcohol. Several families has been reported to be financially destroyed because of this bad addiction that has tremendously affected the earning member of the concerned family.


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