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Pro-choice Argument in The Debate on Abortion

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Throughout most of the 21st century, there have always been some new type of controversy at least once every month. One of the major controversies that have yet to be satisfied is tied to the age-old conflict regarding abortion. When evaluating the sensitive topic of abortion, one quickly spots the split and siding of the people: Pro-life and Pro-choice. Pro-Life siding against abortion, Pro-Choice siding with abortion. Throughout the battling of determining who is right and portrayal of antagonistic characteristics for public favor, it is evident that the true admissible choice would be Pro-choice because going against it would just increase the repression of women, and cost female life opportunities.

To begin with, when speaking about abortion and its involvement with the repression of women, it is simple to not handle it like it is a big deal. Humanity has been given a god given right to their own bodies, to their own miniature temples. A true violation of this god given right is telling a woman, that she no longer has a choice of what to do with her own body, her own temple. Being pro-life is basically agreeing with the following statement; “Those who are pregnant have no right, they will be stuck with this baby for 9 months. Then they will raise it for the next 18 years, not taking into regard whether they have the proper resources to raise it. They should have known better.”

Taking into account, how pro-life values the life of an unborn fetus equal to a full human being; let’s say the mother of the particular child got pregnant through rape. Is it really human to deny a woman of their right to choose what’s going to happen to their own bodies? In the pro-life point of view, no matter what, the baby must survive, even if it means that he/she will be despised by the mother, or malnourished.

Pro-choice besides giving power of choice to women, it can also contribute to life opportunities. It is already common knowledge that even with abortion illegal; it is still going to be performed regardless. These unsafe abortions have the highest rate of mortality, and have the most untreated injuries because, of the fact that the mother is afraid that someone will be able to tell that she just aborted her baby. Fear of pre-justice and hate violence is causing women to not get their selves checked for any pregnancy or abortion problems, like for example; the placenta not coming out. This causes the patient to bleed until it comes out, if not removed then, death will surely follow. Some find it worth it, a small price to pay, to some people, an abortion is their only shot to receive a proper education and get ahead in life.

One single mistake should not affect an individual for the next twenty years. Let’s go back to the reckless years in everyone’s lifes. The teen years. Let’s say a 15 year old girl lost her virginity to some guy, he ends getting her pregnant and leaving. That 15 year old girl, has no job, no house, immature and unfit to take care of herself, much less a child. She made a stupid mistake, but does she have to sacrifice the next 20 years of her life and, bear through the heartbreak of possibility losing her son? Looking at it from controlled perspective, just the fact of her having birth could be too much for her body to handle, but if she does survive, more likely than not, she will get kicked out of her parents’ house(depending on what kind of parents they are). Then she will live on the streets with a homeless baby. Selling her body and such for food, since she didn’t finish high school. The child would be at a disadvantage from the start, exposed to diseases and unsanitary hygiene, the chances of mortality for the child increase, now not only the girl is miserable but so is her son. What type of person would like to be born into that type of home? Why not have an abortion and wait till they are ready to have a baby. Abortion gives another shot at life, your life. If that girl got an abortion, she would have been able to go to school, possibly even college. Once she has her own life and career, then maybe then, she could have a baby.

Pro-life argues that having an abortion is basically murder and some extremists go as far as to use violence as a form to get their message across. Like the religious extremists bombing countries and whatnot, there are civilians threatening the women getting an abortion, or shooting the doctor or even go as far as bombing abortion clinics. Ironic how pro-life causes so many deaths..

Pro-life is a repression towards women and kills your life’s opportunities. These two different opinions have sparked immense controversy across the United States. Out of the two different opinions, the only one which would make the most sense would be pro-choice. Even still, a women’s freedom to choose is at risk of being restricted by state legislatures and governors all over the country. Their interest to protect potential life is greater than their interest to protect the lives that are already here. Right now, the United States is in a war on terror. What’s next? The war on ovaries. Not having a say about your own body seem far past unconstitutional and, major enough cause to start a civil war. Despite how negatively it is seen, Pro-choice is always the way to go.

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