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An Influence of The "Game of Thrones" on Society

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An Influence of The "Game of Thrones" on Society essay
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According to Jace Lacob’s article, There Be Dragons Here, “Game of Thrones is a violent and beautiful fantasy drama that bases on the colossal bestselling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.” It is a fictional series show that reflects to the medieval Europe, and it presents a complex morality that simply presents “the forces of good against evil” (Lacob 1). It points out a lot of corruptions in our society where good are killed and the bad ones are rewarded. These immorality issues are the characteristics of Game of Thrones has brought to the public. Unlike most fiction TV series, Games of Thrones is an American epic fantasy that symbolizes myths of power, aristocracy, and money. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular contemporary television shows that describes a complex nuance of morality and becomes completely a portion of the collective consciousness in American society.

First of all, Game of Thrones has been displayed on HBO since April 17, 2011. It is actually one of the most watched television shows on HBO. “It is rated as number five on, “number seven on TV” (TV, and “on HBO where all the series are played, it is rated as number three” ( It plays every Sunday at 9:00 pm. It is considered as one of the most popular shows because there are about 11.6 million American passionate of its series without thinking of the implications of this TV show in the society of America. “Game of Thrones drew 3.766 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings data”. Which may be an estimation of half million of the second most popular show that plays on the cable channel Bravo “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” “Besides all other TV shows that was on HBO before, Game of Thrones places number one on top of shows such as, the TV drama True Blood that has been there since 2008, the American comedy Eastbound & Down since February 2009. All this shows that Game of Thrones has reached a great level of the population through its displayed series compared to other TV shows.

Another reason that makes Game of Thrones so popular because it bases on one of the top selling novels, “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by the author George R.R. Martin. He is, according to the article of Brian Bethune, “Testosterone on and off the screen: rabid fans of fantasy writer George R.R. Martin think he’s been slacking off,” “A master plot-maker with a penchant for killing off characters, even ones who seem vital to the story, even the ones fans love best. His other principle guide is that no good deed goes unpunished: mercy and folly are much alike.” These ideas from George Martin make the shows more and more realistic to people who watch it even those who do not watch it. It reflects the reality of our society.

The third reason, Game of Thrones is so popular because it is a fictional drama that reflects the reality social, politic and economic. It is a satire that reflects the aristocratic classes of seven kingdoms where the kings are fighting for the Iron Throne in Westeros and that fictional continent have taken place most of the actions. “The continent of Westeros is the same size of the real –life continent of South America,” states author George R.R. Martin. In comparison to this fantasy TV show, we can compare the seven Kingdoms to the first seven most powerful and economic countries. The seven Kingdoms of Westeros rule the whole medieval continent in the fictional life, and the real life, the G7, which is now G8, govern the rest of the world toward their economics power. Also, that satire politically reflects the reality of some politicians. Even though they always smile, pretend they the good ones, but under the surface they are authors of most crimes that have been committed in our society. The fact that the TV show series presents the real faces of our aristocratic groups, people are being addicted to this show to learn more about the dogmas and ambitious of our political class. For all of the above reasons, some people may feel sick if they missed at least one episode of this shows, this is our society today, people get lost in a fantasy drama, and they apply in into their daily living; however, it is a part of our life, and it is based on the real life.

Game of Thrones describes a complex nuance of morality that is going in our society these days. Interests substitute moral obligation in our society, people paint morality regarding their profile and their expectation. Many people think that good is bad and bad is good, so they make a controversial interchange to the meaning of good and bad. In this TV show, it is very tricky to distinct the good guy from the bad one because the one who is apparently good may not be the reasonable one. The Game of throne denounces the lack of moral obligation in our society in many episodes. The influence of the seven thrones on the fictional, medieval world describes morality as subjective; the morality is no more a set of reasonable principle that based on a view collective or general that constitutes the political society. Morality in the game of Throne reflects the profile of those who have political and economic influences. In comparison to the real world, Game of throne describes how political, social and economic influences could depart a society from its destination. That means, when it comes to power, money, love, people are ready to do anything or take any actions, in order to conserve their possession. All of that explains the nuance of morality in our society. At that point someone immoral may be considered as moral once his political and economic status is different from the rest of the society. The Game of Throne is based on the Medieval Society, and it inspires people of today’s world to understand the multiple kinds of corruptions that are going in the real world.

As a satire of the medieval world, the characters of Game of throne are similar to our strong women and audacious men. In presenting its satire in parallel to the real world, Game of throne becomes a portion of the collective consciousness in the American society. Contrarily to the modern world, the fictional makes people believe that power cannot legitimately impartial. For example, Joffrey one of the most influential characters believes that he can have an absolute power by using immoral methods such as violence, fear, and media control. In the fictional Continent is not eventually true, a power based on violence and fear cannot be forever, it will one day annihilate due to the use of corruptions and violence. This parallel makes by the Game of throne attire people’s attention on many super countries which dominate the world in everything. The absolute power cannot be eternal when others are victim of injustice.

The second point that makes Game of Throne a portion of the collective consciousness in American Society is the satire of social reality. People like the way Game of Throne paints the social reality; this TV show gives people not only a chance to discover the bad side of our society, but also it gives them the ability to inspire to a set rule for a new society.

The influence of this show on the American society may have a double impact. It depends on the literal view, majority of people who watch it may react in the way they understand it. The philosophy that Game of throne expresses is not clear to everyone since it uses fictional characters based on a society farther from our century. People who do not look inside the satire may claim that Game of Throne is a mere corruption and violence. Others may think that the influence of this show on American Society will drive our future generations to an eternal state of corruption and violence.

On the other hand, Game of Throne can have a Positive impact on those who believe in change. The philosophical satire that is used in Game of Throne can motivate the intellectual class and the different components of the U.S society to inspire them new ideas from series. The parallel that Game of throne makes between the fictional, medieval society and the real world weak people’s conscious up and drive them to appeal for what is morally right. The nuance of moral obligation paints the lack of objectivity in regard to our actions and dignity as human being. In a long term, this TV show will transform our society into a critical sense; it will motivate people for a cultural revolution where morality and action will reflect each other.

In conclusion, Game of Thrones with its high watching popularity reveals the reality of today’s world. It shows us way that politicians, noble classes, in general people who have the power how they rule upon the world. When it comes to their possession, they are ready to do whatever actions in order to conserve or to keep their statues. The good guy can be the reverse at any time. For these reasons, we can state that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular contemporary television shows that describes a complex nuance of morality and becomes completely a portion of the collective consciousness in American society. It is the reality of what the world, and in almost each society it is the same.

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