An Opinion on Age as a Non-Essential in a Relationship: Essay Example, 547 words GradesFixer

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An Opinion on Age as a Non-Essential in a Relationship

  • Category: Life
  • Subcategory: Love
  • Topic: Relationship
  • Pages: 1
  • Words: 547
  • Published: 24 May 2018
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Growing up we tend to observe and outline every part of one’s structure that at moments our parents would scold us not to stare. Being taught not to judge something that we do not see or understand from our point of view. So, why is it that we think that age is an important factor while being in a relationship? This question is asked but very few have a response, though many times we do hear things such as “Age is just a number,” but it is taken into consideration more than we think. Carefully thinking it through, why is it still considered after all we’re not with the person due to their age yet what is within. Although we should investigate more than just the surface, feelings and emotions that one feels within.

In all honesty, I find it very upsetting to think that someone would be in a relationship with another just due to the age which should be the biggest irrelevant factor of why there with them. When walking in public seeing a couple perhaps he or she is looking older than the other we tend to judge than to think that they make each other happy. Who are we to question their relationship? Perhaps that is the reason that we think that age is such an importance when in reality its irrelevant. As well as we grow we tend to be more judgmental because we only see what we want to though not understanding. Though at time it can be to as a society we care about what others may say or think such as “He or she looks too old or young to be with that person.” Not implying that we care of everyone’s opinion though we still take them into consideration.

In my opinion age is not important to a relationship or friendship and anything that someone may have with another person just because it should be based off how they make you feel and how they make you see yourself. Throughout time there wasn’t really an issue with age but now it is more defined by the age groups to be with an older or younger person than the other. The only thing that should matter in a relationship with someone is the feelings that person makes you feel about the world and about yourself, not their age, appearance, power, money or even possessions. Yet many don’t see it that way just because of the age difference usually being twice or triple times the other partner, some see it very wrongful especially using the phrase “Age is just a number.” Since we usually don’t tend to see it that way just because of “the difference of experience that one another have gone through” or “they are young enough to be your child” and “they’re old enough to be your parent.” These phrases are very disrespectful because they don’t see the center which may be the reasons that person fell for yet we only seeing the outside. Moreover, is usually taken as an advantage and some cases although just being with that person should be an advantage at times that we don’t see it in a way, which is very upsetting aspect in life if two souls connect why should age even matter.

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