An Overview of My Business Career Plan

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About this sample


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Published: Feb 8, 2022

Words: 1956|Pages: 4|10 min read

Published: Feb 8, 2022

When it comes to choosing a career path, I always had a hard time figuring out a job that I really wanted to pursue. I am the type to stress over everything and put things off until the last minute so when I got into college I had a hard time with choosing major as well as juggling my school work in the beginning. It wasn’t until recently about 2 months ago I figured out that I wanted to get into business in music. Towards the beginning of August I had researched some things on the business and the music industry. Based off my findings I really enjoyed the information from this career and I could definitely see myself doing this job. I am really interested in this because they are a combination of two things I’m passionate about and help me achieve future goals. Growing up I always had a fascination with the behind the scenes of the music industry specifically the managers and the people in charge of running the music companies. Getting a business major will help me achieve my goal of becoming a business manager within the music industry. Being a manger for this profession means being in charge of marketing, advising and dealing with financial income for the musicians. I will have to handle contract negotiations as well as help the artist deal with their income they gain from making music, concerts and festivals. I’m qualified for this job because I’m very diligent and hardworking when it comes to things I’m passionate about. What makes my background unique is usually people within this career have a history or family members that give them connections to get into this profession but I don’t have any of that. In order for me to pursue this career path I need to recognize how my top 5 strengths will help me get into this career. Being Restorative helps me solve problems that will arise while working in this industry and having development strengths helps to recognize and find good clients who have potential in succeeding. Having consistency makes me treat my clients equally and develops my ability of staying on a constant track of putting in exceptional work. A positivity and relator person can help build good relationships within the workplace which could benefit having connections for certain appearances for my client.

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Based off of the occupation I chose my annual salary nationally will be $96,940 which makes this career path definitely obtainable because this career is supposed to grow 15 percent from 2019 to 2025 meaning there is a high demand for this job. This occupation has certain reasonability’s such as being in charge of the promotional and the development of negotiations pertaining contracts and performances as well as payment commissions. When obtaining this career there is certain educational requirements, for the most part most managers have bachelor’s degrees. My educational goals that will help me to gain a bachelor’s degree is to have at least a 3.0 GPA and to pass all my classes every semester with a 75 percent or higher. Some skills that are needed for me to reach this career is being satisfactory in math and having quick thinking skills. I am able to finance my education through FASFA and by saving up money and putting it in a savings account that helps pay for books and accessories needed for class as well as paying off loans.

In the future when it comes down to my finances in order live a certain lifestyle in Houston the amount of money I will need to earn in order to maintain this is at least $55,000 or more. Also, there is an increase in expectation of 16,040 new jobs filled by 2018 and an annual increase of 17.0 over the next few years within Houston meaning they have a lot of available spots open for this job. Tasks that I will be doing if I go into this occupation in Houston is scheduling certain performances and dealing with commissions and income payments. When it coms to educational requirements within Houston for this career its percentage of getting a bachelor’s degree and becoming a manager is 50%. While only having a high school diploma and becoming a manager is less than 15%. Based off of this information the best option would to go to college and a get a degree in order for me to have a higher chance in getting this job.

The lifestyle I intend to live is pretty basic, I don’t really plan on living extravagantly until later on in my life. Also, this lifestyle not only matches my expected annual salary for this occupation but exceeds the amount as well. The reason is because the job I plan on taking is in Business as an agent/manager. They make $81,254 annually in Houston which helps to maintain a comfortable life and allows for me to have extra money. This money can be saved and used on additional things I need or just want to spend. For example, vacation trips and expensive accessories that I always wanted to buy but didn’t really need in the first place.

Information I gained from this career path based off of living in Houston, Texas is that the annual salary based on cost of living is less when differentiating two other cities. The reason being is if you compare Denver’s annual salary of 64,625 and LA’s 84,792 to Houston with 56,400 the least cost of living will be able to provide me with the lifestyle; I want to achieve. The Housing expenses for Denver have an increase of 56% and LA with 160% and the groceries having 10% increases in Denver and LA having 30%. This means it would be a lot more expensive to live those two cities and I wouldn’t have extra money in comparison to living in Houston. Even though this path is a little bit more dependent on living in LA and would be a lot more efficient when it comes to my job since it involves the music industry, I think it would be best to just stay in Texas.

When studying this profession in college volunteer work could defiantly help with establishing these skills as well as giving back to the community. For example, volunteering as a mentor is a way to share my knowledge with small business owners helps develop my communication skills. Also being an informational desk greeter at a medical center helps with my remembrance and diligent skills when working on paperwork meticulously and obtaining information on future clients that I need to remember. These two experiences will help to build my professional network by giving me connections to future job opportunity’s if needed and can leave a good impression on those who are looking to hire. Having determination and persistence helps to enhance my prospect for success in this career since it gives people an idea of how hard I am willing to work as well as how I can keep moving forward when faced with certain obstacles. Throughout my life there have been impactful experiences that definitely shaped my interest and fascination in this career. For example, getting to see firsthand in person what its like working in this industry from a tour I took of a music business company once gave me the courage to start looking into this career. Also growing up watching and following people through social media helped inspire and further ignite my goal of wanting to pursue this occupation. These encounters encouraged me to have a positive impact on society because I want people to look at me and see someone who is hardworking and cares about the work they put into their job.

My overall goal with this career is to work for a company that establishes business managers in the future. This will be achieved within the next two to three years since I have to meet the certain college degree requirements yet. There are three steps that I’m going to take in order for me to reach this goal in the future, first step consists of finishing college with passing grades of at least 75 or higher so that I can earn my bachelor’s degree. Second is signing up for an internship job at a business company next semester to build my experiences. Lastly is Saving up any extra money for the next 3 years to help pay off any outstanding loans and to have extra money that can be put into the needed materials for this career. Obviously with these steps in mind some obstacle will arise like failing a class, to not being picked for the internship, or not having enough money to save up. With these challenges in mind come solutions like getting a tutor for a class I’m having trouble in or signing up for multiple internships even if it’s not what I wanted since its always best to have some type of experience within a field that’s similar. Also making sure I have a stable income before choosing to start saving up money and putting it away so that I know I have enough money to save as well as some to keep for myself.

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After all of this is accomplished, I believe my life will look like me living in a pretty decent apartment complex in Downtown Houston with a good-looking car and two pet dogs. All of this achieved thanks to becoming a business manager the career that I was able to get into by having my college degree and past internship jobs that helped paved my way of earning this job. I believe when I have reached this part in my life, I might feel unsatisfied with my work and try to find other ways to be involved in work so that can feel some type of relevance towards the work I do. Even though I might feel though I’d like to think I would be happy for being able to reach my goal and finish college and have earned a good career for myself overall. Based off of this lifestyle my short-term goal would be to start putting $50 to $60 in my savings account within thee next couple of weeks so that I can start paying off my school loans. My long-term goal will be to secure and maintain good credit record since it could open up new opportunity’s foe me as well as give me improvement on my personal finances. I think after I have my lifestyle and my future career and teen years pass by, I will be traveling a lot more due to job and probably moving to LA because it’s easier with my line of work to be there. Also, I will probably have made a lot of money by that point so that I can spend it on vocational excursions and buying an actual house instead of just living in an apartment. In the end this Occupation can lead me to exceptional things and having so many great opportunities be presented to me that when achieved I believe I can get there. I just have to be motivated and work hard in order for me to stay along the right path.


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