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Analysis of The Book "The Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad

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In this next essay it will be expose an analysis of the book “The Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, which include the situation that the Europeans had to fight and overcome the situations that they found while they start to explore those territories while the inhabitants of those lands were confused by the presence of the new conquerors that were on their land.

The heart of Darkness is a book by Joseph Conrad that talks about the voyage to the Belgian Congo of Marlow our main characters that we will see through the whole history. The story begins with our character in the ship and making a kind of flashback about how he was able to be in that ship which was achieve by an aunt that had influence on the “Company” this Company trade things in the Belgian Congo that later you figure it out that it is ivory, and the reasons that he had that made him choose that path. When he finally arrived to land he start walking and making a reflexion of how other fellow mans were on that situation and how they end up on terrible conditions because of the management of the native people, and how he should be acting to be save in that land.

In one part of the book as a reader you can infer that Marlow is not really happy or that he has a lot of emotions of what he sees, when he is on his way to the camp he is able to observe the situation of the natives, when they are dying in some part of the land, apart from the ones that continue working with or without knowledge of what is happening. In some part of the reading, like this one in particular. <> (Joseph Conrad. (1902). the heart of darkness. England: Unknown. Pag. 29) In this segment of the novel he is talking about of the conditions in which the slaves were and how he feel a little bit of mercy for them, << The only thing that occurred to me was to offer him one of the good Swedish steamer cookies I was carrying in the pocket.>> (Joseph Conrad. (1902). the heart of darkness. England: Unknown. Pag. 28) This can be an indicator of how he feels for these slaves and that maybe he was not as comfortable with the situation as he´s partners were. The book continue and we see Marlow that continues he´s voyage inside Africa with all the crew that was on the island, Marlow is assigned one task that is to repair a ship that have a great damage, that means that in some kind of way he need to see a men named Kurtz that is in other part of territory that is far from the camp, during the voyage Marlow discover certain revelations that the crew made while they thing they are asleep, like some ideas and prejudgements that they have about the men called Kurtz.

While they continue there is a part on the book in which the whole crew feel like a threat to them, when they see some natives near the place where they are they see like a fog and start to get worried about it, Marlow describe this scene like a warning not as a threat, maybe a warning to not continuing beyond the fog because even though the fog the crew can hear the natives near that place <<"I did not think they were going to attack us, for several obvious reasons thick fog was one of them. If they left the shore in their canoes, they would be lost in the river, just like us if we tried to move. >> (Joseph Conrad. (1902). The heart of darkness. England: Unknown. Pag. 68)When they arrived and see Kurtz they notice that he is mad, that all that time in loneliness affect him and how they cannot help him to be recovered, Kurtz and Marlow became good friends until the dead of Kurtz by a lance, with this Marlow take it out and he throws it to the river. They continue the voyage until they arrive to another place were there’s a Russian man that was a close friend of Kurtz he talk to Marlow how their friendship work, how Kurtz was an excellent man and a good person to talk about anything, he even reveal that Kurtz had an incredible control of the natives << 'To put it clearly, he seized of the country, 'I said. He nodded. 'Although surely he would not do it alone', I concluded. He mumbled something about the towns that surrounded the lake. 'Kurtz managed that the tribe followed him, is not it? "I suggested. "He got a bit uneasy." They adored him, "he said. >> (Joseph Conrad. (1902). the heart of darkness. England: Unknown. Pag. 88) Until this part you assumed that Kurtz is dead until in some part the natives bring him in front of Marlow and the Russian By the end of the book Maslow take party of Kurtz and his method rather than the in the company << I saw approaching the moment when I would be left alone because of my support to inadequate methods. >> (Joseph Conrad. (1902). the heart of darkness. England: Unknown. Pag. 107)

The book ends when Marlow return to England and try to made is life as normal as possible and with the visit of the fiancée of Kurtz to see her and talk, also to have a certain relief like he expose << There was only his memory and his fiancée, and in a way I also wanted to relegate that to the past to deliver personally everything that was left of me to that. I forget that it is the last word of our common destiny. >> (Joseph Conrad. (1902). the heart of darkness. England: Unknown. Pag. 115) In my opinion the book is good, at first it is a little bit tedious but as the story progresses it becomes more interesting and easy to read, I enjoy how the characters evolve in specific how Marlow change it is perspective, and also how both parts (natives and explorers) live that time of imperialism. The violence and abuse it is really exposed in the whole book but it have the right amount for not to be a really sad or uncomfortable reading, but you can also have the idea of how this men’s threat the natives which in my opinion it’s awful and really brutal it really makes you feel with conflicted emotions through the book, because of the two situations.

By one side you have the natives that are also scarred for the way the English man look and how they threat them and how they try to fight that and by the other hand there is this part of the English men that are also scarred and try to control people that do not know them and that they do not speak the same language which is key to the development of the history like it is exposed through the moments that have Kurtz with the natives. In conclusion, the book is good if you are open minded to read other type of lecture with other point of view and other situations of the history in England and all the countries that had this imperialism system in those years.

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