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Anatomy of the Brain

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The human brain has 100 billion plus neurons all having a specific function and certain duty. In order to understand the brain we must examine its parts and functions. This includes the cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem and the functions within those. To fully grasp the brain look at its main parts and the go into more detail and depth into those. There are 3 main parts to the brain the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brainstem.

The cerebellum, which is located under the cerebrum. The cerebellum is what allows us to be good at sports and athletics, without it I doubt we could do anything remotely resembling an athlete if we didn’t have it. It is what coordinates voluntary muscle movement, maintains posture and balance. Although It seems to be only a small part of the brain it is one we wouldn’t be going along are lives the same if we didn’t have it.

The brainstem which is the body’s regulator for all involuntary movement and a relay center for the brain and body. Its made up of three parts the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata. The cerebrum which is the largest part of the three main parts, making up about 85% of the brain. Its comprised of a left and right hemisphere. Both hemispheres controlling opposite sides of your body. The right controlling the left and the left controlling the right. Throughout the hemispheres not every function is shared. The right side of your brain controls more imagination and creativity things geared more towards music and art. While the left side is more analytical, it deals with logic, reasoning the same things used in math. But cerebrum controls the higher functions of the brain. Touch, vision, hearing, speech, reasoning, learning and fine motor controls like being able to move you fingertips are all things the cerebrum is responsible. Without the cerebrum you wouldn’t be you.

From the cerebrum we can break it down further into individual lobes that have certain functions that differ from each other. The first set of the four lobes is the the Frontal lobes which resides at the front of your brain and continues to about the first half of your brain. From the frontal lobe it get broken down into certain sections of the cerebrum. The motor cortex and the precentral gyrus deal with motor skills and voluntary movement. Next to the motor cortex there is a section of the brain called the premotor cortex; It gives the body its ability to move its head and eyes but also gives it a presence of orientation. It also has another part called the prefrontal cortex which plays a part in what makes you, you. The prefrontal cortex deals a lot with memory, intelligence, concentration, temper and personality. Following the frontal lobes are the occipital lobes which don’t reach all the way to the brain stem but the upper second fourth to third fourth section of the cerebrum. The occipital lobe gives the brain a capacity to process the visual information it receives. It influences how humans perceive colors and shapes. The right side interprets the left and vice versa.

Under the frontal lobes and occipital lobes are the temporal lobes. It is located above ear side on the other side of the brain. The occipital lobes can be divided into two different parts the ventral, the bottom, and the lateral, the side. On the right side of these two lobes is the part of the brain that helps with the humans recognition of objects and people’s faces.

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