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Persuasive Essay About Online Education and Its Benefits

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​Albert Einstein once said, ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.’ Education has a major impact on any society, hence the reason why it remains an essential area of study. Notably, the significance of education is the reason why many institutions tend to offer training. For instance, the traditional practice of education entailed students going to universities and colleges to gain knowledge. However, advancements in technology introduced the internet, and that is the source of online education. Whereas the traditional education system requires that a person physically attends classes, the case is different with online education. The practice of online studies means that a student can study and take the examination online in the comfort of their home. Nevertheless, there are many people who doubt the effectiveness of online education as compared to the onset system. Whereas others believe that online education is the best, others argue that it is the worst when compared to onset education. Therefore, this persuasive essay about online education analyzes the reasons why this type of learning is better than onset education. Online education is better than onset studies, and that is because it offers flexibility, lower costs, enhances self-discipline, and there are more options regarding the available courses.


The availability of flexibility in online education is the first reason why it is better than onset education. Notably, online training applies a different system that makes it flexible to the students. The traditional onsite education system requires that students attend lectures every day when they have classes. Therefore, that implies that there are no other considerations, but the student should not miss the classes. Students tend to complain about the timetables that are used to administer onsite education since they are denied free time. Arguably, onsite education works with a timetable that everyone is supposed to follow. Contrary, the case is different when one chooses to engage in online education since they study from home. It is essential to state that online training is taken via the internet, and this means that a person can study from the comfort of their house. Therefore, it is because of this practice that an individual has an opportunity to engage in other activities apart from studies. Moreover, flexibility is also achieved in online education since there is no fixed timetable that everyone must follow. For instance, the tutor’s duty is to provide the students with assignments, and everyone can complete it at their best time and submit them. The flexibility that is achieved through online education means that a person even has a chance to take multiple courses at the same time. A student can organize themselves and complete different courses since they have enough free time. It is because of all these advantages that one would quickly conclude that online education is better over onsite education.

Self-Disciple and Responsibility

Self-discipline and responsibility achievement are yet another reason why online education is better for onsite studies. Notably, one of the crucial details regarding online training is that a person must control their studies. For instance, the tutor can administer an assessment for the students to complete, but that does not mean that they are supervised. Therefore, it is upon the students to ensure that they remain responsible and complete the assignment on time. However, the case is different when one chooses to take onsite education. The onsite education system requires that a student follows the guidelines that are provided by the institution. Therefore, the issues concerning the student’s being controlled by the institution are the reason why they might lack responsibility. The self-discipline that is displayed by online students is of great value in their careers and life in general. For instance, the job market only tends to pick individuals who they believe are responsible and have self-discipline. Whereas a person might have the best skills for a particular job, they will lack the opportunity since they are not disciplined. An online student who manages to complete the course of study will prove that they are responsible and have self-disciple. Subsequently, it is because of such traits that these individuals stand a better chance of earning a position in the job market. The self-discipline advantage is the reason why it is realistic to conclude that online education is better for onsite school.

Lower Costs and Debts

The fact that online education is cheaper is yet another factor that makes it realistic to conclude that it is better than onsite training. First, it is crucial to understand that many students have dropped out of school in the past because they could not afford tuition fees. The traditional onsite studies have several functions that will require the students to spend more money. For instance, traditional education has accommodation fees that the students are required to pay. Whereas some students choose not to pay accommodation fees, they still have to spend money on commuting every da. Additionally, there are also meals that the students are required to pay for when engaging in onsite education. It is because of such charges that some students choose to drop out or stay away from joining higher learning institutions. However, the case is different when dealing with online education. For instance, online education does not have any form of accommodation since the student stays at home. Staying at home is cheaper for the student since one will not have to spend money on accommodation and meals that are provided by the institution. It is advantageous for students to take online education since they will manage to save more money which they can put into other use in the future. Moreover, the cheapness that is experienced with online studies creates an opportunity for all students to complete their studies. It is because of these advantages that one will easily agree that online education is the best.

More Choice of Course Topics

Online education also provides students with a variety of courses, unlike the traditional studies of onsite education. The application of online study programs means that the student has a chance to choose from the many courses that are provided. The main reason for offering online students with many course options is that they understand that they are flexible and can manage all. Therefore, this means that online education is the best since it creates opportunities for students to advance their careers by competing in many courses. Additionally, an individual who completes many courses is more marketable in the job market as compared to one who has only completed one course. Furthermore, it is possible to complete university studies much easier when one chooses to engage in online education as compared to onsite school. Arguably, online education creates an opportunity to handle the courses freely, hence making it possible to complete them faster.

Convenient Learning Environment

Online education provides students with a more convenient learning environment as compared to onsite school. It is common to come across situations where students complain about poor learning conditions within their institutions. For instance, one of the main reasons why students complain is because of noise pollution, hence limiting their concentration levels. However, the case is different when dealing with online education, and that is because it entails choosing the best environment based on a person’s preference. The presence of a convenient learning environment has many benefits to the students, and the best example is grasping what they learn. For instance, a quiet environment will provide the students with a chance to focus on their studies since there are no distractions. Subsequently, the online student will manage to register the best results as compared to the onsite learner. Therefore, it is because of such advantages that one would quickly conclude that online study is the best.


This essay has provided persuasive arguments in support of online education, which are flexibility, lower costs, enhances self-discipline, and there are more options regarding the available courses. The paper has provided a detailed analysis to prove that online education is the best. For instance, it was essential to mention about the low costs that come with online studies. The student manages to save more money since they do not have to pay for accommodation and other expenses that are attached to onsite studies. Moreover, the analysis also proves that online education is the best since it is flexible. Flexibility is achieved when dealing with online education since the student’s only duty is sitting at home or their comfort as they study. Therefore, the main conclusion from the discussion is that learners should consider switching from onsite to online education. Arguably, learners will benefit and become more marketable when they take online studies since it creates more opportunities. For instance, it is possible to take multiple courses through online education. Taking online learning will also ensure that students avoid debts to facilitate their education.

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