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Celebrated Cases: the Wedding Cake Model of Criminal Justice

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Celebrated Cases: the Wedding Cake Model of Criminal Justice essay
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This paper’s topic is over the articles that CNN uses under its “Crime + Justice” category. The articles selected for the paper show multiple different cases that would be considered “celebrated cases” under “The Wedding Cake Model of Criminal Justice”. After looking through many of the articles, it appears all the cases under the category would be considered high profile and popular which is what fits under celebrated cases. In conclusion, after analyzing the cases that were picked, it seems CNN picks controversial topics that would get people thinking about specific ideas and whether things are being done correctly.


To understand the informal justice process and where to place cases, Samuel Walker created a way of describing it. Walker compares informal justice to a four-layer cake, explaining that with each level of the cake (starting from the bottom of the cake and going up) the cases become more and more serious or more and more famous. For example, petty theft would be considered the 4th level on the wedding cake because it is a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a less serious offense punishable by a fine, probation, or a short jail term usually less than one-year incarceration. The 3rd level of the cake would be for less serious offenses that could possibly be a felony. This level is more reserved for the younger or first-time offenders of things like burglary or a robbery preformed without guns. A felony is a serious offense such as murder, armed robbery, or rape. Punishment can range from imprisonment in state or federal institutions or even capital punishment. The 2nd level is for serious felonies only such as robberies involved with a lot of money, rape, and murder. However, the top of the cake, 1st level, is for the celebrated cases. This is reserved for the famous people, high publicity cases such as OJ Simpson, Micheal Jackson or the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart. The high-profile cases like these also involve the full criminal justice process.

CNN’s Articles

After reviewing the current justice articles on CNN’s website, many if not all the articles are about celebrities or of people with high popularity. Also, if the cases were not committed by highly popular individuals, they were captured by national headlines. This would fit under the top level of the cake, the celebrated cases, because the media typically focus on 1st level cases for views and to possibly bring about social change.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, an American stand-up comedian, actor, author and recently a convicted sex offender was considered “America’s Dad”. Cosby within the years, was subject to highly publicized allegations of sexual assault. A lot of women have accused him of things such as sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and even sexual misconduct. On Tuesday, September 25, 2018 was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison for the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand which happened 14 years ago. His case represents the top level of the cake because of his popularity and how much coverage his case had. In fact, the whole page of CNN’s crime and justice was full of reports and updates involving him getting his sentence and mug shot.

Michael Drejka

Florida man Michael Drejka is the suspect of a shooting that happened in July 2018 over a handicapped parking space outside of a convenience store. After firing a round into Markeis McGlockton’s chest, the man crawled back into the store and fell in front of his child’s feet. McGlockton was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The case has gained some ground because of the Florida “stand your ground” law which also had the spotlight in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin. According to Mark Randall and Hendrick DeBoer (2012), the castle Doctrine and “stand-your-ground” laws are affirmative defenses for individuals charged with criminal homicide. The law in Florida says that one can use deadly force to prevent death or great bodily harm before escaping because they have the right to be in that area regardless if there is a way to escape the situation. Originally, Drejka was going to walk away from this shooting with no repercussions; however, he was arrested in August 13, 2018 and remained in jail for 50 days before going on bail for $100,000. This case would be considered a celebrated case because it gained national headlines; even though the people involved were not popular. Also, the Black Lives Matter movement may have helped this case gain its fame on the national headlines as well.

Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh, the US supreme court nominee is being accused of sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford when they were teenagers at a party in Montgomery county, Maryland. Also, Deborah Ramirez accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself at a party when they were at college. She claimed that Kavanaugh pushed himself onto her without her consent. There is possibly more evidence from one of his school friends, Mark Judge. This case against Kavanaugh is considered a celebrated case because he is possibly going to hold a very important position in the US government. It is also close to mid-term elections which means that this could be very political and change the minds of many people.

Victor Ortiz

Ortiz, Boxer and entertainer, was arrested after a months-long investigation by a family protection unit. Victor turned himself in on Tuesday September 25, 2018 and was booked at the East County Jail in Ventura County. His expected bail is going to be $100,000. Ortiz was charged with forcible oral copulation, forcible rape, and forcible digital penetration, according to police. This case would also be considered a celebrated case because Ortiz is a very popular fighter and entertainer. He had roles in “The Expendables” movies as well as TV shows.

Ji Chaoqun

Chaoqun, a 27-year old Chinese born man was arrested Tuesday September 26, 2018 in Chicago for supposedly spying for Beijing. He was accused of acting as an “illegal agent” and being part of China’s top espionage agency. Ji was allegedly tasked with identifying individuals for possible recruitment as spies. Army intelligence in a statement said “adding that he could face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of acting as an illegal foreign agent. ” This case would be considered a celebrated case because it was a highly popularized case and the fact that the US military became involved with figuring out if Ji Chaoqun is guilty of spying on Americans working for US defense contractors. With the tensions growing between US and China, this could be the foreshadowing of a trade war between them.

Ramon Escobar

Escobar, described as a violent predator, is thought to be the suspect of killing three homeless men as well as the attempted kiss on four different people. The victims that died, were result of injuries sustained from the violent attacks. The surviving victims of Escobar’s attacks left one on life support and 2 others in comas. Investigators believe that the reason for his attacks were robbery. Escobar has been caught and will be held without bail and is also expected to appear in court Wednesday September 26, 2018. This case is considered a celebrated case because it has become popular due to national headlines and because of how he could be connected to other attacks in Texas.

Mexican Authorities Seize Control

After recent spikes in homicide in Acapulco, Guerrero Coordination Group and joint operation of Mexican state and federal departments seized control of Acapulco’s police department on Wednesday September 26, 2018. The coordinated attack led to the disarmament and detainment of the police from the station. As of now, there were two police commanders that were arrested on murder charges and will be moved for their protection. Even though the city’s police are in shambles, the city will operate as per usual. This case would be considered as a celebrated case because of its place on national headlines and the fact that the Mexican military hard to be involved in the investigation. CONCLUSION All the cases that CNN reviews are all highly popularized cases that make it to the top of the headlines for millions to see. However, these cases are more than just popular news stories. They show the drastic changes that are happening all around us. With cases such as the fatal shooting of McGlockton, it goes to show us that maybe we need better laws to protect ourselves from trigger happy gun owners. Also, cases such as the one with Ji Chaoqun who was suspected of spying on American defense contractors, show the American people if they are as safe as they think. The cases that are reviewed on CNN’s “Crime + Justice” page

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