Christianity, Its Origin and Development

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Published: Mar 18, 2021

Words: 2376|Pages: 5|12 min read

Published: Mar 18, 2021

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Origin of Christianity
  3. Conclusion
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Christianity is the best vested with distinctive worshippers, including schemes despite the highest representation of the loyalty to present. Adverse to this, religiosity is seen as offering hope since conviction is not blind but an open eyed loved. Despite the fact, it has been the root of some plenty of horrible myths in the past, and a few that are happening even today in some denomination. At times thousands of this communion disagree collectively, involving what we right taken in bible as a marker for life, and what should be left.

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However, despite what churches they follow, they have one common factor of belief in one supreme. So, religion is grounded on dogma, wonders of a redeemer and the entity of Jehovah that invented the instinctive nature from the onset of creation. This essay will majorly focus more on the origin of Christianity.

Origin of Christianity

Religiosity is a persuasion rooted in man and doctrines of a redeemer (birth, death, and rebirth) or its conviction and practices. Therefore, Christianity originated in the survival and concept of Jesus of Nazareth, during the formation of the early making, in Roman-occupied Palestine of the Roman regime.

The early century was faced with many political instabilities, disobedience, and anguish where many Jews thought they rested in the 'last days, ' days of misfortune. They glanced at the creator to ruin the enemies of the Jews and institute a regime of justness and uprightness, to be the authority of Christ. Most Jews hoped that the maker decision on evacuating the Romans and that his messengers, the redeemer, would come out to rule the new universe. They admitted the king would be a majesty or a troop commander from the clan of King David, as foretold in the Bible. Today it is the largest synagogue in the nature and has widely influenced law, personal morality, and philosophies.

The scripture states that prior to the commencement of universe, the maker brimmed up the distress, and bid Jesus as a link to reconcile transgressors. Prophesier Isaiah operated from principalities of Zion in the provenance B. C and is the concluding critical foreteller in the old testimonials. He reigned during King Hezekiah, Ahaz, and Joram, and foretold nearly the approach of an upright ruler from the mansion of David. He said redeemers to be born of a virgin woman and named Immanuel.

The foreteller tells us Christ intends to take over David talent and that of his dynasties, and the “Keys to be delivered to Him”. Nonetheless, prophesier, Isaiah was very particular over Jesus mission during his return. After that, the visions were fulfilled over the life after, and rebirth of the Messiah.

Isaiah was a foreteller among the lineage of Judah, so it is only natural to demand on the prediction of Judah and its future. As a young gentleman, Isaiah received his calling to the prophetic ministry through an encounter with God in the temple. As a matter of fact, we can’t fool God, He knows all our motives and the attitude of our heart. Hence, the lineage of Judah had twisted their backs on the deity, and they progressed to be evil doers.

Isaiah still enlightens us about the liberation that Yahweh offers; if one hurt is convicted, God turns them, as they received salvation. Secondly, those who rebel will face jurisdictions while the faithful to God experience renewal of heart. Thus, it’s expected we turn our ways to God with true contrition and also seeking to live as obedient as the offspring of almighty.

John the Baptist demonstrated a critical role in the origin of Christianity, as majority regarded him as a powerful foreteller before the forthcoming of the monarch. He was a Jewish prophet who preached the coming of God's final perception, had several disciples, and baptized several nations. John the Baptist gained recognition as a prophet, had several converts and baptized several families, including son of man, confer to the scripture.

Above all, the parents of John, the Baptist was related to Mary mother of Jesus. However, John the Baptist goal was to make a path for the coming of the monarch. Therefore, he placed his role as an agent of purification and contrition for sin. Thus John the Baptist came calling on nations to repent of their sins, but he also introduced the symbol of baptism to show that the guilt of their sins had been washed away.

Matthew reveals that Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea when Herod was the ruler and had ordered a census to be conducted. Jesus was the source of Christianity, but Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, well known for his oral doctrines. He brought up in Nazareth, Galilee, and headed a religious movement during his adult life. Jesus preached the word with several critical topics that emphasized love and courteous treatment of all humans, regardless of their nationality, beliefs, or even moral behavior.

Jesus also encouraged forgiveness, honesty, respect, generosity, and humility throughout his teaching using the parables. After visiting Jerusalem, opposition to his. teachings began to rise where he accused Jewish elders of being hypocrites and made prophecies of future ruin. These things did not make him popular with the authorities, and he was taken into custody. He was accused of claiming to be the Messiah and the monarch of the Jews, which was seen as a threat to the authorities.

Jesus' death and rebirth contribute a lot to the origins of Christianity, where Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate, who was uncertain how to proceed. After Pontius pirate was pressured to by Jewish leaders he gave an order to kill Jesus since he was alleged guilty of many crimes, including blasphemy. He was beaten and crucified, and three days after his demise, Jesus' tomb was found empty.

The reappearance story is central to the devoted beliefs of the sanctity of Christ and life after. Most Jews rejected the notion of Christ as their messiah. In the years that followed Jesus' afterlife, and rebirth, most disciples and non-disciples believed in His doctrines. This and its aftermath formed the provenance of Christianity movement that led to the conversion of other converts. The Bible says the resurrected Jesus ascended to heaven since then it is evident that there has been growth in Christianity.

Saints affirm in the existence of sole maker, who formed the entity and the universe. This sanctification consists of three parts: the begetter (God himself), the begotten son (Jesus Christ) and the character of God. Apostles believed that God sent his begotten son, the prince of peace, to save the universe. Contrary, some saints sometimes behave as if they accredit in three Gods and at other times as if they affirm in one.

The Bible speaks of the Father as God, Jesus as God, and the Holy Spirit as God. Therefore, these are just three different ways of looking at God or only ways of referring to three different roles that God plays. Trinity has all of the attributes of God, and no one Person has any qualities that are not possessed by the others. Nonetheless, while recognizing roles that each Person has, we should never think of their roles as so separate that the other Persons are not involved.

There is a standard view among most churches today that Jesus came to abolish the Old Testament laws and that Paul taught keeping law was not necessary. The early Church miraculously began when the members were assembled on the Feast of Pentecost. The church gathered daily with one accord in the temple. Peter taught that God gives His Holy Spirit to those who obey Him.

A considerable number of priests became obedient to the faith where they saw no contradiction between Christianity and their roles as priests. On the next Sabbath, almost the whole city came together to hear the gospel taught by Paul and Barnabas. Therefore observing the teaching of Paul on the Sabbath, there is a need to keep the Sabbath as commanded. Paul preached the truth and planted churches throughout the Roman regime, Europe, and Africa and is said to have authored 13 of about 27 writings in the scripture.

It is paramount to note that fellowship among the believers brings us close to God as we experience his power and presence. The early sanctuary was committed to the apostles teaching. Hence they listened as Peter, James and John and others repeated to them the teachings of Jesus. The church was founded on the teachings of the Bible, and so also our lives be based on the doctrines of the Bible. Secondly, the early church was devoted to fellowship as it was by what Jesus said in.

However, Fellowship does not always come easily to the church, and perhaps it did not also come easily even for the very first group of believers. Thus the church today needs to persistently continue having fellowship even in the difficult times. Thirdly, the early church was devoted to the breaking of the bread and also prayers; hence, the born again believe in devotion to the Lord’s Supper is a thirst for god in their lives.

The earliest saints did not have church buildings neither did it have public ceremonies that would introduce them to the public. Paul walked many miles preaching to some empires even though some homes were poor and had desperate people. Although the followers of Jesus were working hard to spread the gospel, there were still very few devoted in Rome. Today, many believers have acknowledging to the Puritans to, “walk in the old paths, ” of God’s words, to continue to proclaim the truth that glorifies Yahweh.

The Spirit is everywhere where He will be forever and will never be in any other place since He is infinite. Devout can understand ways of the palace and help the believer to pray effectively bestow to god desire. However, the presences of the spirit in the anointing Christ work in the convention of mercifulness. Intended at amending the views and habits of the ecumenical Church. It is religious aspects which are supplemented by ambitious rulers who wanted to extend their power and control at the expense of Christ body.

The Reformation ended in the 16th c the unity imposed by medieval saints and, in the eyes of many historians, signaled the onset of the modern era. The early missionaries and saints suffered persecuted for their faith by both Jewish and Roman leaders. Christianity was identified established at first with Judaism, but people quickly came to see it as a different religion. Some persecution followed under a few other emperors, but the fire was almost out on the old Roman Empire. However, the spread evangelism came under the ecumenical Church, which was an ancient religious institution boasting over a billion members worldwide.

Catholicism is a Christian religion, a revival of the Jewish faith that follows the teachings of the savior. The Pope, or Bishop of Rome, operated as the head of the Roman ecumenical Church. Ecumenists expressed a sincere devotion for the Virgin Mary, recognized the seven sacraments, and famous relics and sacred sites.

Ecumenists also believe that since our first parent disobeyed deity in the enclosure of garden, all humans are born with original sin, which can be cleansed by baptism only. So the whole view centers on doctrines that humanity view is between the two worlds of matter and inner man. Catholic belief in the ending source of reality rooted in the first words of the Bible. Catholics affirm in the continuity of one deity as three being, the Trinity: God the Father; God the Son, who through his incarnation in Jesus, acts as redeemer.

One thing a Christian will do is look for a local church somewhere they can comfortably fellowship with other believers. At the same time, Christian has different doctrines about the manner of worship in the specific denomination. Worship is done differently, for instance: singing, praying, preaching, and reading the Bible. As a matter of fact, Worship not only honors deity, but it also empowers the worshiper.

However, as denomination continues to be formed, other non-Christians don’t join any of the doctrines though are still regarded as devours. Therefore, a church is the cornerstone to a believer’s growth where hope is nurtured, and the presence of majesty is manifested in eternity. Hence, Christ guaranteed security of staying near the apostles so that he can guide them.


In conclusion, Christianity remains the widest symbol of spirituality in creation. Hence Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have distinctive concepts of worshipping, fasting, festivals, and tradition. In all these practices, one compelling factor these major religions are believing in one deity and accept his formation. Serving is the best faith which can make mankind a devoted man in helping the poor family and orphans by offering necessary facilities of daily life. Being a believer will not be the end of all your trouble, even Jesus found himself killed and hated.

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However, Christianity grew out of Jewish traditions and was shaped by Roman cultural and political structures for many years. Practicing faith resulted in severe punishments, but as the Christian religion began to gain popularity and influence by Roman government and allowed religion to be practiced freely.


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