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Climate Change and Its Impact on the World

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Climate Change: Affecting Everyone in the World

Many people think that by throwing gum to the street, or garbage to the ocean it will not affect the world, but unfortunately they are wrong; they are affecting the Earth’s atmosphere and the climate. By climate change a lot of people refer to the world crisis we are having now days with the climate variations, but is more than that. Climate change is a change attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that changes the climate of the global atmosphere and it is affecting the world. Many observations talk about how the climate change has been changing the world and it is changing the air and ocean temperatures, the snow in polar areas is melting and the sea level is rising and covering a lot of lands. All this facts are affecting the human, but the human started this changes and as they keep affecting the world and not putting effort to helping it, this climate changes will keep getting worst and worst everyday.

Climate change and global warming now days unfortunately is an uncontrollable reality. Many people ask the same question, “Is climate change and global warming the same?” No, they are not, but they are referring to the same problems. Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth, and climate change refers to broader changes such as changes in the weather pattern, sea level and ecosystems. The causes of climate change can be natural or human action; which it has increased its harmful activity in recent centuries. Climate change is getting worst and worst everyday. The atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide has increased significantly since the beginning of the industrial revolution. This is mainly due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels, changing the uses of land and agriculture. Global warming is the continued increase in global average temperature: specifically the temperature of the atmosphere and seas. This does not mean that all places will become hotter, but the temperature will change, harm and affect the world. The increase in global temperature causes changes in weather patterns; why some places may experience drought while others are flooded, cold places become warmer and, in some cases, hot spots become fresher. Hence the term “climate change” is also used to talk of global warming; both terms refer to the same phenomenon, but they are not the same. This may have some negative consequences and according to Discovery Channel the main consequences that runs the planet Earth with this rapid increase in temperature as a result of global warming are: more hurricanes and stronger, the glaciers are melting slowly, many islands may disappear, many plants and animal species will migrate to cooler places and others just might disappear, many heat waves and more intense that would cause death to many people specially in the desserts, and there will be more periods of drought and all ice in the Arctic may melt. Climate change is taking over the world and affecting everyone’s lives.

One place that is experiencing climate change frequently is Ethiopia located in Africa. Unfortunately the people from Ethiopia have been suffering a lot thanks to the climate changes and the global warming that they have been experiencing throughout this past years. In 1984 Ethiopia faced their first drought and a lot of people saw it worldwide because it was a disaster and people were afraid that might also happen in their countries. This drought destroyed many crops, people’s lives and many animals died. Recently, in 1999 and 2002 happened droughts, which affected Eastern and Central Ethiopia. After eight years they have been trying to recover from the same droughts, but is very difficult because is has been happening frequently and they have not have a chance to get the help they really need to solve their problems and their needs. The government tried to provoke an economic growth and they tried to get the people out of this situation. Ethiopia is not alone in this problems, there are other places who are experiencing climate change such as Bangladesh in South Asia. Bangladesh has response to the climate changes that they have been experiencing by making a lot of planning of how to get out of this situations, putting money into the planning and making projects to enhance adaptation to climate change; some adaptations may be irrigation and saving clean water. Bangladesh can’t do this alone. Forty-three (43) countries participated together to deal with global climate change; all together pretend to make a plan and surpass the climate change problems. What they are trying to achieve is to control the global change with some remedies they have been creating to help different countries and better the world. The climate changes not only make droughts but also sea levels will rise and most of the land will be under the sea. In class we studied that by 2050 a 17% of the land will be under water and there will be missing some part of Bangladesh, Manhattan and Miami. Also in 2010 happened the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which was a tragic event. This made so much animal’s die, but not only that, also this affected the world because the ocean got affected and the temperatures increased, the Earth’s atmosphere is being affected by this tragic events that are happening. Hearing all this problems that the world is facing scares a lot of people, because this may lead to serious problems. Another good example we can see is here in Syracuse University how the climate variations are very weird. It was supposed to snow on mid November or December and it did not snow until the end of December. Also, in April it was snowing, when spring was beginning and it was supposed to be warmer than in January. It is very risky to keep letting this entire pass and not doing anything to help the world change. Developed countries see this problem, but not as much as the developing countries. The developed countries do not care that much because they are not been affected as the other countries. Developed countries are focused on making more factories, products and grow economically and there focuses are causing air pollution and poverty to spread all over the world. All this is affecting the world and the people who life in it.

There are many things that could be done to change the climate and make the world better. People should start by not throwing trash to the oceans and keeping clean the world. People should start to recycle and make people aware of the climate problem the world is facing. Also, people should reduce spending so much gasoline and other carbons so the atmosphere doesn’t keep getting affected. Reducing the car use is a very effective way to help the Earth’s atmosphere and the climate change problems. What many people, schools, universities and industries have been doing to help the planet is planting trees. By planting trees the people will be helping the air pollution and it will produce pure and clean oxygen. In one year if a lot of trees are been planted, it will make the carbon dioxide mostly to disappear.

Everyone living in this world is facing all this problems, and also it is affecting the world and its atmosphere. There are many solutions that people may follow, but eventually this won’t get rid from the climate change and the global warming. It might take years to get rid completely of these problems.

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