Creativity and Innovation in Our World

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Published: Aug 16, 2019

Words: 2085|Pages: 5|11 min read

Published: Aug 16, 2019

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Focus
  3. Reflection
  4. Conclusion

The phrases creativity and innovation can be heard used in the media and in everyday. Conversation to refer to both a product of human creativity and to the strategies concerned in the improvement of a product. The two quotations noted in this book’s preface are examples of this duality. We will normally pay attention on the latter of these meanings, whereas different research focus on the contrast of merchandise as soon as they have been produced. Innovation is the spark that makes appropriate business great.

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It’s now not simply invention but additionally a fashion of company behaviour cosywith new thoughts and risk. Companies that know how to innovate don’t always throw money into R. & D. Instead they cultivate a new style of corporate behaviour that is relaxed with new ideas, change, risk and even failure, according to “Americas most Admired Companies,” fortune,

Creativity is not a character trait accessible to solely a few. Research has shown everybody has some creativity, but it has been stifled with the aid of Freud’s wondering that artistry and creativity are related with mental illness and the scientific emphasis on materialism and analytical thinking. An innovative environment requires extra than imparting intrinsic rewards.

It requires rethinking organizational designs. We have made businesses match Newtonian mechanical models through inserting duties intofeatures and human beings into roles with boundaries and a secure experience of control. Leadership in the new organization consists of facilitating shared values. This facilitator ship have to take location in an environment that has relationships that freely share ownership, information, and ideas. Facilitation and sharing are basic to creative trouble solving. Creative trouble fixing is wished to radically change a business enterprise into a consistently revolutionary one.

Creative leadership should facilitate fine relationships in organizations to produce profitable increase via innovation. We now be aware of that creativity is no longer a character trait that is available for geniuses. Everyone has special understanding and experiences that can be tapped, given the appropriate environment. This environment should be free flowing and non-judging to take humans through the mental block they discovered in early childhood. These blocks are related with the risk of being wrong.


Creativity is marked by means of the capability to create, deliver into existence, to invent into a new form, to produce through ingenious skill to make to convey into existence something new Creativity is not ability to create out of nothing (only God can do that), but the ability to generate new ideas via combining, changing, or reapplying existing ideas.

Some creative ideas are spectacular and brilliant, while others are simply simple, top realistic thoughts that no one looks to have thought, of yet. (Harris, 1998). Everyone has good sized innovative capability which includes you the reader, so you must matter yourself and consider it that you are an innovative genius .All you need is to be reawakened and be noticeably dedicated to creativity. I want you to begin wondering now, in the system something new will flow, explore that something new nowadays and you will be a one-of-a-kind persona tomorrow. Creativity is additionally an attitude the potential to be given exchange and newness, a willingness to play with ideas and possibilities, a flexibility of outlook, the habit of playing the good, while searching for ways to improve it, we are socialized into accepting only a small variety of permissible or ordinary things, like chocolate-covered strawberries, for example.

The innovative person realizes that there are other chances like peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or chocolate-covered prunes. Harris (1998). However, it is the art of producing answer to issues with the aid of the force of imagination and reasoning, it is a recreation of the idea looking for to locate answer to some of life’s questions. In a dynamic and altering world, the challenges of man are additionally now not static, they take on new varieties and require a deep innovative thinking approach, it is quintessential to understand that we live in a thinker’s world it is therefore, not surprising to see that the men/women who are in advance are these who see beforehand with the eyes of their mind men and female who have engaged their minds in creative thinking to generate thinking and products, which stand the check of time.

Many humans companion creativity with insight and count on that this is prompted through innovative association making use of formerly unrelated thoughts or metaphors from one discipline to another. Archimedes affords a commonplace example, while taking a bath, he realised that his irregularly fashioned physique displaced a measurable volume of water and that this principle would enable him to work out the irregular amount of gold in the king’s crown, entrepreneurs take bold creative steps but conditions motivate creativity, creativity is, however more advantageous when humans have some freedom however no longer too much; excessive interior commitment to the task; however no longer too excessive a commitment; excessive proportion of intense rewards, however some extrinsic rewards as well; some competition however now not winner take- all competition. Thompson (2001). Entrepreneurial exercise depends on the method of innovation following creativity, now not on creativity alone.


Creativity is additionally a process, creative individual work hard and consistently to improve thoughts and solutions, by making gradual modifications and refinements to their works. Contrary to the mythology surrounding creativity, very few of innovative excellence are produced with a single stroke of brilliance or in a frenzy of fast activity. Much nearer to the actual fact are the stories of groups which had to take the invention away from the inventor in order to market it due to the fact the inventor would have saved on tweaking it and fiddling with it constantly attempting to make it a little better (Harris, 1998).

A product is creative when it is “novel” and “appropriate”. A novel product is original, no longer predicable. The greater the concept, and the greater the product stimulates in addition work ideals, the extra the product is creative. Creativity requires passion and commitment. Out of the innovative is born symbols and myths. It brings to our attention what was once beforehand hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness-ecstasy”, the celebrated discoveries of man are not accidents the Bill Gate and the computer, Graham Bell and the telephone, Michael Faraday and electricity, Isaac Newton and physical regulation of science, the Wight brothers and Aeroplane. The list is endless. You too can be part of them as you commence to

“Ponder the path of your feet, that all your approaches may also be established.”

Innovation is the system of bringing the exceptional thoughts into reality, which triggers an innovative idea, which generates a series of modern events. Innovation is the introduction of new value. Innovation is the manner that transforms new ideas into new value- turning a thought into value. You can't innovate without creativity. Innovation is the technique that combines thoughts and know-how into new value. Without innovation an company and what it presents shortly become obsolete. Innovation is fostered by way of statistics gathered from new connections; from insights won by journeys into different disciplines or places; from active, collegial networks and fluid open boundaries. Innovation arises from organizing circles of exchange, the place information is no longer just accumulated or stored, but created. Knowledge is generated a new from connections that have been now not there before. Wheatley (1994). Innovation requires clean way of searching at things, an appreciation of people, and an entrepreneurial willingness to take risks and to work hard.

An notion doesn’t grow to be an innovation till it is broadly adopted and incorporated into people’s each day lives. Most humans withstand change, so a key part of innovating is convincing different humans that your notion is an exact one – by means of enlisting their help, and, in doing so, with the aid of assisting them see the usefulness of the idea- Art Fry.

What distinguishes them from other commercial enterprise people? An entrepreneur is the man or woman who is able to actualize his/her innate potentials and boost a character that is no longer established however independent. She/he is that person who undertakes the voyage of developing cost through pulling together a unique bundle of resources to make the most an opportunity.

He or She has the potential and functionality to construct something from virtually nothing – initiating, daring, doing, achieving, and constructing an enterprise. They honestly trust they have something new and unique to offer, both a product and a service. To them, existence will remain a delusion unless their desires are actualized.

Entrepreneurs have been described as human beings who have the potential to see and consider enterprise opportunities, collect the vital resources to take advantage of them and provoke appropriate motion to make certain success. Meredith et al (1991). He is a risk- taker, a man, or girl who bears uncertainty, strikes out on his or her own, and through natural wit, devotion to obligation and singleness of purpose, one way or the other creates a business and industrial undertaking where none existed before. Innovation is the successful improvement of aggressive advantage and as such, it is the key to entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs are the “dreamers”, who take arms on accountability for creating innovation. It is the presence of innovation that distinguishes the entrepreneur from others. Innovation, should therefore, extend competitiveness via efforts aimed at the rejuvenation, renewal, and redefinition of organizations, their markets or industries, if commercial enterprise are to be deemed entrepreneurial.

Entrepreneurship provides young people throughout the state with precious existence abilities and equipment to empower them to construct sustainable and prosperous futures for themselves and their communities. Entrepreneurship is the willingness and potential of an individual to be trying to find out investment opportunities, establish, and run a business enterprise successfully. The thought of entrepreneurship has been associated with various things to do concerned with the institution and operations of commercial enterprise enterprises. Stevenson (1985) defines entrepreneurship as the system of growing value via putting collectively a unique bundle of assets to make the most an opportunity. Entrepreneurship is the capability to create and build something from virtually nothing. It is initiating, doing, achieving, risk- taking, and constructing an enterprise.


Thinking starts off evolved with engaging yourself in a conversation with yourself with the aid of yourself, in yourself. That is to reach a conviction and conclusion as to what steps to take and what strategies to employ. It is recommended to always have a pen and paper at hand to report your thoughts. It unveils each and every phantasm round you. The combine of creativity and irrationality is what makes entrepreneurs tick and bills for many of their tremendous contributions. Their visionary skills and leadership characteristics stand them out as human colossus.

Creative consequences seldom emerge in an instant: a identified procedure is involved, even if it seems to be instead chaotic. It starts off evolved with consciousness of a hassle or anticipation of an opportunity, and then, thru perception the state of affairs and reflecting on the issues, new linkages are reflected and feasible new mixtures of elements are aired: From this emerge seen solutions or chances that are subjected to valuation, which may also be non-stop with judgment being suspended whilst the search technique is extended in pursuit of actual newness.


Successful entrepreneurs require an area derived from some combination of an innovative concept and an optimal ability for execution. The entrepreneur’s creativity might also contain an innovation product or a technique that modifications the present order. Or entrepreneur can also have a special perception about the direction or outcome of an external change. Entrepreneurship is the car that drives creativity and innovation. Innovation creates new demand and entrepreneurship brings the innovation to the market. Innovation is the profitable improvement of aggressive side and as such, is the key to entrepreneurship.

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Creativity and Innovation are at the heart of the spirit of enterprise. It potential striving to operate things to do otherwise or to perform special things to do to enable the entrepreneur supply a unique combine of value. Thus the price of creativity and innovation is to furnish a gateway for astute entrepreneurship—actively looking for possibilities to do new things, to do existing matters in remarkable ways. Creativity and Innovation therefore, set off and propel brilliant entrepreneurship in guidance corporation things to do in anything new instructions are dictated with the aid of market conditions and consumer preferences, thereby delighting the clients to the benefit of the stakeholders. Innovation additionally capability watching for the wishes of the market, offering additional nice or services, organisation efficiently, studying details, and maintaining fee below control.

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