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D-day: the Beginning of the End for Nazis

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The victory at Doom’s Day was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. Though the landing did not go the way it was supposed to, the Allies took the beaches in which later became known as one of the most important battles of the Second World War. The victory at Doomsday led to the fall of German-occupied France, further leading to the fall of Nazi Germany.

Though the planning and the mission were overall successful, the troops and their equipment was still the main cause for the overall success for the invasion. As Merwin Edwin Andrew 101st Airborne once said, “We had about eighty pounds of equipment-grenades, food, everything that we were going to need on our own”. This proves that the troops had to be ready for anything and there Generals and leaders knew that so they made sure that they were prepared. Yet all of the equipment could not prepare the troops for the most “sickening” part of the mission. Staff Sergeant John Robert Slaughter, Company D once said on the topic, “The sea was very rough and everybody got seasick and we were soaking wet, cold, and miserable.” This shows that equipment can only go so far when it comes down to the fact that the ride over to the beaches of Normandy is like a shot to the gut. Overall, the equipment that the troops may have played an important role in the Dooms Day victory but no one could have predicted that the troops would get seasick after the steak and chocolate lunch to boost the troop’s morale.

Though all of the planning for the attack was good, the beaches themselves were a hurdle to overcome. The beaches were along a fifty mile stretch of land. This goes to show that the Allies would need a lot of power to clear all of that land. The Nazi’s did prepare the beaches with over four million mines to slow down the attack of Normandy. This illustrates that the Nazi’s came prepared for the invasion but it still did not go the way they would have liked it too. Also, as Pharmacist Mate Frant R. Feduik once said, “They were firing at us from pillboxes on the beach”. This paints a picture that the Nazi’s were really fortified the beaches. Lastly, it took almost a whole week to fully secure all of the beaches (Staff Web). This explains that due to the fact that the beaches were fully fortified, it is no wonder that it took so long to complete Operation Overlord.

Due to successful planning of the attack at the beaches of Normandy, the overall attack was successful. But a successful mission must have a little luck to go as smooth possible. Due to the amount of manpower and machine-power, the Allies needed more than five hundred ships and landing crafts to get troops across the English channel. This demonstrates that due to the need of a lot of troops to attack five beaches, it is really no wonder why the Allies needed so many ships. The invasion would not have been as successful if the Nazi General Commander Rommel had not been on leave. This highlights that because the Nazi’s did not have a Commander to lead them, they did not successfully defend the beaches of Normandy. With all of the ships that the Allies needed, not just power in itself, they also needed a few things to just go their way.

Against the popular belief, the victory at the beaches took a lot more than manpower itself. The win at Normandy took a combination of strategy, aircraft, and men. More than one-thousand tons of bombs were dropped to soften the defenses to make the attack easier. This goes to show that even with all of the troops and the gear they had to carry, they still needed air-support to help them out. The first part of the whole mission, Operation Overlord was for the airborne troops to parachute behind enemy lines and capture key bridges. This proves that General Eisenhower was already planning success for this daring mission. Overall, with all of the planning, the troops and General Eisenhower still needed a little help with bombs and paratroopers, but this key victory was the stepping stone for the overall victory to liberate France and take Germany on, head on.

The win at the beaches of Normandy had a deeper meaning than just a morale booster for the troops. With the win under the Allies belts and set in stone, the next step was to liberate France and take the fight right to Germany. The American General Montgomery’s strategy after the successful Allied victory was to take over the Caen in which most of the German armor was located. This illustrates that right after the victory, the Allies were focused on moving inland. Also, with the win at the beaches, this prevented Hitler from sending troops from France to try to block the Russians. This explains that with the win, the Russians would have an easier time attacking the Eastern Front. Overall, with the win at Doom’s Day, the Allies could continue to push toward the heart of Germany.

The victory at Doom’s Day led to the fall of Nazi-occupied France that eventually led to the total downfall of Nazi Germany. With all of the manpower and machine power, it is no wonder why Operation Overlord was an accelerated push toward the end of the Second World War. Also, with some strategic planning by the Allies, they could take out some important holdouts for the Germans. Lastly, with the distraction from the Dooms Day push, the Soviet Union had an easier time fighting the Germans on the Eastern Front. As the American General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said to his troops before the Dooms Day attack, “Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well-trained, well-equipped, and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely.”

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