Detailed Comparison of The New England and Chesapeake Societies

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Published: Jul 7, 2022

Words: 1141|Pages: 3|6 min read

Published: Jul 7, 2022

While the idea of venturing to the “New World” began to spark interest amongst the English, in the 1600’s upon many of their rivals they began to settle and expand their grounds. They created colonies along the eastern border of the United States, such as the New England colonies and the Chesapeake colonies. In spite of both of these regions being populated by people of the English origin the two colonies had differences that were both evident and relevant to the way the societies evolved. The contrast formed can be traced back to different geography, as well as religion and politics. In brief the distinction can be followed back to the motives for proper colonization.

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First and foremost, the evolving societies had come forward with major distinctions between their geography, which led to the way their economy formed. The economic system in the Chesapeake colonies was built of commercial farming, tobacco, cultivation, and the plantation system. Where as the New England people were involved in farms that sold the extra produce to the market, fishing, lumber industry, and commercial ventures. Indeed, there are many causes to the way each region grew and became their own, such as the unique geography of each region. In the Chesapeake region, there was very rich soil and warm weather which would be why they profited most from the farming business. They were able to produce tobacco, indigo and rice to make a living. On the contrary, the New England area had rocky soil and cold weather which limited the farming so they had to turn to fishing and the lumber industry instead. The geography of these areas also explained why there were more slaves in the Chesapeake due to the loads of farming they needed to do. In comparison, to the New England people who did not depend on slavery for their growing economy, this created an impact on how branched out the economy was. The geography of each land was a given, so the people of each region had to learn and adapt to make a profit anyway they could with the resources that were available to them.

Religion was significant in the role of creating a separation between the New England and Chesapeake people. To begin with the Articles of Agreement was written with the perspective that God would like the colony to work this way. The agreement also emphasized that their first concern was to establish a church and get a minister. The New England area utilized religion to build a stronger community and a reason for the people to follow. In the Massachusetts Bay Colony where the Puritans resided, a religious concept where the people had to reach the expectations of God or else God would punish them by ruining their colony. At this time, John Withrop became governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony where he wrote A Model of Christan Charity in 1630. Withrop began by explaining how God created everyone differently, some with more wealth and power others with less, however everyone should treat each other with respect and kindness. He emphasized what God wished upon his people, claiming that God showed wisdom by creating everyone with different statuses moreover, that one community should all serve one God. As governor John Withrop established responsible, and moral Christian communities which would allow the colony to have a district with people that respect and care for each other. Conversely, in the Chesapeake building their economy was much more valuable compared to religion. In John Smith’s words the greed for wealth was brought to attention. The people on the ship were allowed to trade gold and other goods in return for supplies. Others on the ship fasted, because they did not have the valuable items as a result many died of starvation. John Smith described the people on the ship to be greedy, selfish, and violent (Doc F). The concept of this document shows the worth of the economy put before religion. Overall, the result of John Smith’s ship encounter, shows competition rather than respecting each other as Withrop suggested.

As for politics, both settlements were running their colonies in their unique ways. The way the political system worked in both regions made it very obvious that there was a separation between the advancement of each settlement. The New Englanders appeared to engage in having a religious community with land available to everyone. The basic concept behind the rules in New England, were family oriented, with small and young families. For instance, where the size of a family would depend on the size of the house they own, and even how everyone will share the meadow and planting ground. Where as the Chesapeake region were in the absence of being and working together as a community, instead they lack a stable government that would have encouraged a more unified circle of people. Unlike the New Englanders, the settlers of the Chesapeake region came alone and without their families. In a way, this made it so that each individual did not have responsibility for anyone other than themselves which made them more selfish. The lack of support in the Chesapeake region only lessened any chances of welfare and right doings by their people. Additionally, the New Englanders took the interest of the community to keep track of profits for merchants and kept them steady with the moral for the Puritans. On the other hand, the Chesapeake region had an unfair combination of the wealthy, the poor, and slaves. The class system in the Chesapeake region took a major toll on the way people challenged the government. To illustrate, in Virginia, Nathaniel Bacon contradicted the government when the governor, Sir William Berkely enacted friendly policies toward the Native Americans. Nathaniel Bacon claimed that the Native American were beyond the reach of the English Court. As a result of the rebellion, Bacon forced Berkely to appoint him as governor, however his rule didn't last long because of his death. In summary, the way the political system affected each region illustrated and obvious line between the New Englander and Chesapeake people. In a few words, the New England government was more intact, also aware of how to keep their people unified, unlike the Chesapeake government which led to rebellions and kept their people against each other.

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Taking everything into account, even though the New England and the Chesapeake region were both populated by the English origin, by 1700 they both evolved into their own and very different societies because of the politics, religion, and geography of each land. The people of New England engaged in following their Putrian faith which helped them create an established and unified society. The people of the Chesapeake were on a mission to become wealthy, and gain more profit. With these motives in mind the two societies formed and developed to be different.      

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