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Different Sources Of Digital Entertainment

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What is the internet?

The internet by dictionary definition is “a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols however to fully understand what the internet is, we can split it up into its individual parts..

A more simple understanding of that is just a basic take of the term itself. Inter- meaning between or among the people, things, or places and net meaning a device that is structured in such a way that thread and or rope is interlocked, and this is foundation on which the net uses to function.

What we can easily gather from this is that the internet is something that joins us and allows us to communicate with each other by creating a network that joins computers together all over the world.

Digital entertainment is a type of entertainment supplying one or more individuals with amusement or enjoyment that is projected digitally on electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and/or smartphones.

Over the years of human existence, what we have found amusing has evolved dramatically, and it is easier to entertain ourselves through the consumption of digital entertainment. Entertainment is the core of anybody’s lifestyle, as it is usually the driving force that gets work done. For example, it can be used as an incentive for completing a task, or manipulated in such a way that we can enjoy digital entertainment and gain from it without even realizing it.

Without digital entertainment, the human race would be misguided and directionless. There would not be as much incentives in the world, and nobody would be motivated to complete anything. Digital entertainment has influenced the human race as we know it by shaping the way that we collect information, and pass on said information. Entertainment has evolved to the point where it is easily accessible by any individual. Just the accessibly of digital entertainment makes it so that it is easier to shape and influence us as a society today.

As aforementioned, there are many ways that electronic entertainment can be accessed, and this section will explore these.

1. Smartphones

The main usage of a phone for decades has been just to receive a message, and send back another message. It has been like this for years. But it has not been until recently that this basic purpose of a phone has been enhanced to the point that they are now small handheld computers in which we can view and share entertainment on. Smartphones have aided in the widespread availability of content throughout the years and has also had a dramatic impact on the world we know today. They have made the world smaller and have enhanced our ability to maintain relationships and build more relationships online, and in real life. The inclusion of smartphones in our lives have greatly impacted us without us even realizing it. They have slowly become an integral part of our lives, and determine who we are. Some people describe them as being their lives, and with that being said, just by looking on an owner’s phone, much can be said about the owner and who they are.

2. Television

Television is a system of sending media over distance by satellite etc. so that people can acquire the media on a device known as a television in nearly any place including homes.

Television has also influenced how entertainment has been delivered to the human population dramatically. Without television, the human race would probably not evolve to the point at which it is right now. Nowadays, it is not unusual to find many homes with a television in them. Television continues to be a main source of digital entertainment, albeit it is slowly getting replace by many other forms of receiving media today.

Television has the potential to generate both positive and negative effects, and many studies have looked at the impact of television on society, particularly on children and adolescents. An individual child’s developmental level is a critical factor in determining whether the medium will have positive or negative effects. Not all television programs are bad, but data showing the negative effects of exposure to violence, inappropriate sexuality and offensive language are convincing. Still, physicians need to advocate continued research into the negative and positive effects of media on children and adolescents.

3. Computers

A computer is an electronic device that creates and manipulates data. Computers have been around for decades but have not necessarily been used for entertainment until recently. The accessibility of computers also makes them one of the biggest influencers of the human population without a doubt, as since there are more computers, there are more people to get affected by them. Like smartphones, they are an integral part in determining our personality traits, and just by examining one, we may be able to get an insight on who the individual is.

There are many ways that people can get entertained by them, such as playing games, watching movies or videos and many other ways.

One main usage of computers is video sharing, which shall be elaborated on. Video sharing, like phones, have connected us and immensely shifted the way that we continue to take in information about the human race. Without video sharing, many people would be lost and would not be able to have a medium in which they can express themselves freely without the harsh judgment of people in real life.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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