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Discussion: Should School Be Year Round

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There are many reasons that we should not have year-round school, including it can actually be a problem for people’s health. Some childhood development experts believe that for some kids it’s vital to have time off. It is also important for kids to be close to their family and get time to exercise along with, just in general, time to have fun. It can also affect schools in ways including budget problems. It causes there to be less time for vacations to visit family or just for fun. It can also be extremely boring. Everyone knows how stressful normal school can be, so imagine having all that homework all year round. Summed up, I don’t think there should be year-round school because it can cause health issues, affect family relationships,causes kids to not get time to exercise, causes budget problems for schools, makes less time for vacations, makes for many child care issues, and can cause stress and boredom.

Year-round school can also cause major schedule problems and not leave enough time to just hang out. Many people think that it will help academically, but playing and getting exercise is just as important. It can also be hard to find child care for after school or during breaks. Many parents might work full time and not get a break when their kids do. Because of sports, kids might not really get a break. It will get even harder as kids get older.

Year-round school can cause family problems including lack of family time. This can lead to mental separation and metaphorically split families apart. No one likes having a rocky relationship with their parents and other family! This can be caused because when family members can go outdoors or do other recreational activities together they can’t because they are still in school. This can affect children’s health and cause social issues. If kids don’t interact it could be harder in the future for them to find a job and get along with colleagues and co-workers. Not only in the future but right now it could be hard to make friends. Many kids have this problem in normal school, just imagine in year-round school. Social issues could also lead to speech issues. Have troubles with speech can affect kids’ life in the future, and, again, affect how they make friends and make it hard for them to do so.

Year-round schooling can also affect schools. Electric bills for homeowners in the summer months go up. That also includes schools, making going to school farther into the summer more expensive. Furthermore, that takes away money for assemblies or other forms of entertainment for students. This can lead to boredom and not being able to focus. Even though there is recess, sometimes just going outside isn’t enough.

Year-round school can also cause much stress. Those who go to normal school get many breaks from brain-racking homework whereas those who go tho year-round school don’t have much time without it. Some schools even give homework packets over breaks! This can add even more stress and worry about school in the near future. Having less time over breaks can give less time to play, making kids rush their homework and even get mad. When kids get mad it can cause them to give up and just write random answers or guess.

Year-round school can start to be boring especially in the summertime. Even adults don’t like to work in the summer, so just imagine kids who need exercise while they’re growing. Kids like to play outside in the summer and recess will not always pull through. Playing outside all day in the summer can be good for kids as it helps them get exercise in a fun way. Plus, teachers will have to help kids get ready to go outside on blazing summer days. Just imagine teachers having to help their students put on sunscreen every day in the summer especially if they are preschool, kindergarten, and even 1st-grade teacher. It might take up some of the kids play time just to put on sunscreen. Teachers rushing to put on sunscreen could cause sunburn if they didn’t put on enough. This could cause parents or guardians to get upset.

Year-round school is a way to cause less time for vacations to visit family or just for fun. Many kids have extended family that lives in a different state or even country. Not seeing them can cause children to grow far apart from them. Also, a vacation that is just for fun is meant for people to relax. If you go to year-round school then most probably you’d have to miss school to go making you have to take homework with you. With homework, you will still be worrying about getting good grades rather than having fun and relaxing.

Year-round school students get fewer days to study for tests. Teachers and other staff pressure kids to prepare for tests, and yet they have less times to study for the big tests. The kids worry and worry about the tests and study as hard as possible and yet they don’t even get the full amount of time to do so. Not enough time to study can lower grades and make student stress out more which can make their grades go even lower.

Yet another reason to not have year-round school is that it can cause child care issues. Many parents work full time all year making it hard to find someone to watch their children whose schedule works with theirs. Many workers go on vacation during the summer and have to find someone to fill in for them. If a year-round school students parent has to fill in, it can cause troubles with transportation and finding someone to watch them. Some people will argue that they can just walk home or ride the bus and stay there alone, but some kids are younger and can’t stay home alone and many parents aren’t comfortable with kids staying home alone until they are a certain age.

Year-round schooling is not a good thing. It can affect kids health, cause schedule problems, cause family problems, makes budget problems, be extremely boring, cause stress, give less time for vacations to visit family or to relax, affect grades because of less study time, and cause child care problems. Many parents believe that it helps academically, but really you get less time to study because the brakes spread out during the year. This can cause grades to go down and that student to actually do worse academically. When you really think about the impact how you do in elementary school has in the future, you really start to wonder whether you should worry about how much time students study or if it’s really not that important. Yes, there are students who do well without studying, but many study hard and still don’t get the best grade. Also, studying can help you remember things that you may need to know in the future. When you really think about it, college is one of the most important things in life that helps you get a good job. If you don’t know what will be important to know to help you in college when you’re younger, how are you going to succeed in college and get a job that pays well?      

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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