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The Problem of Firing with Guns and Pistols During Marriage Processions

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Firing with guns and pistols during marriage processions and other celebration functions has become a sort of fashion. In our world, many types of people living there so they have different kinds of habits like some have doing legal things and some have habit to do illegal things. The most dangerous habit of them is using weapons in marriages. This is too much common in India, but we can see this problem in many other countries. Celebratory gunfire is partly a show of status, partly an alternative to fireworks, and it is not limited to north India.

It is also common in Afghanistan and parts of the Middle East, Balkans and elsewhere. In 2003, the US Centers for malady control and anticipation researched the dangers following New Year festivities in Puerto Rico in 2003-04. It concluded that 19 injuries and one demise were caused by falling shots over a two-day time span. “bullets are not welcoming cards celebrate without weapons,” was the motto of a TV and radio battle in Macedonia in 2005. As indicated by the examination, a spent bullet falls back to earth about 90 and 180 meters for every second, sufficiently quick to cause dangerous deadly damage.

The specialists recognized 118 individuals who had been hit by falling shots in the vicinity of 1985 and 1992 and found that the passing rate was near 33%, contrasted with about 2% and 6% for those harmed in standard shootings. Most regular firearms are let go into the air in the misstep conviction that it will abstain from harming anybody. Truth be told, those hit by falling slugs are significantly more liable to endure fatal damage than those in a typical shooting, as per an examination by specialists at a Los Angeles doctor’s facility. In India government establish numerous laws for the issue of terminating in relational unions yet government couldn’t actualize the laws legitimately and government did not present run with entirely. In this essay, I will discuss about the firing in celebration functions and specially in the marriage processions and why should be properly banned this. Firstly, we should know why people carry guns in marriages. The main reasons of carrying guns in marriages is not safety. People carry guns to do fun. They only want to display their richness and they hold a view that if they carry guns in marriages then then can show their bravery and they hold an opinion that they can be famous in the community with the help of carrying guns and weapons in marriages.

In India, even police do not stop people to carrying guns in the marriages because there is too much corruption. In India, if we go to marriages of police officers then in the marriage, we will see people carrying guns and pistols. Even parents also spot to their children to carry guns and pistols in the marriages because they think that if their children carry guns in the marriages then they can show their status. They just want to do fires in air. This has become a source of entertainment. Our young generation is following this trend. It has many bad effects on our environment and it also release pollution. Firing is a cause of pollution and noise. When we do firing then the bullet releases obnoxious smoke which is very harmful for our environment.

These harmful gasses pollute our environment. It increases the level of air pollution. It also makes noise pollution. Due to this, many people lost their hearing power and it also take a heavy tall on health and behavior. It put bad effect on birds its louder noise haunts the birds. Many birds lost their lives due to firing because when we are firing in air then the bullet shoots to many birds which can be cause of the death of the bird and many birds lost their hearing power thanks to the firing. Firing is lead to fatal injuries in cause of unstabilisation. Some time, bullets burn human skin which can be cause of deadly diseases. Most of the time, in marriage parties many children are present, so they may imitate. In the marriages, thanks firing children can feel fear of shoot. They cannot have safety. Children may astray from the moral path. They can choose the path of crime as well as they can learn how to do firing. Firing can cast an adverse effect on children’s mind. Children can read the path of violence.

They can seek weapons from their parents due to showing guns in marriages. Most important point is buying guns and pistols is a wastage of money. We have to pay too much money for buying weapons. Furthermore, nowadays, this is very too much common in Punjab, India. In Punjab every youngster wants his own guns and pistols because they think that thanks to guns and pistols, they can show their good status. Most of the time in Punjab, in marriages youngsters drink too much after drinking too much alcohol they lose their common sense then they start firing which takes lives of many innocent people. Most of the time, in marriages, people play songs related to weapons. These songs also promote to weapons. Thanks to these songs, youngsters want to carry guns and weapons.

They want to show their status. Moreover, it has become a status symbol too. Everybody wants to be superior. All the people want to carry their personal guns in marriages. But I think carrying guns and other harmful weapons should be banned in marriages and other crowded functions. As it can result of much damage. Some people drink alcohol too much in celebrations that they just lose their senses. They don’t know that they are doing. In drunk condition, they make the use of weapons in fit of excitement. We are hearing and seeing news a lot of time when drunked men shoot groom, bridge, children and dancers. I have seen many cases where innocent persons lost their lives just because of these kinds of people for example couple of years ago, a dancer named Kulwinder Kaur 24 years old in Maur mandi, a small town of Punjab, India was killed in a marriage function. She was also pregnant so in this way the person who shoot her he did not only responsible for her death in fact he was also responsible for her child’s death. This happened just because of drinking alcohol in high volume.

Not only this, a person named, Prabhjit Singh, 30 years old was at a weeding in Issapur village near Amritsar on March 16 this year. He was killed by a “celebratory” bullet when he was dancing on the stage. His kids lost their father and his wife lost husband in just a few moments. Today, his widow, Bhagwan Kaur, and two children are living in dire poverty. Now I am going to share my own experience. I vividly remember that last year I went to Kotakapura with my best friend on his cousin’s marriage. On the day of ladies sangeet (in the marriage on this day all ladies sing songs) groom’s uncle started firing and he shooted to 9 years old boy then boy lost his life in this way their all function become destroyed and person who was killed to boy arrested by police. Furthermore, firing with weapons has become fashion, “observed a Delhi judge as he handed down a 25-month jail term to a man who fired off a rifle during his friend’s wedding last year, killing the groom’s uncle.

“It is high time that government tightens procedure for grant of arms-license and also evolves a robust mechanism to ensure these licenses are not misused,” judge Manoj Jain said. Keeping in mind the facts and circumstances of the case, I hereby sentence the convict to undergo rigorous imprisonment for 25 months under section 304(second) (guilty murder without intention but with knowledge of consequences of act) of IPC and he would deposit Rs three lakh in court as compensation. There is another incident of Mr. Harlal Singh who was 32 years old, had gone to play music at a marriage. His twenty-five years old wife Manmeet Kaur’s world came crashing down on February 2 when he was brought dead from that marriage. Using of gun also killed dreams of a youngster.

Maninder Singh, 22 years old during a “jaago” (marriage procession) celebration of family friend’s daughter in 2014 lost his life, goals and dreams. He was a shy youngster, he went to that function because it was his father’s close friends function. These kinds of incidents happened not only with dancers or musicians, it was double disaster for the family of Naresh Kumar, aka Bhutta, 38, a videographer, who was killed in firing at a wedding on February 6, 2013. Unable to bear this shock, his father Ashok Kumar, succumbed to heart attack 17 days later.

Most incidents of death during such celebratory firings go unreported due to the involvement of relatives or organizers. On February 15, 2015, a five-year-old child was killed during a marriage function at Durali village in SAS Nagar, when gunshots fired in air by his uncle hit him. Despite the death of the child, no relative came to lodge a complaint. Thought a case was registered by police patrolling party, no one from the family pursued it. According to my perspective this is totally against our culture and firing in marriages also work as to provoke young generation. This activity is preferring to terrorism because when a person kill to someone then culprit always leave the states and they go to other states for some time.

After some months they return in their own states and that they are in the contact of another culprits and after together they start criminal activities. Government must enact stringent laws for banning firing in the marriages and government should implement laws properly. Police had better show strictly. If anyone going to marriage with weapons, then police must arrest him/her and lodge a complaint and also cancel his license. Government must chalk out new policers for hindering firing in marriages. Firing in celebration functions must be banned by government and if any one offence these laws they should be arrested by the cops and there is ought to be a fine on them so that before using weapons everyone thinks too times.

So, we should celebrate function without weapons. we do not use weapons in marriages According to me, who arrange marriage that people should mention about the banning of weapons in invitation card they should mention this “please not carry weapons in the marriage if anyone relative or friend want to carry gun in the marriage that people please not come in the marriage and we do not allow people to carry guns and pistols in the marriage”. As we all know “He who spits up in the air, will get it back on his beard, we get human life only once on the earth, so we should not spoil it by these doing stupid stunts.” All I can say is that carrying guns and other weapons to these types of places has a lot of risks. They can take so many innocent lives and that loss can never be recovered. Even if the culprit is arrested or the victim’s family is given compensation, then also the loss faced by them can never be recovered because the compensation paid to them and the punishment given to the killer cannot bring son of a mother back to his house. The lives can never be taken back, and these injuries can never be treated.

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