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Food Safety Through Haccp

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Food Safety Through Haccp Essay

Table of contents

  1. Why Must All Food Products Go Through HACCP Food Safety Testing?
  2. Healthy Guidelines for Nourishment
    Hygiene That Relates to Food Safety
    Nutrients That Regulate Body Functions
  3. Recommendations

The importance of having a healthy life is of great interest to me. Therefore, I believe that environmental health is important to our society. The initial issues I will be discussing are about the HACCP food testing procedures. Following that, I will talk about the healthy guidelines for the topics of hygiene and how it relates to food safety, the effects of over-consumption, and nutrients that are required to regulate the bodily functions.

The laws that regulate proper equipment in a factory such as a boiler, igniting and accident reporting are important because they protect people’s lives and make sure that the workplace is following safety procedures. Few concerning issues with HACCP testing are the lack of care of doing their job properly, taking shortcuts, and absence of people for inspection job. Other issues are unawareness by society of the types of food they eat and the potential risks of irregular bodywork, due to immoral hygiene and insalubrious guidelines.

For example, children that don’t have access to proper nutrition can end up having issues such as dysfunctional body tissue problems and a deficiency of energy. These issues are often sustained by food manufacturers and corporations who promote food with high sugar and high-fat ingredients to ensure higher profits without any cautioning. Foods such as, pizza, sugary donuts, fruit juices and French fries are just some foods that can affect you in the long run by giving you high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease.

When manufacture has good moral considerations then people who work for them will have a desire to work for company’s and creates positive vibes for society. Having a commitment to ensure safety from people in the goods they sell will prevent illness and another health risk in the future. Morbid food and lack of proper hygiene are responsible for a lot of health issues that people face on a regular base.

These issues are food allergies, diabetes, digestive disorders, etc. These can affect employees, workers, as well as people who buy these products due to marketing tricks, artificial coloring, and specialized ingredients that are not safe for people to consume. Ingredients that are included in these foods become very addictive like drugs which can increase the chances of food poisoning. Therefore, food manufacturers must be forced to comply with stricter HAACP rules to ensure the safety of the public.

Why Must All Food Products Go Through HACCP Food Safety Testing?

The HAACP program was designed to prevent foodborne illness. However, people still die from food poisoning every year. In America about 5,000 deaths per year, these unfortunate deaths can be easily avoided in the future which will prevent people getting ill and in worse cases death from extreme food poising. In Canada, the death rate is not as high as it is in America but people get very sick and die from careless inspection from manufacturers. According to the CBC, one of the problems with goods becoming contaminated is the lack of workers to inspect food. Furthermore, foodborne illness is also caused by improper handling of food. One of the bacteria that cause foodborne illness and effects Canadian is botulism, and this bacterium is spread through dirt and loam. The serious effect of Clostridium botulin is caused by consuming foods that comprise botulism poison. This bacterium is caused mostly by certain foods that are not prepared properly. For example, some ways that the bacteria are caused is by canned foods such as beans, green, peppers, which is not properly examined by manufacture companies. What makes botulin dangerous is that this form of bacteria can survive high temperatures. This bacterium can grow in a moist oxygen-free situation so bottling gives a good chance for the bacteria to multiply and produce the toxin. Therefore, it is vital manufacturers have rigid safety procedures and the HACCP program must be revised to make it more effective at stopping these illnesses.

Healthy Guidelines for Nourishment

Having a good diet is vital to society and therefore healthy nourishment guidelines are imperative to creating a healthy society. When individuals have a good diet, it can reduce illness and help reduce spreading diseases to other workers. Unhealthy eating can lead to increased levels of cancer, mood changes, and illnesses which are not good for workplace environments and the public. Having a healthy diet not only creates a positive vibe in a workplace but inspires employees to create healthy eating programs. This is also a prerequisite for the health and safety laws to have a safe and hygienic eating zone. When workplace itself influences good eating outlines then employees would be able to go to information sessions and offer suitable foods in vending machines and dinner which can lead to meals being stored properly and prepared appropriately (Government of Canada). Consequently, it is vital that proper and effective nutritional guidelines be implemented to ensure the safety of workers and the public.

Hygiene That Relates to Food Safety

Proper hygiene is important when workers handle food and all businesses should be on the lookout to identify workplace hazards. Therefore, it is important to always be on an alert for food hazards because there is a potential risk in each of the stages of food handling. From buying foods and getting goods from supplier to having them stored or having it prepared it is essential that workplaces are taking food safety-related concerns serious. Proper personal hygiene requires workers to not accidentally pollute food by their careless action. Appropriate steps should be taken to ensure proper food safety standards such as apparatus preservation, where foods must be kept in the appropriate temperature conditions.

These temperature conditions are food thermometers, which should carefully be inspected so that they operate properly. For instance, fridges must only reach the right amount of temperatures that they supposed to reach to maintain effective food safety standards. The reason why food thermometers are important is that they are supposed to check food and equipment’s devices and makes sure that food doesn’t get expired and poisoned. As a result, proper hygiene by employees must be practiced ensuring effective food safety that protects the public and reduces the risk of pollution.

Nutrients That Regulate Body Functions

The proper nutrients that regulate body functions are important to everyone and especially those that work in food-related workplaces to ensure a healthy working environment and proper food safety standards. Since health problems are on a rise due to the unhealthy lifestyles of the general population by employee’s nutritional guidelines must reinforce the importance of consuming the proper nutrients that the body needs to work effectively.

When workers are eating excessive junk food with high fat it brings all kinds of illness to workers themselves from coughing on food which causes saliva to fall onto the food and the need to have more need of medical assistance this causing employer to spend more money on medical expenses to help treat their workers. Some of the illnesses that workers suffer from lack of healthy nutrition to body and over-consumption of junk food workers can’t perform their duty at the workplace due to obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Therefore, it is important that food manufacturers stress the importance of having their employees eat healthier and nutritional guidelines must ensure the public is aware of the proper foods they need to eat to be healthy.


Food safety issues can be prevented and extra precaution must be taken to ensure that our foods are properly regulated. The first safety hazard that I have analyzed is HAACP program the lack of proper inspection of food which causes some dangerous bacteria called botulism this is caused by individuals who eat foods that contain botulism toxin due not using the seven principles of HACCP standards which is execution of a hazard examination which looks at the risk of penitential food and health and safety policies which will prevent employees in the future to work while their sick.

The other principle that can be used is the critical control point which is used to identify a potential element of a disappointment of the measures that are used to determine a failure in the food safety such as warming food and cooking. The last important principle workplace should follow when handling food is creating a HACCP plan this will allow the workplace to be more organized and function on a plan how to give special training and more effective communication when distributing and serving foods.

The key to having an effective healthy environment is to look at the root cause of having an unhealthy wellbeing. Not having a healthy diet can lead to long-term illnesses such as cancer, mood change, and poor physical performance in the workplace. There are solutions to this problem and one such solution is to start a healthy eating program for the workers. This can influence a positive outcome in the workplace by promoting healthy lifestyles among the workers. The healthy eating program will give a lot of benefits to everyone when they follow these steps to reduce the unhealthy diet. For example, healthy eating programs can provide excellent nutrition to eat in the workplace such as fish, vegetables, milk, etc.

This will prevent workers from being overworked and allow them to perform to the best of their ability. The will handle food properly and take the time to ensure that proper food safety standards are met. Personal hygiene also affects employees and the people around them which is why workers must always be aware of their activities and always keep a clean personal habit. In conclusion, effective food safety standards must be practiced by the manufacturers and their employees to prevent illnesses and diseases. Furthermore, healthy nutritional guidelines must reinforce the importance of having employees and the public eating the proper nutrients that are required to properly sustain their bodies.

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