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Gender Equality as a Matter of Social Justice

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Gender Equality has changed over the years. Today women mostly have no opportunities to improve in life. Women don’t have the same power or rights as men do. They’re mostly restricted in their education, work, financial, opportunities and much more. The women’s society is not as equal as the men’s society. This has been a huge problem for decades. Gender equality is a human right that every person should be qualified regardeless of the sex, race, or race. The roles of women and men play two different roles in our society. Women were always known as those who would stay home, cook, and clean while men would be working making money. Gender Roles in society are constantly changes over the decades. Today in the world, there are many different types of people. Different genders, backgrounds, cultures, races and more.

We all live in a world of diverse people. People would think that living in a diverse world would create unity and cause us to all be equal. But today I am not talking about the inequality in races but in gender because that is an issue today. From the years there has always been separation of females and males, by the way they are raised. Gender equality is still an issue today but has changed ever since the 20th century and we are getting closer to achieving gender equality between both men and women. The United States is finally able to progressively treat both masculine and feminines equally the same little by little. Both women and men shouldnt be stereotyped in no type of way. Overall, gender should not define a person who a person is. Everyone is a human and men should be inferior to their female.

Going back into the early 1800’s and 1900 ́s gender equality was a bigger issue than it is today. Women were mostly seen as those who would stay home and take care of children, cook, clean the house, and were not able to work but stay home. The males had it easier they would go to work and come home to a clean house and food. Not only weren’t women able to work but they also couldn’t vote nor they had rights either. Men had more rights they were able to vote for their laws. Women had basically no type of opportunities to improve their lives. Regarding the women’s wealth or power they still weren’t able to have a decent job or vote. If a woman was able to work the only place was a factory. World War 2 gave women jobs while men were fighting in the war but as soon as World War 2 ended women got back to being like slaves.

In the 1900 ́s laws were passed and gave women better working conditions. Women’s rights have improved drastically throughout the years and now have some equal opportunities as men. Women were finally being able to go to have an education and go to college and get a degree. The number of women who would attend college would slowly increase into a large number. As this happened women were able to get better jobs than they were able to and some positions that would usually be done by mostly men. In 1920 women were finally able to vote for their rights. In 1923 The Equal Rights Amendment was passed as well to gain equal rights for women. Now women have more power than they did before.

Feminism is a belief that both genders should have the same opportunities and equal rights. Naina Lal Kidwai once said, “True feminism empowers anyone to be free and to have equal opportunity and access to equal legal rights and the rule of law. But it doesn’t dictate what that free person should be doing with her or his freedom.” Females should have the power to be free and have equal rights as the rule of law says it. Gender equality is an issue that affects both genders worldwide. Our future relies on very young women of today. Our world needs to be able to change things and bring both gender rules close together and make a change. I agree with Kidwai statement because those who are feminist understand what her point of view is but many of us dont undertstnad it at all. The world should be able to come together as a group and fight for gender justice in the world. All women have leadership skills according to Kristof, a New York Times writer who speaks on women’s rights and feminism, he grew up with women only and had mentioned how women have power and realized that men would always speak up on things rather than women because they were mostly scared to. They see women as more gentle human beings that if a women were to speak up upon a problem no one would pay attention to it, unless a male makes a statement it would turn big. An example would be how we had only had all males as presidents so far. It was shook to everyone when Hillary Clinton was running for president. Nobody really believed she would have gone that far. Males are mostly seen as the “smarter” people in the world shouldn’t base that on gender. We are all equal and should be treated the same as every human being. Hillary Clinton had stated “women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights.” This shows that all humans should have rights and gender equality will forever be a right.

The world lives in a place full of stereotypes and most of us don’t even realize this issue. People are mostly used to seeing boys wearing blue or dark colors versus girls wearing pink and light colors. Every babyshower when it is a boy or a girl we are disillusioned to dress our daughters up in pink, and sons in blue. We shouldn’t feel the need to be able to agree with this and this shouldnt identify what type of human being we are. In his article “What’s so bad about a boy who wants to wear a dress?”, Ruth Padawer claims that families are very upset because some of their sons like to play feminine wise and dress up as princesses but other parents or people don’t find this right at all.

Ruth supports his claim about boys wearing dresses with anecdotes and specific examples that show that boys should be allowed to wear dresses and shouldnt be judged by it because it is normal. His purpose is to support those boys who decide to go by the opposite gender. He seems to have an intense audience in mind because his tone is critical and he suggests that before hitting puberty children have the right to choose who they are in their own bodies. Gender equality is not just an issue for women but it is also an issue for boys and males. Males are also stereotyped by their type of gender roles. No matter the gender, in this world there should be rights to gender equality. Women are given the opportunity to believe that they are able to accomplish things men should also feel the same. It isn’t fair for those to feel like they belong somewhere just because the world believes something is for one person, it doesn’t work like that. Yes, people might not be happy by these decisions but its life.

People Believe that some people should stick to their gender, some people are against it, some people give dirty looks, talk bad, or do worse things to the point where they disrespect them making them feel bad.Not everyone understands that those who are born girl or boy don’t usually want to be considered of what gender they are born as. It may not be right for people because some say that they should just be who they were born as but then it’s their body. I agree with the author because not only do women feel like they don’t have rights so do boys and males. Parents out there who support their kids of who they are shouldnt be made fun of or ashamed for that. Nobody should stay silent, this shouldn’t be an issue in society, we shall all be comfortable in our own bodies.

People may argue that the world is no longer in sane with all the issues that were going on back in the 20th century. People face violence because of what they look like, love, or who they are. Gender identity is an acceptance of ourselves and this hsould never lead to hate, discrimination or abuse. Human rights are considered of being lesbian, gay, transgenders, and bixesual should have rights as everyone else. There has been documentation of those part of the LGBT community who have been tortured, killed, even under arrest because of their identities.

There should be laws and policies to protect everyone in this world no matter of what they identify as. Sexuality and gender across the world is a big issue today. Those parts of the LGBT community shouldnt be scared to come out and express who they truly are. They should happily show the gender they want to represent themselves as. Audre Lorde a African American lesbian teacher, writter, and poet stands up for those in her article. She believes that silence shouldnt be an option because it allows for words to go unheard and people will have more power over those who don’t speak up. In her article “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Act”, Audre Lorde claims that nobody should remain silent.

Audrey supports her claim about those who part of the LGBT community with anecdotes and specific examples about her life that makes her regret being silent and that made her realize that silence was very successful and will get you nowhere especially from your fears. She seems to have a sad and quiet audience in mind because her tone is cautious and he suggests that her audience shouldnt remain silent whatsoever because its just hurting you. Lorde speaks up on the difficulty for some to stand up for themselves because they fear of standing up or speaking up. Silence will not protect you from who you are and no one should feel like they should stay silent whatsoever. Speaking up may be life changing like it was for Lorde. She was silent about her tumor, this caused her to examine herself more and mentions how her life experiences taught her that important issues are always better discussed then left unexpressed.

There are many miscommunications between men and women. Both genders have different types of preferred communication. Neither of them are wrong if they communicate differently. To address this both languages are understood. There is a problem in our society that both men and women have different perspectives. During a conversation women are most likely to take other people’s feelings or feelings in general into account, while men like to be more in control of their conversations and don’t bring feelings into it. Not only do women bring their feelings into this but women more often apologize and use more ritual apologies. Women always believe that they’re the one who does something wrong so they mostly take the blame most often. Women also tend to be more gentle while criticizing. It is also known that women mostly use the word “thankyou” or “thanks” after a conversation.

Men always express their ideas through their words. If women don’t receive praise they will jump into conclusion meanwhile men aren’t that dramatic. In the essay, “But What Do You Mean”, Deborah Tannen states that one women told her that “she would frequently initiated what she thought would be pleasant complaint-airing sessions at work. Shed talk about situations that bothered her just to talk about them, maybe to understand them better. But her male officemate would quickly tell her how she could improve the situation.” In this situation, males believe that they can always solve things and have that type of mindset. Deborah mentions in this essay that conversations is a ritual. She shows seven areas of miscommunication between females and males.

African American women only get paid about 62.5% of what men make and I have solutions on how to fix this problem in this world. African American women’s rights have improved over the years whereas before they were not able to have jobs, vote, nor allowed in certain areas just because of their skin color and same goes to the African American males, but black women haven’t been able to move that much in an area and it’s getting paid fairly for their type of work. According to a study in 2016, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found out that black women were only getting paid 62.5% of what makes make.

The world always seems to forget about the ladies as Abigail Adams said in 1776, but John Adams had said “know better than to repeal our masculine systems.” If you take this into consideration women have been fighting for equal rights since forever and that includes being paid equally as men. This is why we have an equal rights amendment that was passed in 1972. According to Areva Martin, in the article, “ Despite Progress, Black Women Are Paid Only 62.5% of What Men Make. Here’s How to Fix That”, she provides the audience with details and evidence that women have been fighting to be treated equally and till this day we are still fighting for that.

The only solution to this is to take this into consideration and take this all the way to the government.I disagree with all those who still believe that all of our problems have been solved, if today gender equality is a big issue in the United States. It’s time for all of us to stand up for ourselves and stop remaining silent. We should contact our representatives or catch their attention to change this issue.

In conclusion, the equality between both male and female is a matter of social justice. The interests between both genders should be taken into consideration because these issues need to be solved. Nothing should only be male or only be female because we all have potential and it is not based on gender. Society should balance up their minds and judgements to compare to the 20th centuries and see the changes that have happened and that we all have value and we could make drastic changes to gender inequality. I believe that gender diversity would change the future. Gender equality has mostly been achieved but not fully, there are still some issues and as a society we can all improve that and we can all happily say that there is no more gender inequality. Nowadays humans are more focused on gender equality and the fair treatment that everyone should receive. Males and females should change the old concept, system, way of thinking, and approach a new living style.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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