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Genetic Engineering: Associated Risks and Possibilities

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Annotated Bibliography

In this source, Aziz discusses the potential outcome of genetic engineering. He begins this source by suggesting that genetic modification can lead to the creation of humans that are like video game characters: enhanced and indestructible. The thought sounds ideal, but there are also a multitude of conflicts that it could cause. Some of these flaws include superiority of the rich and the higher likelihood of success within modified humans. This source is useful for my paper as it’s information supports the idea that genetic engineering is unethical and can create several conflicts within society. This source is not as detailed as some of my other sources, but still has unique and important information that can support my argument. This source is reliable and unbiased. Aziz uses many examples from Usain Bolt to Selena Gomez to prove his point, which is quite effective. I plan to use this article to support the idea that genetic modification can create a superior race of humans, which will lead to several inequalities within society.

This source asks several questions that society should consider before we decide to genetically modify the human race. Some of the questions in this piece suggest that genetic engineering can change our society in negative ways and lead to genetic consequences.

Out of all of my internet sources, this is one of the most beneficial to my argument. This source addresses a large amount of the questions being debate about genetic engineering. This source does not try to cover facts to support one side of the argument; it discusses both the positives and negative of genetic modification, though the author’s personal opinion is clear. This source can be useful for both my argument of damaging society through genetic engineering and could possibly form my counter argument due to the presentation of both the positive and negative aspects of human modifications.

Out of all of my sources, this one is by far the most useful. In this text, several different authors offer their perspectives on genetic modification and how ethical the idea is. It also discusses how closely the process should be regulated and even covers human cloning. Overall, the book is reliable and unbiased, which is perfect for my argument. The goal of this source is to cover all the opposing viewpoint in terms of genetic engineering. Because it covers all perspectives of each argument, it makes the source great for developing my own argument. This source will be great for all of the arguments I plan to make in my essay, including my counter argument. I will be able to compare the different viewpoints closely which will strengthen my argument.

As suggested by the title of this Ted Talk, Knoepfler discusses the ethical problems that CRISPR can produce. He begins his talk by creating a basic understanding of CRISPR and then expands on the problems it may cause. Some of the problems he includes are how genetic modification can create inequality in society and how humans shouldn’t be trying to change things as critical as genes. This talk is incredibly detailed and informational. The goal of this source is to help understand what CRISPR actually is and then expand on the results it may cause. He mainly focuses on the negatives of genetic engineering, but I wouldn’t consider it biased as his argument is well-informed and factual. This source will help me expand all of my points on the ethical dilemmas of human modification and it will also make my argument stronger as I have a better understanding of the functions of CRISPR as well.

In this source, Long discusses how genetic engineering was an innocent idea to help benefit society, but has the capability to completely destroy society. She suggests that genetic engineering will create not only inequality by wealth, but inequalities by engineered traits. Because there will be people with perfect skills, how can we hold the Olympics? How can any aspect of society be just? She also discusses how the process behind genetic modifications is not perfected and fatal mistakes could be made. Overall, this source wants to create an understanding that genetic engineering will create a division in society that will impact us forever. The source is reliable and objective, as it focuses on direct facts that led her to her conclusions. This source is beneficial to my argument as it supports the idea that designer babies will create a gap between genetically superior versus the genetically natural.

With this source, Sample discusses how far humans have changed throughout the years. With every challenge we face, we find a solution to fix it, which has led to changes within the human genome. Now, however, the human race has found a way to edit the genes of humans as they please. Sample explains how this process will only be available to the rich, creating actual biological differences between social classes. This source is reliable and trustworthy. The author provides direct examples from the past that led him to his conclusion. This source also has lots of expert testimony, including geneticists from Harvard. One downside of this source is that the beginning of it is not incredibly beneficial to my argument. However, the end of this piece will be useful as evidence to prove the “designer babies” are only accessible to the rich.

This sources highlights some of the many reasons as to why people should oppose genetic engineering. Some of Thadani’s reasons include that we are striving for a utopian society, which cannot feasibly work out. He also mentions that designer baby technology will only be accessible to affluent families, widening the gaps between the social classes. Overall, this source is meant to convince the public that we should not “play God” and edit the human genome. This source is useful in several ways. It briefly covers all of my main points, providing evidence for each body paragraphs. This source seems to be reliable and unbiased. Additionally, this source uses examples and definitions to help support Thadani’s points, which proved to be successful. This source will be useful for my entire paper, but mainly for my argument that only the rich will have access to human genetic engineering.

Similar to the previous source, Twenge focuses on the idea that only the rich will be able to designer genetically perfect children and emphasizes the negative results this may produce. She highlights the idea that people can pay thousands of dollars to ensure that their child will not have any genetic mutations, which will lead to the rich having healthier and more successful babies. Unlike the other sources, this source focuses on IVF, which is another debated topic within the realms of genetic control. To make her source dependable, Twenge used a real (but edited) story about a couple and IVF and how they invested a lot of money into making sure their child is up to standards. By doing this, the source is easier to comprehend and creates a better understanding for her argument. This source will be useful in my persuasive essay when emphasizing the idea that genetic modification will be initially introduced to affluent families and create a deeper level of social injustice.

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