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Haiti’s Development Issues with Overpopulation and Poverty

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Literature Review and Course Reading
  4. Conclusion


Development is the guideline under which people’s freedom is expanded. Therefore it is with the aim of eradication of poverty hence restoring good and suitable prosperity for the people. When Economic development has been improved in a country, there is much assurance of quality services that can be offered; Health conditions can be improved at a great extent as citizens get to access quality treatment, poverty may be eradicated easily from the society, hence increasing farming activities due to readily available labor.

Development is faced with a variety of problems that tend to prevent the potentiality of expansion of developing countries. One of the major challenges is unemployment. Unemployment result to a higher dependency ratio in the country. A country with a large population to give an example Haiti may face unemployment, in that; citizens can work, but there are not enough jobs to cater for all the citizens. Another challenge is poverty, which limits people from doing activities that promote economic development. Thirdly is inflation, which means that there is too much money chasing few goods that exist in the economy.


Haiti is one of the developing countries that are faced with a crisis affecting economic development. The economy of Haiti tends to fluctuate due to the existence of continuous problems that affect the mobility of the aspects of developments. It is known for its flourish economy due to the good agricultural economy that tends to promote internationally due to the production of oil. Therefore it is known to be one of the developing countries because of the lowered labor costs and reduced development activities. Despite all the advantages of this country, it also has problems that limit it as a country from drastic development (Amine, Samir, and Wilner Predelus, 13). The problems include natural disasters which affect agricultural activities. Poverty is another problem that limits the country’s expectations, and the problem of overpopulation contributes to the increase in the number of unemployed. Haiti is the poorest country as many people live under the poverty line.

The most important economic issue in Haiti is low levels of poverty and overpopulation. The issue of poverty is a massive issue; it is about the state of the people. Poverty can be dealt with, but the country has fewer resources that can help it in dealing with this issue. Droughts and natural calamities are the core causes of poverty. Secondly, overpopulation in Haiti is a problem that affects the country at large because of an increase in the mortality rate among people in the country. Increased Mortality rate means that Haiti’s overpopulation has been brought about by increased birth rates. Most families have many children as they strongly believe that they act as security. Inadequate education is among the contributing factor of higher birth rate. The high birth rate increases the population.

Migration to urban centers has also contributed to Haiti’s overpopulation. Most people move from rural areas to urban areas for the search for improved living standards. This has led to a concentration of towns and overpopulation since few resources are serving a large population of people. There is an imbalance between the death rate and birthrate, for the stability of the country, there should be a balance between children that are given birth and death of the adults. Poverty, on the other hand, contributes to overpopulation as many people lack education; hence they give birth at higher rates due to lack of understanding of the effects. The advancement in technology also contributes to the overpopulation that is experienced in Haiti. People tend to prefer to access the areas that have developed to acquire services that are of good quality. Therefore, the citizens move to the areas that have good technology in search of good-paying jobs and in search of quality medical facilities to those that need medication.

There many ways in which overpopulation in Haiti contributes to increased levels of poverty. Overpopulation and poverty are two are important issues because they tend to relate, and on the other hand, they create a reality of other issues that affect Haiti as a country. Firstly, in a country where there are large numbers of people residing in it, it suffers from a resource allocation challenge due to high population. The resources cannot be rightly allocated because the country has fewer resources that cannot help deal with the problems that it is suffering from. It is clear that the country’s population limit it from exercising the activities of development. The fewer resources that are available in the country cannot be able to fit the number of people that reside in Haiti (Ramirez, Byron, 6). It faces natural calamities; to give an example, the earthquakes that it faces. This has led to a decreased amount of resources. In the agricultural sector, the earthquakes cause a large gap as many livestock are lost due to this calamity. The fishing and livestock sectors suffer from earthquakes as animals that are reared to produce the products die. The products that are earned from the animals, therefore, reduce in number. The livestock contributes to the production of meat and milk that people of various parts in the country depend on. When this livestock are reduced in number, the products also reduce hence reduced amount of resources that the people are supposed to share. The earthquakes also contribute to a reduction in several fishing activities. Aquaculture enables the economy of Haiti to grow more and more, but the natural calamities affect the activities. Therefore a large population that depends on aquaculture is affected as they are unable to conduct their fishing activities. These, on the other hand, can contribute to increased poverty. The two effects on both fishing and livestock are caused by natural calamities. These, in turn, contribute to fewer amounts of resources that are in the country.

Secondly, the increase in population, contribute to rising of illegal activities. This is more on the basis of the youth. The youths prefer to engage in illegal activities as they prefer to join in illegal activities and habitual habits like stealing and robbing not leaving out smuggling. The people that engage in these activities prefer them because they are large in number and unable to get suitable jobs that can make them busy. Migrations of people to the urban centers also contribute to an increase in the number of people that are unemployed in the urban centers. Therefore, the aspect of being unemployed contribute to the idleness of people. It, in turn, contributes to these people deciding to engage in illegal activities to earn something that can enable them to survive. People tend to look at the difficulties that they face when searching for the fewer resources that are available, hence coming up with more preference of shortcut methods of taking away peoples properties by force. The engaging in illegal activities, therefore, is in two views; firstly basing on the issue of being unemployed and secondly is based on the idea of a large population of people that scramble for the fewer resources that are available.

The issue of overpopulation in Haiti also results in many people evading from paying tax. Tax is the main source of income to the government. People tend to think that their higher number of population will help them hide from paying the taxes that are stipulated by the government. The evading of paying tax can contribute to derailing back of the economy as a whole. The tax is compulsory to every citizen of the country because it enables the government to get funds. The government uses the funds that are earned in turn in its planned projects. The issue of overpopulation is, therefore, a disadvantage. The evading of paying taxes is a clear point of people not respecting the laws of the country. This is because there are laws that govern citizens and they should abide by paying of taxes.

The cases of natural calamities affect the population at a large extent. In cases of occurrence of these calamities, there is massive destruction of the properties and massive loss of lives as many others may be reported for injuries. Due to the high number of the injured, the health facilities and hospitals are not enough for the higher number of people involved. This is a clarity that the overpopulation in places that are greatly affected by the earthquakes will contribute to more cases of the people that will be reported to have been affected. The number of deaths also is reported to be high due to the overpopulation hence increased death rates. Death rates can be as a result of fights or disputes and natural calamities like drought and diseases. There are diseases that may spread easily and quickly to the overpopulated population. These diseases include cholera, which may contribute to many deaths. This conveys the argument that overpopulation contributes to more issues that are likely hard for the government of Haiti to handle.

The overpopulation in Haiti is evidential from the high living costs that people have to meet. The cost of acquiring food is high as the prices of the commodities bought are high. The reason for the high price is because of the higher demand of the people that need the food products. The increased demand of products contributes to an increase in the supply of the products that are required hence higher prices. The high costs also comprise of healthcare services and the need for acquiring shelter. Due to overpopulation in Haiti, the efforts of acquiring good healthcare are doomed due to the costliness of the healthcare services. The numbers of people that need healthcare services are large therefore making the services to be more expensive. People are indeed required to pay all services to fulfill the need of the family based on food and the services of healthcare.

The straining to acquire fewer resources that exist in Haiti contributes to conflicts and war. People scramble for a few resources as they are left with the only hope of getting the resources in a hard way of scrambling. Due to poverty, the citizens think that they should engage in the conflicts so that they can get to be in favor of acquiring a large amount of the resources that include food, shelter, and healthcare. In addition to the scramble for the fewer resources, the farmers also engage in rivalry to acquire good farming lands that can be productive to them. The rivalry between the people that reside in Haiti is evidence of the consequence of overpopulation (Cicowiez et al. 25).

The government is also facing difficulty in the allocation of the available resources because the assumed amount of people that live in a given region is not true as many people may face the problem of acquiring these resources. The life expectancy of the people living in Haiti is also low due to the existence of a large number of populations that are forced to stretch the fewer resources that exist. Due to the overpopulation, other people may not get access to these resources that contribute to the daily existence of people in the country. The resources that citizens might not get access to can be medical care, food, clean water, and the fewer available job opportunities. In summary, Overpopulation is evidential in Haiti from the discussed issues. This is because the issues tend to show the results that are experienced due to overpopulation and the available difficulties that the citizens come across due to overpopulation. Therefore, overpopulation is one of the economic issues that Haiti experiences.

Poverty is experienced in Haiti due to the varied life conditions of people that reside in the country. There are also some causes that contribute to poverty that people experience in Haiti. Firstly the access to the job is limited due to overpopulation; hence the limited job opportunities are acquired by only a few people. The people that don’t have jobs don’t have an opportunity to make money hence contributing to poverty. The few who get these jobs also are paid a low amount of salary that cannot enable them to eradicate poverty. Secondly is a conflict that is as a result of the scramble for the existing fewer resources. The strong people in society end up gaining access to the available fewer resources. These can, therefore, lead to inequality that is the third cause of poverty. Inequality is brought in through the aspect of people degrading others based on tribe or class. Fourth is poor education that is as a result of the high population that is experienced by the citizens of Haiti. The people that don’t go through the educations systems become idle in the society hence the increase in poverty. There are reasons why these people don’t get access to education due to inability to afford the fees for students to join schools. Therefore citizens who do not undergo through the education system are unable to get the ability to do the jobs offered. Lack of infrastructure due to the continued destructions which are caused by national calamities in Haiti limits activities of the nation; like going to the job daily, going to the market for trade activities and many more. Generally, the above-discussed issues contribute to the existence of poverty in Haiti and they directly affect its citizens.

The poverty that is experienced in Haiti is evident due to various issues that it results in. The citizens in Haiti are unable to afford education for their children. Therefore, due to poverty, there is an increase in the number of uneducated in society. Due to the lack of access to education by the people of Haiti, many people find themselves to be uncompetitive in the employment field due to lack of skills. The citizens don’t get to acquire the skills that are required in various work fields.

Therefore, there are various effects of the poverty that are experienced in Haiti. The crime rate seems to increase in Haiti due to the increased number of people that are not educated on good coexistence with other people. The issue of crime is valid because many people in Haiti struggle so that they can acquire the available resources. The essence of scrambling contributes to the wrangles and increased crime rate (Lesorogol, Carolyn, et al. 4). The scramble is evidential in Haiti because the farmers in Haiti have to fight to own the few available good farming lands. Due to poverty, the infants that are born by mothers are of lesser weight because they are born with disabilities due to the continuous calamities that citizens go through. The mothers of the infants are also unable to bring them up in a healthy condition because of lacking funds to buy the available food and medical care.

Poverty also contributes to homelessness because of tough living conditions. Once a natural calamity has taken place, people are left only with the urge of looking for shelter in camps that the government offers. Due to the lack of shelter, some children end up being misplaced. The aspect of homelessness is, therefore, a strong cause of the standby that is brought about to the economy. This is because many homeless people are unable to get their own money thereby cannot be able to pay taxes.

On the other hand, the economy cannot expand despite the continued development in Haiti. This is because it’s only a few individuals that are firmly based on the family; therefore, having the ability to open up businesses that contribute to the supply of more funds to the economy. The businesses that the citizens open to contribute to the trading of the buyers and sellers hence coming up with government funds from taxes imposed on businessmen. Therefore, the point of being homeless is a big injury to the people because it influences the point of one feeling that he or she is completely unable to do a more beneficial activity.

Poverty in Haiti has affected the economy greatly as a whole due to the inability of the citizens to do the activities that can contribute to the development of the country. The number of uneducated is high; these are because of the effortless struggle that they have in their daily activities. The number of idle people in the economy is high. In comparing the need for workers in the industries and the amount of labor available for the work, the number of labor is, therefore, less resulting in lack of enough manpower.

A country that is facing the issue of poverty, it is a country that is facing trouble in managing the few available funds and resources. The government of Haiti is unable to allocate resources because the number of needy people is high and the available funds are not enough for all the needy. Therefore the only way that the government can deal with this large number is by ensuring that more people are educated to contribute an increase in the number of workers. Through this, the economy of Haiti can be able to develop more and more.

Haiti is facing the issue of poverty because the citizens are unable to perform their roles as citizens. This is because the government provides them with only a few available jobs. This blame should be on government though not completely on government because of the calamities that cause destructions in Haiti. The people are unable to make their lives better because they don’t earn from their effort. It cannot be concluded that only the citizens are the ones to be questioned for their state of poverty but the government should on the other hand. It is the responsibility of the government to eradicate poverty that is evident in Haiti. The citizens don’t get to access the health care services due to the expensive costs of the services. The government is thereby required to lower healthcare costs. In conclusion, the poverty in Haiti is therefore evident due to the above-discussed issues.

Literature Review and Course Reading

Uchiyama, Naoko addressed the issue of the lack of jobs and poverty that is experienced in Haiti. He discussed that Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America. The issue of lack of jobs in Haiti is true because it is experienced by both people that live in urban and rural areas. Therefore, Uchiyama estimated a probability of one becoming to be a wage worker. After that, he further argues that the capital that is offered to human is the key important thing in wage-earning in any work done in the market sector. Uchiyama addresses that the wage of given employment needs workers that are of high skilled. The lack of high skilled workers in Haiti is the reason for the unavailability of jobs. This is based on the view that workers supposed to occupy these sectors are not available. On the other hand of poverty, he addressed that Haiti has the characters of high poverty country, which is due to the inequality within its citizens. He further suggests that the cause of poverty is the dominance of the people that reside in rural areas and they’re selfless of believing in doing their businesses that benefit their personal needs.

Cornia, Giovanni Andrea talked on how Haiti can deal with the problem of poverty and on how it can be easily be eradicated by 2030. They talked of how the United Nations is aiming to solve the human poverty that is experienced after that come up with ways to deal with the problem. The factors that the country should take into consideration are; the expected trends of the Gross Domestic Product, taking into consideration the trends of population growth and trends of the income inequality. In summary the two address on how a country can deal with poverty eradication. They give relevance to the given trends that should be considered to ensure that the funds are continuously generated to the economy. This can also be met by reducing the inequality, putting up control of the population of the country and controlling the Gross Domestic Product.

The course readings enable us to know of the key ways that we can deal with the economic development issues. It talks about how poverty causes economic imbalances in various countries. The causes of the economic imbalances are talked of, beginning with unemployment that is the key to the cause of other issues. The writers talk of poverty and inequality that is bringing down the chances of continued development in developing countries. It is further clear that the problems can also result from the existence of government regulations that tend to limit the operations of businesses; inequality of people in the society is talked of, and solutions to the causes of inequality are also given out. Poverty is also covered, and the causes of poverty are also addressed so as to keep on continued development in developing countries.


There are also possible solutions to the issues of overpopulation and the poverty that people face in Haiti. Firstly the issue of overpopulation can be dealt with in various ways. The key solution to overpopulation experienced in Haiti is the improvement of the economy in general. The government should ensure the development in the economy is continued as the various sectors are put into focus. Firstly, the government should ensure that schools are available for children. In addition, the schools should be affordable for the citizen’s hence cheap fees paid. When all the children get access to education, they get to be well equipped on the various ways that life should be handled. This will result in the production of more workforces that are needed in the industries.

Overpopulation can be dealt with through ensuring that there is control over the movement to urban centers. This can only be met if the rural areas are developed to be places that can provide suitable employment opportunities. Therefore, the government should ensure that there are job opportunities provided for the people that are in rural areas or areas that are remote. Job creation can be met by only contributing to the development of projects that favor the citizens of Haiti. The projects can involve the building of roads and factories in rural areas. Through the building of roads, industries can get access to raw materials. These contribute to the exchange of raw materials and money. The exchange contributes to the generation of funds to the economy of Haiti. Thirdly, overpopulation can be put into control through the creation of awareness to the women. The women in Haiti are not aware of the measures that they can put control of their rate of giving birth. They should be informed of the family planning measures. The families should avoid the belief that through having too many children, the family has more secured security.

Finally, the citizens of Haiti ran away from other areas to occupy areas that are good due to the hazardous conditions that are experienced in these areas. The government should ensure that there is hygiene in areas that are not favorable for the citizens. Diseases are experienced in the areas that people ran away from, hence killing a large population. Therefore, the government should ensure the arrangements for providing vaccinations to these people to avoid the result of the migration of people. The government quires to improve the quality of life; these can be through providing the latrines to the people living in these remote areas.

Poverty is a great problem in Haiti; it can be dealt with because the government is in control of all the suffering of the citizens of the state and the development of the economy. The issue can be dealt with through investing in the people. Investing in people is basically on the issue of ensuring the people are granted access to private enterprises so that the country can increase the number of people working. Once the access is granted to all the citizens, the citizens that are qualified for job opportunities are advantaged. This can thereby create a more income to the economy hence eradicating poverty.

The government can deal with poverty through investing in the citizens by the provision of lesser expensive school requirements that every citizen can easily access. These contribute to the outcome of the readily available workforce. When the children get educated, they get to help their families in making lives to be better. The educated get to know on the importance of having a contribution to the development of the economy at large.

Infrastructure can contribute to the exposure of the interior parts. The improved roads attract the investors that choose to come in search of available raw materials. The attraction by the investors and the access of the investors to local areas enables trade between the locals and other investors. Trade is the other issue that can contribute to development in the local areas hence eradicating poverty. Trade will enable the economy to open up by the generation of profits earned from businesses. Once the profits are earned from the readily available trade, the locals may decide to come up with their private businesses.

Industrialization is the other key fact to the eradication of poverty in Haiti. Through industrialization, the government gets to come up with industries that create employment for the people. When the industries are many, the amount of production is high. The country, therefore, gets to satisfy the problem of few resources. Haiti is known for the problem of having fewer resources that serve the larger population, industrialization curb this problem and in return eradicates poverty.


In conclusion, the only way that the government of Haiti can deal with the issues of poverty is through advocating the continuous economic development in the areas that are not yet developed. This cannot be achieved without the help of the government. It is the responsibility of the government to generate funds to the citizens through loans to allow them to open up businesses that in return contribute to the mobility of funds. It is, therefore, creating a more harmonized and perfect economy.    

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