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Harriet Tubman – a Warrior Woman

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Do you ever wonder what the world would look like if true heroes from our past were to have never existed or even take a stand? Throughout history, there is no denying the fact that many individuals have made immense impacts to shape our world into what it is today, but what about the ones that the spotlight never shined on? In today’s society, women are considered to be equal to men but unfortunately this was not always the case. For centuries women were fighting to be equal to men and because of this inequality, many heroic women who did amazing things were not always recognized for just how impactful they truly were. But no matter the inequality from gender to even the colour of skin, a woman by the name of Harriet Tubman did the unthinkable and against all odds went down as not only one of the most famous women ever, but a true, compassionate, warrior. In my opinion, Harriet Tubman is without question a warrior woman because she continuously risked her life for others and their freedom, was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the Civil War, and showed generations of women that equality was real and obtainable.

The first reason Harriet Tubman is a warrior woman is because she risked her life for others’ lives and freedom. Harriet was born in Maryland somewhere around the 1820’s to a large family but it was unfortunately into slavery and as she grew up, despite her attempts to impede it, it forced much of her family apart. After years of mistreatment and abuse, Harriet had had enough and escaped her Maryland plantation heading towards the slave free state of Pennsylvania and into freedom. After 90 miles on the run and a $200 bounty on her head, she successfully reached Pennsylvania using the Underground Railroad. Once she got there though, even with freedom now finally in her clutches, Tubman was unsatisfied and wanted her friends and family to feel freedom as she had and decided to go back to Maryland. Over the next 11 years, Harriet would make it her mission to free as many slaves as she could and with 13 expeditions, she personally led 70 slaves to freedom while also helping in the emancipation of 230 more. Harriet had escaped herself but instead of settling, she made it her job to go back and free others while putting her life at major risk, truly demonstrating what an amazing hero and warrior she was.

The second way in which Harriet was a warrior woman was when she proved she could fight and was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the Civil War. Although the term “warrior woman” does not just imply that the woman necessarily fought, this just proves that she was indeed a true warrior who was resilient and unafraid of taking a job that at the time was considered to be that of a man’s. She also worked as a spy for the Union Army during the war and helped supply crucial intelligence of the locations of Confederate supply routes and troops further demonstrating she was not afraid of putting her life on the line. As a result of her leadership and courage on the battlefield, more women would be recognized and put in larger roles throughout the Civil War and in future wars again displaying her impact on equality and exhibiting what a true warrior she was.

The third way in which Harriet was a warrior woman was when she showed generations of women that equality was real and attainable. After the Civil War had ended, many women’s rights groups began to emerge and for Harriet, all her life this had been something she was very passionate about. In 1887, a group called the NAWSA (National American Woman Suffrage Association) formed and its main goal was to amend the constitution and allow women to vote. Herriet, being a fighter all her life for freedom, saw this as an amazing opportunity for women all over the country to begin being treated as the equal citizens they were. She began touring the states visiting Boston, Washington, and New York speaking in favor of women’s suffrage rights while also sharing her incredible stories of when she was a slave and a liberator. Her being an advocate for this association was undoubtedly significant, but her most crucial contribution to women and their fight for equality was actually in her journeys. Although many of these slaves wanted to be freed, these times were very misogynistic and the fact that men trusted her to guide them to freedom was her most compelling contribution of all. Harriet showed that women were much more powerful and capable than thought to be and with this granted huge steps in women gaining greater roles in society showing the true warrior inside them all.

Though inequality still thrives all over the world today and especially in America, it has positively changed in many ways to this day. For Harriet though, the world she lived in was much different and this was because she was born at a time where both slavery and inequality were prevalent in society. In America during these times, women were in no way equal to men due to laws and regulations and to be a black female like Harriet was, life was the furthest thing from fair. Slavery was legal in many states including her home state of Maryland and as a result of this she was seen as a slave and no more than that. As a result of her being an African-American female, sexism also played a major role in society as women were always looked down upon as unequal and inferior to men. If we were to look at the other side of the argument which would have taken place at these times, they would have argued that Harriet was not a person, let alone a warrior as all she was good for was being a slave. As these were such racist times, this was a normal thing to say yet was so wrong in so many different ways. Harriet was a warrior and a true one at that because against all odds she did something not just once but 14 times. She was an incredibly strong and brave individual who escaped slavery but instead of settling for a free life choice to return and show so many others freedom. When Harriet was 12 years old, she saw a fellow slave being verbally abused by an overseer and stepped in the middle of the two, unfortunately taking a weight to her head. This weight ended up breaking her skull and causing major bleeding leaving her with narcolepsy which came with frequent seizures and headaches. Through all this adversity though, she still managed to persevere and live a truly meaningful life always fighting for what she believed was right and fair.

In conclusion, Harriet Tubman is without question a warrior woman because she continuously risked her life for others and their freedom, was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the Civil War, and showed generations of women that equality was real and obtainable. There is no denying that she deserves this title as throughout her entire life she has demonstrated both what it means to be a warrior, and just how strong a woman can truly be even with the odds stacked against them. Harriet Tubman was without question one of the bravest individuals to ever walk the earth and because of this, emancipated 70 slaves and helped in the rescuing of 230 more. To not call this woman a warrior would be disgraceful but for Harriet, there are so many other words that you could use to describe her as her entire life she fought for equality and with her help, women could now show the world what they really were made of.

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