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Healthy Body Image on The Person's Value

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There’s lots of propaganda now days about skinny bodies, losing weight, and being thin is cute, but if you think where it comes from, it’s not true, media that did their researches says it’s a big propaganda, due to the propaganda it changes thoughts of millions of people.

One main reason people lose and gain weight is “Depression” because depression could cause a type two diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, food with high sugar and fat content make you feel better, that good feeling makes you want to eat more like a drug that will calm you down and make you feel bad for yourself, this makes you want to eat more which causes weight gain, and for most of the people that fell in a depression is hard to stop eating unhealthy products. You can also lose weight during depression, it causes because you lose interest in pleasure, losing pleasure is a hallmark of depression, it brings you an eating disorder, people with anorexia nervosa are more likely to be depressed than normal people.

Also, the antidepressants have a big side effect of gaining weight, that makes people gain even more weight, but doctors say that the best way to fight weight gain and depression is to start walking every day, it will keep up with your blood pressure and will make you lose some extra calories. Being outside also calms you down because when you’re outside you look at the surroundings and it makes you forget about your personal problems that bring you to a depression.

The second main reason people in United States suffer anorexia and have a one body type view is “Propaganda”, for lots of modeling companies a good women body type is 5’8 to 6’0 with weight from 90lb to 120lb and for men is 5’9 to 6’2 with weight from 120lb to 170lb, that makes all the people on the commercial very skinny to the point where you can see their bones. For example, the average American man weight is 195.7 pounds and about 5’9 height, for a woman is 168.5 pounds and the height is 5’4, this tells us that it’s not easy for an average American to meet the requirement. And to meet the requirements many people starve themselves which makes them unhealthy, many men and women athletes dihydrate themselves to look good on the stage during the performance, this also affects bad on their health.

Many Americans do plastic surgeries to look better, the number of surgeries grew around 775% in America compared to 10 years ago. Many people suffer harms after having plastic surgeries, but they’re ready to give it up to look good in public, the health problems that plastic surgery can cause you is Hematoma, it’s a large pocket of blood that gives you bruises and requires to drain blood. It can also damage your nerves, this makes a change in sensitivity of your body, that can also cause losing the sensation of a body part, many surgeries can also cause infection, scarring deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, scarring, general appearance dissatisfaction, organ damage, anesthesia complications, seroma, and blood loss.

Many Americans decide to modify their body to make the body conform to ideals of beauty, to mark a membership in a group, to mark social status, and to convey information about an individual’s personal qualities or accomplishments. Another cause of self-esteem in American society is girls grow up faster than they should be, it’s due to the surrounding’s that they’re around and who they learn from, but doctors say that’s because of their diets, and of unnatural animal hormones in milk products, also obesity leads to early puberty, but mentally teenagers stay the same to their age.

One of another reasons people have self-esteem is because of the influence from surroundings, now days everyone uses social media to show their new products, themselves and their thoughts, for example, people use Twitter for their thoughts, Instagram for the pictures and to show off, and Snapchat to talk to others, due to that you can easily say or do anything you want and won’t be caught or punished for it, people use it as open space of criticizing each other, there is lots of hate from anonymous people, people online are more open and they don’t feel sad calling someone “ugly”, due to that lots of people get cyber bullied which leads them into negative thinking and having bad self-esteem. Males suffer low self-esteem mostly because of their domination characteristics, males like to always be the one leading because we had that since ancient time and when males see that they don’t have everything under control they rage, this brings their self-esteem, for example most males with self-esteem, say self-deprecating things, like “I can’t believe you’d date someone like me”.

Another example is that men only date girls that they actually like, but if they criticize you from your personality or looks, that gives you a bad sign. Men with low self-esteem think that they’re perfect, people who feel that they need to be looking good in front of the others, are not only looking good and successful for others, but also for themselves, they try to make themselves having value. Positive people always look for the positives in most of the situations, but people with low self-esteem don’t. Being jealous is another low self-esteem, usually people want you to be only with them, because they’re scared to lose you, this makes people want you all to themselves, it makes them sad when you talk or hangout with others. They don’t even admit when they’re wrong because they don’t want to put themselves down, usually they don’t even listen to what you’re saying, it feels like talking to the wall.

By looking at human body now days you can tell either the person takes care of himself or not, human body is a mental picture for everyone, now days just by looking at someone you can predict the character of the person. People that respect their body usually eat food balanced, throughout the day, with variety of nutritious, and appealing foods. They enjoy doing exercise for the feeling of their body, to get bigger, stay strong and to burn the calories that they don’t need. Dress in a way that will make you happy, and get rid of the old clothes that you’ve been wearing for years and don’t fit you really good. And they bring lots of goods into our society, such as donating blood, money of clothe to the ones that need.

They surround themselves with positive people that won’t bring you down or talk about you, because friends play a big role in self-esteem, if they don’t respect your choices and the clothing you wear, or the things youre doing that you like, then there is a big chance that you’re hanging out with a wrong group of people. Good friends will always support you, keep you healthy, help you out, and help you solve a problem, like a low self-esteem, they’ll help you change something in you so you can be happy.

To find out if you have a healthy body image you should see and think of yourself as a whole person, look specifically at your body parts, you also accept and celebrate the uniqueness of your body shape or parts, you don’t judge people by their look because that doesn’t play any role in your character and value as a person, and lastly, you feel comfortable and confident with your body around others, and you don’t worry about food that you eat, and the calories you get. If you look at the history of Americans in self-esteem, it all started around 40 years ago, which is around 70s, the self-esteem started from parents raising their children and preparing them for places like school, weddings, and they would always want to show how good they take care of their kid. Instead of creating a generation of kids who, don’t really care about their appearances of high self-esteem, they actually regarded themselves.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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