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How is the Mind Working in A.i.?

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Some of the most difficult problems philosophers are struggling to solve artificial intelligence: How is the mind working? Can machines work intellectually like human beings? If it really has a brain? Among them, what is ethically meaningful? However, navigating the possibilities of A.I. establishment is far beyond my ability, therefore I will only focus on the morality and ethics consequences once strong developed. ((1) Strong A.I. is a phrase used to represent a certain mindset of artificial intelligence development. Strong AI’s goal is to develop artificial intelligence to the point where the machine’s intellectual capability is functionally equal to a human’s) In my research the following thesis will prove that strong A.I. will accompany potential ethical issues on humans.

The unemployment issue-Is A.I. there to take over our job? Artificial intelligence-based systems are prevailing in all different kind of industries. Although they play an important role in better executing tasks and processes, their impact on human-centered work and workplace capabilities has become a controversial debate. “(2)We are expecting 500 billion objects to become connected to the internet and this automation is going to hollow out middle and working class jobs. Technology is replacing these jobs” explained Jane Fraser, CEO of Citigroup’s Latin America business. According to the (3) McKinsey report. In the USA, 39 to 73 million employers may be cut by 2030. (4)Tesla CEO Elon Musk: “self-driving will encompass all modes of driving by the end of next year”. Tesla owners who bought the automaker’s recent vehicles equipped with Autopilot 2.0 (and 2.5) hardware, which supposedly should eventually enable fully self-driving capability with future software updates. (5)According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 1.6 million American truck drivers in 2014, which indicates that nearly 1.6 millions of drivers will lose their job in the future. However, Some people argued that Jobs requiring human interaction such as doctors, lawyers, musicians are seen by McKinsey as less prone to automation. Yet, the job required only simple work such as drivers, workshop operators, workers and even accountant still occupy the majority of the labor force which can be easily replaced by A.I.

Racist robots-the inequality social problems of future A.I. could rise. According to a report -(6)’Machine Bias, ‘ The computer program that the US court claims to use for risk assessment is biased against black prisoners. According to the investigative press in the same report, this plan was undoubtedly mistaken for a black respondent who was erroneously marked as twice as white (45% to 24%) As a saying in computer science: garbage in, garbage out. When we provide machine data that reflects our prejudices. “(7)The real safety question, if you want to call it that, is that if we give these systems biased data, they will be biased,” mentioned by John Giannandrea, who leads AI at Google. In other words, the existence of bias A.I. will inevitably appear since the one who inputs data to the computer is human itself – the most subjective creature in the world.

Killer robot-Robotics with A.I. in the battlefield is becoming a more controversial topic compare to nuclear weapons. It also named (8)Lethal autonomous weapons(LAWs) that can independently search and engage targets based on programmed constraints and descriptions.One of the challenging dispute is whether we should use robotics, constitutes just one major step in the arms race, arouse social concern about killer robots Is a serious threat to humanity and should not be executed. In addition, Machine decisions follow algorithms that are completely programmed by humans or can include machine learning and data acquired in environments and events that are not fully predictable. As with human decisions, machine decisions are always clear, but uncertainty will appear in some situation. For example, the presence of bugs and hacks. Therefore, some problems have aroused- is the A.I. robot reliable enough for us to determinate the value of humans? (9)More than 1000 high-profile artificial intelligence experts have signed an open letter of “Military Artificial Intelligence Weapons Competition” and are demanding a prohibition on “offensive autonomous weapons”. In the same letter, Musk and Hawking warned that artificial intelligence is “our greatest existential threat” and that the development of complete artificial intelligence may “spelled the end of mankind.” To conclude, the LAWs Allow the machine to make a life and death decision spans a basic moral line. As a result, fully autonomous weapons would conflict the ethics standard of human value.

Robot rights – how to define the humanitarian treatment of AI? Nowadays, A.I. is now quite superficial, but they are becoming more sophisticated and life-like. Once we see the machine as an entity that can perceive, feel, and act, thinking about its legal status is not a huge leap. Should they be treated like animals of equal intelligence? Will we consider the “feeling” of the pain of the machine? (10) Sophia – a robot. In Saudi Arabia, officials granted this kind of humanoid citizenship, making Sophia the first robot to obtain citizenship anywhere in the world. This movement reminds us a question if A.I. claims any moral and legal standing. When the development of Strong A.I. is fully mature and human can no longer distinguish robot anymore. Does this mean that A.I. robots will have the same rights as humans? Does destroying a robot mean murder? The border between robot and life will become blurred in the future, and the morality, ethics regarding robot and human will be more complicated.

In conclusion, the continuation of a strong A.I. will bring us ethical issues in all aspects. Economically, A.I. could lead to the serious unemployment problem in every country. Socially, social norms such as racist robots and A.I. rights will also be concerned in the future. In addition, the risk of the evaluation of human value from A.I. can also be another problem. As we consider these risks, we should also remember that, in general, this technological advancement means that everyone can lead a better life. Artificial intelligence has great potential, and its responsible implementation depends on us.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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