Human Become a Cancer on The Planet

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Published: Sep 19, 2019

Words: 1580|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Sep 19, 2019

We all know that cancer itself is a negative thing. Every day, people are always trying to find ways to prevent and heal cancers to human beings. What we don’t realize though is, all our human activities to make life more comfortable for us is killing the spices and animals that needs these resources. It’s not only animals that we are hurting, but the planet itself. Such factors would be global warming and the food we eat. If we don’t change our ways sooner than later, the earth is going to die because of what they call “Human Cancer”. The end of earth will be caused of Human Caner because we only think about ourselves before we start do activities that hurts the planet. Illegal Poaching is a big factor in this. While we look nice in our fur coats and animals based clothing or nice housing decoration, we are putting those animals in danger. Poaching is crime that is being overlooked in many places, reasoning why so many animals currently is suffering.

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One of the top reasons that poachers continue what they are doing is the fact that they could get a lot of money from it. By killing these animals, it is putting more funds in their pockets, so of course why wouldn’t they continue to make money right. According to Massimo Giangaspero “Bear gall bladders get top dollar for Chinese herbal remedies, and big-horned sheep antlers can fetch $20,000 on the black market. Therefore, for many poachers, profit is the main motive.” Even though there is a prohibition on the international trade in ivory, African elephants are unfortunately currently being poached in big numbers till this day. Thousands of elephants are being murdered each year for their ivory tusks. The ivory is frequently engraved into decorations and jewelry. China is the main shop market for these products. Rhino’s horn is an extremely high worth module of traditional Chinese Medicine, preformed in China and certain parts of East Asia. Many rhinos are murdered illegally for their horns each year. If animals keep being used and seen as money, there won’t be any left, which would lead to humans that depend on poaching to end up in a drought.

Also, we use them for food, so using them in the wrong way is going to hurt us in the end. Sooner or later we won’t have these animals’ meat to eat to keep us alive. Animals have more value on the planet than what human beings is giving them. Another factor of human cancer in the future is what is currently in our food. Farmers put different types of hormones into their animals for production and when we eat those animals we are getting the harmful chemicals that are entering our bodies. Hormones can allow new animals increase weight quicker. They cut down the waiting period and the total of food consume by an animal before killing in meat industries. For example, inserting hormones into new cows can make them increase heaviness quicker. Extra heaviness leads to extra meat, which means extra money for the manufacturer. Hormones also enlarge the making of milk by cows. Once again, humans use animals in a way to benefit from them while not having sympathy for them.

Hormones and steroids in animals aren’t healthy for neither them nor humans. Studies have shown that these hormones increase the risk of breast, prostate, and other cancers in humans. According to Carina Storr “In a 2004 study, patients with above-average IGF levels had nearly a 50% higher risk of prostate cancer and a 65% higher risk of hormone-dependent premenopausal breast cancer than people with below-average levels.” Though drinking milk and eating various dairy has been appeared to increase blood levels of human IGF, the upsurge is maybe not an exact result of the animal's IGF level or the IGF discovered in foods. That's since the total of IGF in dairy crops whether it's from rBGH preserved cows stakes in contrast to what is naturally the body. In addition, as a type of hormones that are created by our bodies and are fundamental for usual growth of healthful tissues, artificial steroid hormones used as drugs, have happened to be found to influence cancer possibility. For example, diethylstilbestrol, an artificial estrogen drug that was used in the 1960s was removed from usage once it was discovered of the high risk of vaginal cancer in women’s daughters who were treated. Having these chemicals in the body is literally giving humans cancer and as we know, as of right now there isn’t a cure for cancer. We are killing ourselves as well by consuming these hormones-based animals that have left over chemicals in the foods we eat.

Overfishing happens when people go fishing and catch more fishes than the population can substitute from natural reproduction. Collecting as much fish as you can may seem like a money-making habit, however overfishing has very important penalties. The consequences not only influence the acess of existence in the sea, but also the social and economic satisfactory of the seaside groups who rely on fish for their livings. Fish is the main nutrition that the world rely on for proteins. For many periods, the sea has been thought as a boundless reward of food. Though, rising fishing attempts throughout the last 50 years as well as unmaintainable fishing habits are approaching numerous fish shares to the purpose of failure. At least 30 percent of the earth’s fisheries have been lacking outside their genetic bounds and are in demand of sever management plans to refurbish them. Numerous significant money-making fish populations have refused to the point where their existence as a type is endangered. According to R.J Beamish “Growth overfishing occurs when fish are caught at too young an age such that the individuals achieve only a small percentage of their potential growth. Recruitment overfishing reduces the spawning stock to a level such that the numbers of juvenile fish are not able to replenish the population.” Overfishing put fishes endanger of extinction and meanwhile they can’t replace as fast as they are being captured the sea is going to end up empty of fishes. Human Beings main source of proteins that they rely on is slowly disappearing and if we don’t cut back on the fishing activities there won’t be none. This also contribute to “Human Cancer” and the death of the earth because we need the fishes in the ocean but instead humans is taking advantage. We share literally everything on Earth with all living thing in the world, what occurs in a single part influence everything as well regardless the distance.

Pollution has negative results to the ecosystem we depend on. We let out different types of elements into the air when we burn the fossil fuels that is in our everyday lives. Emily Beach stated “Polluted air is linked to a variety of health concerns, ranging from short-term irritation to serious diseases or even death. Much of the pollution that's affecting our air comes from human activities. It is a result of manufacturing, transportation and a dependence on fossil fuels like gas and coal.” We inhale the atmosphere to stay alive and what we inhale has a straight influence on our well-being. When you breathe polluted air, you are putting yourself at risk for asthma and other lung diseases. Having exposure to ground ozone for up to 6 to 7 hours, scientific proof demonstrates that well-being people’s lung process reduced and then develop respiratory inflammation. Air toxins are mainly chemicals and being alive in a polluted zone can lead to the high risk of Cancer. Pollution in fact injuries the immune system, endocrine and reproductive systems. There is also a high number of reported events of heart disease associated with particle pollution. The deadly elements allowed into the air stayed into plants and water sources. Animals then consume the dirty plants and drink the water. The toxic chemicals in the plant and water then moves upwards on the food chain, which leads to us.

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The same as a growth, the essential difficulty with “Homo sapiens” is that we are willing to obtain power and overcome everything. We desire to be enlarged despite of any other existences. Soon, like cancer, our damage may be produced by our achievement. In its greedy need to control, cancer cell urges away all rivalry, but mess up the body’s biology. Deepak Chopra in an article states that “Of course, the fact that we may pollute ourselves out of existence can be accommodated ultimately. Should the human race reach its end game, other life forms will persist and carry on without us.” Human is cancer to the earth which will lead into the cause of death. We take advantage of our animals by poaching and using the animal’s skin for clothing or housing decorations and decoration. While animals are endangered for extinction, we are looking at profit. The idea of putting growth hormones in young animals affect both us and them. For humans, the chemicals that are left in foods we consume leaves at high risk for disease like breast cancer. Overfishing is giving us limited stocks of fish that many of us use for proteins. The pollution we put in the air, that we eventually use to breath is dangerous which could lead to asthma. All the activities that humans portray in the everyday life, has an effect that adds up leading into the cause of death.

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