Impact of Gender Orientation and Roles on Team Performances

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Published: Aug 14, 2023

Words: 2494|Pages: 5|13 min read

Published: Aug 14, 2023

Table of contents

  1. Literature Review: the Presence of Gender Orientation in Work Processes
  2. Female and Male Behavioural Patterns at Workplace
    The Role of Gender Orientation in Team Performance
  3. Summary of Literature Review: Final Reflections 
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

The differences between the role women and men plays in managing a project and the project teams have been a concern from past years. These differences can result into conflicts, low quality result, decision making processes. This essay analyzes the combine and individual effect of gender orientation features in the project teams and its management. Also, how it affects the productivity, equality, diversity, collaboration on the project teams. The exploration of the way that the role gender plays in the project environment. This recent proof incorporates that women too plays a crucial role to incorporate the team performance and the team productivity. Moreover, the equal distribution of employees as male and female in the project teams can lead to a better and comparatively faster growth in the outcome of the project. Although it depends on the project team size and the employees.

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Literature Review: the Presence of Gender Orientation in Work Processes

The adequacy and efficiency of organizations have dependably depended vigorously on the quality of their workforce, or their human capital. There is numerous gender orientation in various fields, from the physical contrasts and their ensuing physiological contrasts, to the advancement of subjective capacities and abilities, practices, utilization habits, and so on. In the management perspective, the presence of gender orientation contrasts in style is an issue that has been talked about and explored since the 1960s. Unequal advantages for various gender orientations on a similar dimension make threats in the work environment and expensive human asset to the management. For female representatives, a large number of male collaborators may cause badly designed work environment, while a large number of male representatives may exhibit obstructions or deferrals to appraisals. A project group performs better when employees' identities are proportionate with one another. The study investigates plans to recognize whether and how an impression of the skilled team member changes dependent on the gender of the member. It is almost taken into consideration everywhere that women and men manage and handles their tasks and activities differently. The various reasons behind this gender pause consists discrimination, various concerns towards work life, absence of mentor or good examples. Although this gap is related to both men and women but, a special counselling and development trainings are provided specifically for women to overcome this gender gap. In respect to manage any task or activity successfully any employee needs a specific competency, like technical skills, leadership skills, communication skills, decision making ability. And these competencies vary according to every team member.

An analyzation was made by Ainsworth & Ainsworth giving the comments and results on around 15000 team leaders and managers to compare that how men and women are rated in certain group of leadership competencies. This analyzation resulted that men and women are expertise in various ways of leadership. These results were strategic style of leadership for the male and social style of leadership for female. Moreover, this shows that female does multitasking and giving importance and priority to the activities. They live up to the expectations and meet and deliver the output according to the deadlines adding the ability of listening and being socially sensitive. Whereas, male being upfront on expressing the ideas with confidence, being into everyone’s eye in the organization. Also being less social and more practical towards the rational approach on achieving the outcomes for the project. Team is a group of people who have at least some aggregate tasks and where the group individuals are approved to manage commonly the execution of these aggregate tasks. A team is a modest number of individuals with correlative abilities who are focused on a typical reason, execution objectives and approach for which they hold themselves commonly responsible Now the important question arises for various studies and analyzations that does gender diversity matter in project teams? In overall, the current research and analyses suggest that diverse gender in the project teams may have a positive outcome on the team process, whereas it also depends on the context of the process and type of work being done by the team.

Female and Male Behavioural Patterns at Workplace

Woolley recent proofs suggests that in context to the team process, presence of female in the project team improved team collaboration. The evidence also suggests that effects on the project teams were demonstrated by the social ability exhibited by females and give exact inferences of team member’s feelings or thinking. A study found that the equal number of men and women in a project team or more women than men in a project team gave a more accurate output on project task and gave more collaborative team process. Likewise, a research among hundreds of firms in the information technology domain was made, where no major effects was found in the team for diverse gender for carrying collaborative productivity. Moreover, when virtual team were added in this analyzation a positive attitude in the diverse gender team was found with team collaboration and effective leadership. Hence, role of gender in the diverse project teams is also based on the contextual effects of the task or work being carried out. Another concern for the role played by gender in the project teams is the interpersonal communication and the style of working with other team members. A survey found that female is comparatively more oriented interpersonally than male. Female’s interpersonal working style was more collaborative than male’s particularly concentrating on involvement in the task. Whereas, male’s interpersonal working style or attitude was more dictatorial than female that’s is being more upward by putting orders. Thus, in all, men show progressively social predominance related attitude while talking than female, for example, jawline pushes, using gestures, and direct eye to eye connection, while female participate in additional smiling whether they are talking or hearing.

A research made clear and classified the female and male behavioral patterns in context to diverse gender work environment. The findings consist of feminine patterns as facilitative, collaborative, little giving in public, affectively oriented, indirect, supportive feedback or comments. While the masculine patterns as competitive, autonomous, dominant public speaking time, referentially oriented, direct, aggressive feedback or comments. These diverse interpersonal styles may clarify the constructive outcome of gender orientation on group procedures and collaboration, since more prominent gender heterogeneity improves the probability of interest among project team members. Thus, the research on gender has provided with the data that has demonstrated that women's and men's level of impact is most equivalent in balanced gender orientated teams, further strengthening the connection between heterogeneous gender orientation arrangement of teams and improved team process. In all, diverse gender benefits project team processes in different of ways, and these benefits seem to originate from gender orientation contrasts in behavior, attitude and interpersonal style in team collaborations to carry out the productive output.

The Role of Gender Orientation in Team Performance

In assessing team performance, the impacts of gender orientation variety become progressively unpredictable. The consequences of a few analyzation have appeared either no impacts or little negative impacts for gender heterogeneity of team individuals on team performance, which is normally estimated as far as both target execution indicators, for example, finance outcomes, just as appraisals of team viability by colleagues as well as managers or leads. This diverse gender effects on management of project teams also depends on the variety of work, the level of the work, type of team and team members, various type of supervisors, managers and leads. At the end, in male-ruled projects, where females are probably going to be in the huge minority, at first gender variety is probably going to have progressively negative impacts, said that gender orientation stereotypes are increasingly striking because of the expanded arrangement of underrepresented female. Interestingly, in gender adjusted teams, negative stereotyping and classification by gender orientation are less inclined to happen and, in this manner, diverse gender is ought to be a less concern. The coordination of female into male-ruled project teams led to decrease in employee fulfillment and social working when the extent of female was beneath half, however as the number of females expanded, those patterns smoothed or switched. Moreover, this will increase the involvement if women into teams and will decrease the negative effects of contribution into team. For instance, in looking at logical collaboration more straightforwardly, found no impacts for different gender of groups on efficiency and development, yet discovered that when women's impact in the project team was misaligned with their ability (for example they had more ability than others credited to them), the efficiency of the group was adversely influenced.

Summary of Literature Review: Final Reflections 

Generally, the research from the literature concerning the impact of gender orientation variety on project team propose benefits for team process yet blended outcomes for team results. the two steady topics rise the significance of setting in directing the impacts of role of gender on execution in team and for the most part constructive outcomes of different gender orientation on project team processes. Given that different gender in the project team is bound to negatively affect execution, effectiveness and productivity in male-commanded versus gender adjusted project teams, the absence of gender balance in logical groups might be unfavorable to logical advancement. Moreover, the previously mentioned research infers that gender orientation adjusted project teams lead to the best results for collaboration, productivity, effective process in terms of male and female having meet similar impact, involving at a proportionate rate and being happy with their project team collaboration encounters by and large. Besides, the constructive outcomes of gender in project teams on team processes are amazingly relatable to logical teams, since logical disclosures are progressively the results of team coordinated effort. The upgraded collaboration and correspondence in project teams with more noteworthy quantities of female, just as populist as opposed to dictatorial standards, improve project team process, which, thus, encourage expanded aggregate knowledge. Aggregate knowledge isn't related with the knowledge of individual team members yet rather with the nature of the social cooperation forms inside the project team, which are related with the extent of females in the project teams.

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Diverse gender in project team is frequently upheld for social and political reasons. Undoubtedly, empowering measure up to access to and cooperation in project teams and managing them is a commendable social objective all by itself. moreover, in the research and studies with respect to the impacts of gender balance in project teams, diverse gender can likewise improve project team performance and productivity, which are progressively vital as collaboration moves toward becoming a focal point in the generation of science. The improvement of team process and more elevated amounts of aggregate insight can, thus, lead to more noteworthy development and logical disclosure. In this way, the study inspected here suggest that, while assessing the gender in the project teams, it isn't enough to essentially look at the quantity of men or women in a specific organization or job or any team. In request to receive the benefits of diverse gender, it would be most helpful to guarantee that women are spoken to in synergistic logical project teams at equality to men. Along these statements, the present spotlight by institutions and organizations on female development ways as an approach to build the quantity of expert women is commendable. In any case, to be powerful, the job that women play in project teams ought to likewise be thought about and elevated so as to yield the significant advantages of expanded diverse gender teams.


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