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Finding The Purpose: Why Life is Important

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why life is important
  3. Conclusion


Oscar Wilde said that “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” It’s true, the line said that you don’t have to waste your life, as there are many important things that you have to finish in your life. There are many challenges what are waiting for you to make you stronger and wiser. There is time to change, change your laziness. You can’t reach your goal if you are a lazy person. Carol Burnet said that “Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me”. This quote said that other person cannot control you, you can do it by yourself. Don’t let the other person to change you, because it will be non-sense if others do that. You know yourself, so you know that if there something’s wrong to you. You can teach yourself how to become a responsible person. There is also a problems or shortcomings that comes to your life, and you can overcome it by having a patience or finding a way to solve it. Just like Helen Keller said that “although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it”. And in short, there’s no perfect person in this world. But there are also problems that cannot be fixed again. For example, the trust of a one person, it is very difficult to restore someone’s trust, especially if you hurt them too much.

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Why life is important

Life is too important to us, so you should make your life happy, because you do not know how long you will live in these world. You start doing it by studying hard, you have discovered new things since you are in elementary period until now. We are discovering new things to increase our vocabulary and we cannot reach our dreams without knowing new things in life. It is so important to learn or try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. There is nothing to lose so you have to start today and learn something new period and when you finish your studies, you will be graduated on college and you will get a good job and you will live a peaceful life, you can do what you want, it does not mean that you can do anything with whether it is bad or good. You should use your freedom in a right way, don’t abuse your freedom. The best example of abusing freedom is using a drugs on a wrong way. Life is important, using drugs in a wrong move can shorten your life. In real life, everything should have a limit. You can build your own future and your dream gave guidance to your efforts. It can be your inspiration to continue building your future even if it has disappointments. We should have to work because this is the great help in our poverty in life. On the other hand, we know that this will not be fulfilled if we do not finish high school, in college as well.

So we don’t have to waste our life because it is god’s gift to us period most of the people, when they fell down or when they have many problems, they are thinking of or taking suicide. They did not think that they have a chance to solve their problem. When you fall, get up. Face a new stage of life, never return to the complex past of your life, it can be a lesson for how to rise or stand independent. Began again to achieve beautiful and abundant life. Doing good to others can be a challenge. May the love that we show to others is not necessarily reciprocated the same love. and be prepared to do for others more than you would expect from them if circumstances is reversed. We are the children of the same heavenly father and send us into the world to do good things to one another and when we sacrifice for the good of others, we will be good in the eyes of others. It is important to be a responsible person because it is one of the qualities needed in order to obtain cleanliness, our goal in life. Or it is a component on how we show our smoothly fellowship with others. I have one question; why should we work together? Whether you are poor or rich person whether you are famous or ordinary people, we need to work together. I hope we see how this lucky enough this season and how other people need us. Every day we all face different kinds of struggles, we always have to make a choice, what we are today is the product of choices that we chose. Sometimes, we make a wrong choice, we fall but we should learn to step up. Facing difficulties are part of our lives, we cannot escape from it. There is also a saying that “no man is an island”, no one can live alone, we all need each other specially in times of difficulties, we should not waste time making friends or learn to appreciate other people. We should always ask God for help or guidance. Facing challenges teachers to adapt, to learn, to adjust to life.

Remember, you cannot spell challenge without change. It helps us to grow as a human being whether if it is personal or for the professional development. It melts us as a person. But on the contrary, not all of us has a capability to face challenges, most of us having a hard time dealing with it, they easily give up on the bad things that come their way. We should help ourselves. We should learn pick things up for our betterment. i believe that the best way to conquer challenges is the power of the prayer and the guidance of the people who loves and appreciate us. be strong and have courage. Be mingle with someone you know well known person to seek advice, make them an example. Learn from their mistakes, and know how they conquer challenges that came their way. Know their stories. Remember, we can become a brave person, we should accept that we all commit mistakes. Learn to step up again, one way of facing challenges is to pray, God is always there for us, all we have to do is to pray, ask for help. Just ask god for strength to make the most of our everyday life. After we conquer challenges, we should set goals. We should make a list of a positive things that happened during our time of hardship, so there is always something to look back to when we encounter problems. We should set goals to avoid those circumstances. Just try to make a good and wise decision. I think that the important saying is to learn from our own mistakes. That is the first thing to remember. Do not forget to ask God for a guidance. Learn to appreciate people, what people do to help you.

Learn to appreciate people who never left you during your times of hardship. Life is something that is in this indispensable and should not be taken for granted. Life is given to us by God, it is the gift of God, so we must not waste the opportunity provided by God to live in this world peacefully and freedom. It does not mean that if we said freedom, you will be free no matter what you do, do not abuse the word freedom. You must also be happy even for a moment, because you never know when you will be lost in this world. You also have to help people in need as much as possible, so you can be good in the eyes of people around you. But sometimes, there are shortcomings in your life and that will be your challenge. That challenge makes you stronger, and you have to be brave to face your challenges even if you made a mistakes, you have to get up if you make a mistake in your actions, because there is no perfect person in this world. All of us had mistaken in our whole life. After we finish a challenges, we should set a goal. So we have a new challenge that we have to finish again, it will be repeat again and again until we prove to others that we are strong enough, and independent and we should always ask God for help or guidance.

As Pele said, “Success is no accident, it is perseverance, learning, sacrifice, and most of all loving what your doing.” Determining one’s creativity and desire will be a way to have a successful life because people already have the mindset. Usually, at younger ages, such as the teen years, the thoughts of having a purpose start to come to mind and having found a purpose at an early age, the better in order to thrive in life. Having an understanding of one’s purpose will have a large impact on someone’s life as well as learning to value themselves. Having a clear purpose in life allows for a successful and smooth pathway in one’s future.

The importance of life will be part of a person’s creativity and desire of life and it will help create a strive and purpose in someone’s life. Research found in 2009 shows that talented people who are successful to this day have a growth mindset. While people find their purpose they can help others find theirs, making it easier for many people to succeed in their lifetime. Nowadays numerous amount of people sometimes question their ability to make a change and at times could get lost in general. Some people may not know that a small change can make a great impact, and that is a reason that there is a purpose in life.

As people grow older by day, especially young adults, they try to find their purpose in life quite often to have a sense of tranquility and satisfaction in their emotional health. Research shows teens that seek purpose are more satisfied and having higher amounts of happiness. In early ages, people tend to lose concentration in their everyday life such as school. Finding a purpose and having stable emotional health can differ greatly amongst teens rather than having no purpose and losing yourself in the process.

Once someone finds their purpose, they understand a small figment of who they really are. Research shows that once someone has found meaning in their life, they become 15% more successful than someone who has not. People start to grasp the fact that they can value themselves and that they have a significant l impact and purpose in other people’s lives as well as their own.. Every person on earth has a purpose, they just have to find it in order to live a peaceful and uncomplicated life. Having that sense of purpose is a great motivator to have a successful and meaningful future. Countless people who understand their purpose have become very successful and have impacted the world greatly.

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To conclude, a great percentage of people are found to be more successful in life once they have found their purpose likewise people who have not. Having the sense of purpose creates a strive and builds up satisfaction in everyday life. Having found their purpose can help make a change in the world. A small change has a very great impact on society, and knowing their purpose can help them emotionally and creates focus in work they do. People can make a difference in someone’s life by guiding them to find their personal purpose, once they have found it, that can make a person happier in general activities that they may choose to accomplish on a daily basis. Purpose is a very important trait that people need to have in order to strive and fulfill in their lifetime.

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Finding The Purpose: Why Life is Important Essay

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