Importance of Positive Affirmations to Children

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Published: Sep 19, 2019

Words: 1646|Pages: 4|9 min read

Published: Sep 19, 2019

It was Roy T. Benett that put it clearly that the more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.

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“The challenges life throws at me are not the obstacles to the mountain top, my limitations are not the clogs in the wheel to fulfill my potential. I have seen the disabled become great, the limitation to what I can achieve, how far and fast I can go are not determined by gender or color of my skin. Not even my religion! I have come to learn by experience, teaching and practice that to move a mountain I must possess one inherent ability and peradventure this innate ability is missing me, I must develop it. I have come to the realization that we are not great because we are destined to be great. We are great because we confess that we want to be great. We are what we affirm either negative or positive. The secret to conquer life is positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations is the art and practice of saying positive things to oneself, thinking positively, acting positively and also believing that positive attitude is the attitude of greatness. The law of positive affirmations or the better put the law of positivity is a reverse of the law of science, in elementary science, it is a proven fact that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Conversely, it has been proven that to attract positive things into your life you have to confess positive things. In the simple terms, the definition of affirmations is positive sentences that you repeat to yourself. They reflect what you want and what you want to be. Positive affirmations reorientate your life and your belief and the world around you. It helps to tell where you are and where you stand. However, for you to change your external world by affirming positive things you need to first change your internal world.

It is very important that an individual cultivate the habit of positive affirmation at childhood because studies have revealed that human beings tend to use their childhood belief as the basis on which they act, most of the attitudes an adult possess are learnt from childhood. It becomes very difficult to do away with such attitudes. It is a common saying that we are what we do constantly, children learn mostly by imitation.

Quite necessary to point it out that parents are their children’s first teachers, it is what you do that they do, it is the habit you exhibit that they go on to exhibit as they grow. This is why it is very necessary that parents make themselves role models for their children. The years between two and four are the age of imitation, at this age toddlers watch parents closely and mimic what they say. For better or worse, parents are the earliest and the greatest influence upon children’s behavior. The greatest benefit parents can be to their children at the age of imitation is to teach them how to affirm positivity. The best way to do this is to practice this art, then their wards learn by imitation. The benefits of this practice cannot be overemphasized. It turns out to be the habit they need to win. Before we begin to discuss the importance of positive affirmation in children, let us quickly look at ways to introduce children to affirmations.

There are many ways to implement affirmation into children but the most proven method is trough everyday declaration of positive affirmations. It becomes the ritual of the child to say something positive to himself every day. One way to introduce affirmation to your children is to talk to them using affirmations, make it fun and encouraging . Another way is to place affirmation cards in strategic places around the house. Children who are also of age can also be taught how to look into the mirror and say positive things. Repeating affirmations is also an effective way to implement affirmations to children.

Daily affirmations are designed to alter the beliefs about ourselves, so we think more positively about ourselves. Affirmations are said to be like the psychological immune system. When something knocks you down, you can use affirmation to pick you back up. Thoughts create actions and actions create reality. If we are full of negative thoughts , we will take negative actions that becomes our reality. The benefits of positive affirmation are numerous.

Let’s assume you want to get a task or an assignment done but the task is becoming difficult as you go, the natural tendency of an ordinary man would be to quit. It takes a positive affirmation to such situation to get you back to work. When a child learns to say to himself that I’m hardworking when he’s tempted to say to himself that’s he is lazy, it takes an action towards that thoughts and it becomes the reality.

If you want a child to be happier, teach him how to practice positive affirmation. He learns to be happy when people expect him to be sad . It creates an atmosphere of hope and optimism. It opens a child’s eyes to possibility.

Positive affirmation helps a child to shape his life, he uses them to create a reality that he wants. It molds his actions that create a reality he wishes to live in. He learns to undo the negative actions and focus on the positive ones no matter how hard it is, his positive affirmation keeps him going.

Positive declaration makes a child to be on full control of his life, it is an empowerment that a child needs to take necessary actions. It teaches a child how to be responsible for his action.

At times, positive declaration about a set goal is what is needed by a child to achieve his goals. When a child constantly says to himself that I will meet this goal, he works towards it and it becomes a reality. Some goals fail to come reality because they lack positive affirmation that should grow them. The goal setter receives life and gives life to the process of attaining the goals when he confesses positivity.

When we live without reflection, a lot of damage can be done. We can settle for far less than our capabilities. When we learn to think before we act, and question our thoughts, we change this. Affirmations teach a child to be conscious of what he thinks and therefore does. This creates active positive living. A story was told of some pupils in a class, the class had many bright pupils as well as the average ones. It happened that one day, their teacher decided to set question beyond what she taught them, she told them that anyone that was able to solve the arithmetic problem would get a prize from her. David was the brightest boy in the class and Goliath was always coming last. David was siting beside Goliath in class, because the teacher already said the question was beyond the scope of what she taught them in class, David faced Goliath and said what are you trying to do? Goliath answered and said I want to solve the question, David laughed and the rest of the class joined him Goliath stood up and said, I’m going to surprise you, I will solve this question. Even if it will take me the whole day, I will solve it because I know I can. The teacher was taken aback by Goliath’s words, I am sure she didn’t join the class to mock him because it won’t speak well of her.

The time allotted for the arithmetic was 15 minutes, by the end of 8 minutes, Goliath stood up to submit. Everyone laughed again. The very bright ones were still struggling to solve the question. The time was up, not even David could give a nice attempt. The teacher decided to show them the correction and when he was done, Goliath jumped to his feet and said yes! Yes! Yes!!! I got it.

No one believed until the teacher marked his work and saw that Goliath didn’t miss a step. The teacher asked Goliath the reason behind is unusual confidence, he told the teacher that before he left home that day that his father called him and said, Goliath, your limitation is not a barrier. Don’t let anybody tell you are dull. You are bright. Say it to yourself. Goliath said this prompted him to exercise that practice. What’s the practice?

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Parents are to note that it is what they teach their children that they practice. And it is a worthy service for any parents to spend quality time helping their children to mold their thoughts. They are also advised to discourage their children from being negative. However, they should not do this by scolding them. They should be examples by watching what they say in the presence of their children. Any statement that won’t uplift the child should not be uttered. We also advise parents to help children struggling with negative thoughts, they should try and quench that thoughts by teaching him how to confess the right thing Children should be made to know at early stage that negative thoughts in bad times won’t help but should be made to know it is what they think of every situation that will come to reality. It is also advisable that parents discourage their children from peers that fill their heart with negative thoughts. The control of what your children listen to is also important, do not let your children watch films full of negative declarations.

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