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My Interview with The Student from Mexico

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The international student that I interviewed was Carmen Hernandez. Carmen is form Veracruz, Mexico which is by the Gulf of Mexico. The reason why Carmen choose to study at Oklahoma State University was because, the place she studies at gave her an opportunity to come to Oklahoma to study. Carmen is currently studying the International Studies Master Program. Carmen said at first if was hard to understand the teachers, but it got better as she went along. There was one piratically teacher that was very hard to understand he was a Chinese Professor. After Carmen graduates she is wanting to stay and work in the United States. Carmen describes her community has a very nice community just like the Stillwater community. At first Carmen was very nervous when she came to the United States, she did get homesick for a couple of months and missed her family. Oklahoma State University made her fell welcoming and a part of the Cowboy family.

An individual that stood out in the history of source of pride in her country was Gasper Yanga. Yanga was a member of a royal family. He was captured and sold into slavery in Mexico. Yannga gained independence and freedom for the African Slaves in Mexico. In the 19th century Yanga was named as the national hero of Mexico. Do any ceremonies or festival occasions re-enacted historical events. One event that stood out to Carmen was the day of dead. Day of dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout South region and by the people of Mexican heritage elsewhere. The Day of Dead focuses on gathering of family and friends to pray for and remember friend and family members who had died, and help supported their spiritual journey. The Day of Dead is celebrated on October 31 and ends November 2nd. Carmen family serves food that the people who passed away favorite food and have reembrace of their family that passed away. Carmen also said that the Day of Dead should be celebrated in the United States, so we can remember friends and family members who died in our family. The current president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto. He has been in the office since December 1, 2012. He was appointed by the Federal Electoral Tribunal. The current term length in Mexico is six years and is non-renewable. The general elections were held in Mexico on July 1st, 2018. Voters elected a new president of Mexico who sever 5 years and ten months. Carmen’s favorite President was Cardenas. He was president of Mexico from the year 1934 to 1940. The reason why Carmen says this president was her favorite because he distributed land, made loans available to peasants, organized workers and peasants confederations and expropriated and nationalized foreign owned industries.

Diabetes is the leading cause of death in Mexico. Diabetes claims nearly 80,000 lives each year and is expected to get worse in the decades to come. Diabetes cost the Mexican health care system billions of dollars each year. Mexican people wear all manner of clothing, much of it is like jeans and t-shirts the same is the United States. When meeting a person for the first time Mexicans greet with a kiss but some prefer just shanking hands. But when they greet people that they already know a kiss and even a hug is usual. In Mexico their families are a very tight knit community. Carmen says her, and her family are very close and are amazing people. Carmen hung out with her friends in her spare time in Mexico. The Mexico education for public schools are currently regulated by the Secretariat of Public Education. Religious practice is prohibited in public schools. But can be taught in Private schools but cannot receive public funds. There are many different types of groups at Mexico schools, Carmen states there are the popular boy, and the unpopular boy. Just like the schools in the United States. Carmen belonged in the normal group of school.

One of the risks that the Mexico economy faces is that they have too inflation. Carmen has been noticing the recently though the exchange rate between the peso and U.S dollars. The exchange rate between the US dollar and Mexican peso when from 17.06 to 19.46. Carmen states that it is easy to find a job in Mexico. The employment rate in Mexico is averaged 95.69. The unemployment rate in Mexico is around 3.5 percent. Carmen states that there is only part time employment available in Mexico. The reason is that Mexico only work part time is less cost effective to the companies. The average Mexico employees get paid 70.1 pesos which is only $4.35 per day. The biggest industry in Mexico would be the Automobile companies. Mexico is the third largest automobile manufacturing nation of the world. Some sectors of Mexico are improving but some aren’t state Carmen. Carmen said that different parts of Mexico pays better then others. Mexico City was way better paying jobs then other sectors. In Mexico City the average earning a month is 13,239 pesos; which is $834 in US money.

The most interesting this about Carmen’s culture is that Mexico consists of several ethic groups. But most of the ethnic groups have the same values. Family is one of the most important elements in Mexican society. Carmen likes the most about her culture is about how they celebrate the Day of Dead. Her grandma cooks they dead people favorite food and prays for them. One thing that Carmen says that I would surprise me if I visited her country was the pretty view that Mexico has. Veracruz is only one hour from the beach and two hours away from the mountains. Mexico is very pretty Carmen states. Mexico has a lot of natural resources such as waterfalls and lakes.

Mostly Mexico famers grow coffee beans and avocados. Coffee bean production is the 8th largest in Mexico. In Mexico avocados are the largest producer of crop. Mexico supplies about 45 percent of international avocado in market. The foods that are exported from Carmen’s country would be avocados. The primary industrial products from Mexico is wood. One of the most struggles for the Mexico famers would be not enough support from the Mexico government. Mexico mainly imports corn form the United States. They also import Apples and Peaches. The farmers get their natural resources form waterfalls, beaches and lakes they have plenty of water resources for the famers in Mexico. The fruits that we mainly get from Mexico is oranges, lemons, limes, mangos. Some farmers own their farm land but sometimes the government own the framers land. Most of the time the farmers need to share their profit with the government. Mexico does have aquifers, they are in Mexico City and Monterrey. Aquifers provide about one third of all the water for agriculture and livestock.

The largest city in Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico City has 1.7 million people. The major geographic feature of Mexico would be the Central Plateau. This mountain runs along both Mexico Pacific and the Gulf coast. Carmen states that along the eastern coast form Tamaulipas state to Veracruz state lies the Mexico tropical lowlands. Carmen state that Mexico landscape includes tropical rain forest, desserts and seashores, and much of the country is covered by high tables and mountains. In conclusion, Carmen is from the Veracruz Mexico. She came to the United States to study at Oklahoma State University to major as an International study she is currently in the master’s program. There are many individual and ceremonies that Carmen’s country celebrates. One individual that she talked about was Gaspar Yannga that was captured from the Spanish Colonial and made a settlement of African blacks to gain independence and freedom. The ceremonies that Carmen talked about was the Day of Dead which this holiday celebrated family members and friends that passed away. I think that this is neat thing that they celebrate this in their county and how they are a tight knit community. I also agree with Carmen that I think the that United States should celebrate the Day of Dead. The current president of Mexico is Enrique Pena Nieto. The voters elected the new president and they can only serve 5 years and 10 months. A new president will be change as of January 2019. Diabetes is the leading cause of death in Mexico. Which I thought that was interesting because in the United States we have a cure for diabetes and have insulin for our people to regulate the diabetes. I thought I was interesting to find out that they wear the same clothes as we do in the United States. I thought Mexico women wore flowering skirts and wore giant sombreros.

The economy of Mexico is some what improving but other sectors are not improving. I thought this was good information because I thought that Mexico was one of for poor country in the world. They mostly hire people for part time works because it helps the cost of the companies. The Mexican farmers most struggle is that the government doesn’t give enough support to the farmers. Which I thought it was sad how some farmers had to leave their farmland behind because the government wouldn’t support them. Some farmers must share their profit with the government. Which in the United State the farmers don’t have to share their profit with the government at all. We mainly get mangos, oranges, limes, and lemons from Mexico. I thought that was interesting to find out that Mexico has an aquifer that are located Mexico City and Monterey. The geographic in Mexico is beautiful they have waterfalls, beaches and tropical forest. Someday I would like to visit Carmen’s country and see the beautiful scenery of Mexico.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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