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Investments Through The Internet

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I get it, everyday you see a 16-year old YouTuber who made a million last month and wondered if you could do the same. Stock markets give you measly returns, and a 10x is a rare occurrence. Are you out of the race yet? Is it too late ? Does that dream of hiking around in exotic European places end because you “missed the boat” ? The answer is NO, NO, and NO. I stumbled upon a Bitcoin article on Slashdot in 2011. There was no looking back hence. I mined my first coins, bought a few much later at $20 dollars, sat though the nerve wrecking Mt. Gox crash, and later used my profits to get some hands on Ethereum. Fast forward to now, I picked up a few coins last year in the new “ICO” phenomena (Antshares and ICON), and saw my investments grow almost 100x within months. I am going to tell you exactly how YOU could do the same, without scourging the internet for new coins and the next Bitcoin. In fact, this article is so powerful, it may change the way you invest forever. You’re probably asking me why, and no, it is not for shilling these coins or because I am a Pump and Dump lord.

Well, all I can say is feel free to read and move on if it doesn’t interest you, but don’t blame yourself in 2019 for missing out. In the words of Daniel Jeffries, whose work I closely follow -“This is where you’re looking to hitch a ride on a rocket and crush the market. ”Let’s get the rocket startedHello New Life. The Chinese ICO market. Let’s understand a little bit of the Chinese investor space, and why this makes for a huge factor in selecting our coins. We get all bullish on when a big US/Euro firm announces a partnership, coin value spikes up, news outlets pick it up, sub-reddits are filled with news. But what happens when a VeChain or WaltonChain picks up a nation-wide aggregate? The answer is NOTHING. (Sure, this can be due to massive manipulation in buy/sell volumes by whales, but that is out of the scope of this article. )Partnerships like these are humongous, and strongly signal a positive move by the Government, Citizens, and Companies of that country. These are heavyweight partnerships. We have also seen how the Chinese are miles ahead in implementing and adopting new technologies, such is the state of this country which started out making counterfeit goods, but sharpened its manufacturing expertise to effectively become the world’s top manufacturer which now challenges the USA in being the next superpower. But hasn’t a ban been placed on trading in China ?!?!?!?You are absolutely right. But ask yourself?—?would a country this huge, which implements technology of all kinds at the earliest, permanently ban ICO’s and Cryptocurrencies ?NO. China likes control, they like to toy around with technologies until they understand it, regulate it, and then strongly move forward with it. “It’s very difficult to influence things when adoption has come; it’s much easier to impose early restrictions and shape the direction of the disruption. ”Blockchain is definitely huge in China, and the government is fully warming up to it, think VeChain’s partnership with China Tobacco.

China has in place a five-year plan for the blockchain, only because the officials completely realise the technological disruption that is Blockchain. They banned it because they want to control it; because they will control it. And when the time comes, just like they demonstrated in manufacturing, China will leap to the world’s player in Blockchain tech. There’s already such interest in this space, as seen by VeChain, Waltonchain, and NEO. The one thing that affects Chinese projects a lot is the terrible marketing in English, but as they realise this and overcome it, it gives rise to increased investor confidence. Think Antshares rebrandingVeChain rebranding. If you look at these two factors, the lack of western marketing and the fear regarding the uncertainty in China, people aren’t valuing this market effectively.

Combine the fact that China will soon open up blockchain development?—?and I think they will?—?with the certainty that these companies will be improve their marketing (they’re already doing so), and I think we have an opportunity. An opportunity to be at the ground level of an undervalued market. Platforms to watch for :QTUMA hybrid of the Bitcoin and Ethereum technology, QTUM has taken the best of these worlds and integrated it’s own systems with the two. QTUM takes advantage of the security of Bitcoin while utilizing a virtual machine and customizable blockchain for smart-contracts and decentralized applications much like Ethereum. QTUM’s support indicates that the project is supporting a much larger ecosystem. NEOThis huge project has something called a Council, which understands that NEO can only be one component of this. dApps being developed on NEO; developers jump from project to project; OnChain and NEO work closely together. My perspective on this is that it aligns well with NEO’s vision of enabling a smart economy. Anything that they invest in is an indication of the project being included in the larger smart economy ecosystem; which makes it very valuable to investors. OnChain, along with NEO, is committed towards developing products that support the greater ecosystem.

They have an extremely powerful network and bring substantial support to the projects they back. OnChainAnother offering from NEO’s founders, but NOT the same company. OnChain’s system, known as DNA, (Decentralized Network Architecture) aims to work with Chinese businesses and government. Neo acts as the precursor for the DNA protocol. Ultimately, DNA develops public, private, and consortium blockchains for businesses. These blockchains then link up to NEO to join the decentralized economy. Businesses then have all the benefits of both private and public blockchains. Think of Neo as the fundamental public blockchain and OnChain as its enterprise blockchain counterpart (i. e. a means for big business to operate on blockchain). Then, they can link up and get the best of both worlds. Okay, that’s enough. Where do I climb the rocket now ?Fasten your seat-belts-APEXInitial Coin Offering on 29th JanuaryThe company has created an data collection and management program that operates on their AI platform that would be assisting their partners. AI platform which assists enterprises in data collection and management. Basically, they help companies manage their customer’s data.

Target market by the investors?—?around 200 enterprises. Strenghts -With a total of 250 customers, of which 30% shall participate in the testing phase, APEX rewards its customers when you interact with their platform, by setting prices and determining what information you wish to share. This is fed to a smart contract, after which, a business can purchase this data. Later, all the complied information goes out to the APEX business hub, providing a large degree of data analytics to the companies. APEX is tied to an already powerful data management company with hundreds of enterprise customers gives them a huge advantage. LOOPRING (LRC)Trading on exchangesPerhaps one of the most unique and innovative solutions out there, Loopring executes trades based on automated execution requests that are intelligently controlled by its ring system. Loopring is not only a protocol but also a decentralized automated execution system that trades across the crypto-token exchanges, shielding users from counterparty risk and reducing the cost of trading. By pooling the liquidity of cryptocurrencies, we are building the financial system of the future. Backed by the whos-whos of the Chinese investors, I am very bullish on this project. The entire protocol is, while currently being developed on the Ethereum network, envisioned to be platform/blockchain agnostic. The project is backed by NEO and Qtum, so adding 1+1 together, you can probably expect that it will come to more blockchains than Ethereum. The main competitive advantage for Loopring is that it enables match-ring orders, not only splitting your orders up but also enabling liquidity that will provide you with the best ask or bid, wherever you trade your assets.

They are heavily focused on the Chinese market for now, and when they market to the West…. . you know what could happen. (Look at $KNC and $ZRX)ICO price?—?$0. 0071. Current price?—?$1. 1DEEPBRAIN (DBC)Trading on exchangesDBC is traded via smart contract based on NEO. The mining node is incentivized through a system designed through smart contracts. DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized neural network. Countless mining nodes across the world will supply computational power for AI use to meet world-wide enterprise demand. Mining nodes receive DBC as compensation. The GAS fee each enterprise need to pay is far less than the intrinsic fee. DeepBrain brings application to the blockchain network in China. Most projects are committed to building the ecosystem, with less focus on specific use cases.

Furthermore , it is backed by the NEO council, which brings confidence in this system backing is inspiring; to me it indicates that NEO is confident enough in their ecosystem and foundation to begin developing dApps. DeepBrain has strong institutional support and it’s connections within the Chinese market gives them security. The Chinese love to use their own. ELASTOS (ELA)Not trading yetElastos is the world’s first Internet operating system that uses the Internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than an application. The Elastos approach emphasizes that network communications should be separated from application computing, and prohibits application programs from direct access to the network to eliminate most viruses and attacks (especially DDoS attacks) on the Internet. Elastos is an open source system and has received sponsorship of over 200 million RMB from the Foxconn Group and other industry giants for its R&D. Think of it as a decentralized Smart-Web. The closure and monopoly of the Internet economy in just 20 years has far exceeded the concentration of resources in the real economy over a hundred years or even centuries.

The Internet has gone from a decentralized to a centralized one. From the connection to the closure, this is a general trend of the Internet. Bill Gates’s central service has been scared, and Steve Jobs’s central service has been enthusiastic support by Internet users, the step of centralization will only be faster, is it not be even more scared. Many people do not realize that they were captivity of animals in private barriers by Internet giants , also like ants in small nest . Blockchain technology allows user IDs, website IDs and digital asset IDs on a new Internet to be traceable. It can also create digital asset scarcity, laying the foundation for a digital smart economy. Bitcoin started a digital-currency era. With cash on delivery digital transactions, not only does the scarcity need to be identified, but decentralization must also comply with the operation of smart contracts. With the help of Elastos, massive decentralized Apps (DApps) can be safely implemented. With accurate confirmation and contract transfer using blockchains, various works, contracts, ideas, and intellectual properties in digital form become assets in the digital world. Elastos creates a brand new smart economic zone on the traditional Internet. Elastos coins (ELA) become the digital currencies in this economic zone. Elastos is a blockchain-powered Internet, making it possible for digits to become wealth and bringing the Internet economy to new levels of utility. *Backed by the NEO council*NEBULAS (NAS)Trading on exchangesNebulas focuses more on the West and thus, suffers less from the advertising hurdles facing other regional projects. Nebulas features a ranking algorithm that can effectively assign value to blockchain projects and contracts and allow users to search for them. Nebulas has its own VM and supports dApp development. An efficient upgrade system allows for rapid scalability. It is fully compatible with Ethereum smart contracts.

They have an accredited team behind them. Nebulas is commonly referred to as the Google for Blockchain. And with their blockchain search engine, that seems appropriate. But the real genius in Nebulas is how they utilize their ranking algorithm. To rank items in a search engine, there needs to be some established value system. Some way of judging one blockchain project, dApp, or protocol from another. Nebulas has designed a value system for blockchain. This value system enables Nebulas to effectively “value” users and accounts and reward them accordingly. Combine this with dApps, smart contracts, and other advanced features and Nebulas is a serious competitor among third generation blockchain projects. IoTCHain (ITC)Trading on exchangesAccording to their website, the IoT Chain team is working on an operating system for IoT devices that is lite and high security. It is an IoT blockchain that scales to >10k txn/sec, giving an average transaction confirmation speed in the millisecond range. Strenghts?—?China will likely be a leader of the Internet of Things revolution. The token that integrates well with enterprises and facilitates adoption will rival IOTA’s success. IoT Chain has strong technology, big enterprise backing, and significant institutional investments. Currently it is only available on smaller exchanges and thus, its market is limited.

I think it has significant room to grow and a chance to spear head the IoT market in China. Let’s look at some of the chief differences vs IOTA. VeCHAIN (VEN)Trading on numerous exchangesVeChain uses a mix of blockchain technology and their in-house built smart chip to track items throughout their lifecycle. The smart chip can be implemented in different IoT items such as NFC chips, RFID trackers, or QR codes. Although this may not seem like the most interesting technology, it serves an important role in ensuring product quality across industries. Let’s look at the luxury goods sector as just one example. The luxury goods industry is wrought with counterfeit items?—?over $450 billion worth. With an item like a Louis Vuitton purse changing hands several times during production and distribution, you need to trust that the person before you is passing along something authentic. It’s been around for over two years and already has customers using a working product?—?a rarity these days. Several industries including luxury goods, agriculture, logistics, food/drug, and governments are already using VeChain blockchain technology. VeChain does a lot. Using the technology, you can track items through a supply chain, ensure the authenticity and quality of goods, as well as maintain the quality control of food products. Impressed yet?

This was just the tip of the Iceberg. NEO and the Chinese government are effectively building a Blockchain economy so vast, it may be surely propel them to the elite superpower status. Zilliqa?—?an advanced blockchain platform with scaling solutions such as Sharding. NEX?—?a decentralized exchange and trade protocol for NEO. TheKEY?—?bringing digital identity verification to NEO and OnChain. WanChain?—?a platform enabling a whole range of advanced financial options. EximChain?—?a supply chain platform in China. Aelf?—?a decentralized cloud computing solution?—?think iExec. Zeepin?—?creating a platform for creative content where publishers can secure their digital content. Trinity?—?Raiden for NEO. WaltonChain?—?Walton is a well connected, supply chain token in China.

They use RFID technology to facilitate product transition through the supply chain process. They have strong partnerships with Chinese Enterprise. High Performance Blockchain (HPB)?—?A highly scalable blockchain with supportive technology that allows it to integrate with businesses and enterprise. Backed by the NEO. In China, Blockchain companies realize that trust, some level of centralization (the NEO Council), and interoperability are key to long term success. As Brad puts it, “without that trust system, especially in China, enterprise will never touch the blockchain. ” They’re being created to work with already present institutions. Yes, Chinese projects are more centralized; but it’s not really a question of decentralization versus centralization. It’s about compromising to bring established business over to a decentralized framework. All the above mentioned projects are very real world based projects.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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