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Is it the right time to accept CBD as the replacement of traditional treatment?

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  • Published: 27 Jun 2019
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CBD is a shortened form of the expression “cannabidiol”. This atom is among the many (around two hundred, as indicated by the World Health Organization) cannabinoids found in hemp, additionally called cannabis. Rather than the best-known dynamic element of the plant, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD “is another atom of hemp that has no astonishing impact”.

In the natural state, some varieties of the plant are more loaded with CBD, others with THC. Cannabis in the form of a drug, which is therefore illegal, generally contains around 15% THC, a figure that has been steadily increasing since the 1990s. The so-called “therapeutic” cannabis, authorized in certain countries and American states, is simply slightly more THC than the “street”.

Discovered in 1963, the CBD is the subject of a powerful fashion effect in 2018: in just a few months, dozens of specialty shops have been opened across France, which found a legal “loophole” selling products with very little THC, but a concentration of cannabidiol.

What effects does CBD provide?

CBD, whether in the form of a flower, oil or food, has no staggering effect on the consumer. In other words, no “stoned” effect similar to that provided by THC. Nevertheless, “studies suggest that it could block the addictive effects of certain drugs of abuse”, “modulate anxiety levels […] and reduce certain stress responses”.

At present, the data remains very contradictory regarding the effects of CBD on the dopaminergic system”, that is to say the “reward circuit”. According to her, if it turns out that the CBD produces a release of dopamine – and that the deepening of all the scientific knowledge on its psychoactive effects corroborates it – it could then be regarded as astonishing in the same way as THC and all other drugs.

The use of therapeutic cannabis remains controversial

The arrival of this “legal cannabis” raises again the debate on the legalization of cannabis. Although the question is still far from settled in some European countries, many countries have authorized its use for medical purposes. Because if the mention of cannabis is first thought of recreational use, we must not forget that its therapeutic benefits are increasingly highlighted. Patients with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or cancer victims use it especially against pain and anxiety.

Many of these patients are struggling for recognition. This is the case of a fifty years old woman who claims to have survived end-stage stomach cancer through the use of cannabis oil. Considered a miraculous by doctors, she uses her example to encourage the legalization of therapeutic cannabis. Who knows, maybe coming to such a sensitive subject in this way will allow for a more constructive debate on the issue in the future.

“The CBD, he has rather a calming effect, anti-inflammatory, so it’s an effect quite different”

The product is freely available in some stores that offer liquids for electronic cigarettes and also on the internet. According to the European regulation the rate of THC, the principal active molecule of the cannabis, must be lower than 0,2% to be sold legally. “It’s the THC that has the psychotropic effects that have been considered harmful to public health, so the CBD has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect, so it’s quite a different effect. So, there is no reason, a priori, from the moment this substance has no amazing effect, to ban it as a narcotic. Therefore, it is in fact legal.

“The first studies showed that this CBD could really be therapeutic in a whole series of diseases”

If CBD has no psychedelic effects, it would have therapeutic effects in the face of certain pathologies. The first studies showed that CBD can really be therapeutic in a whole series of diseases, but we still have to do a lot of studies because we just isolate it and start the clinical studies. Difficult at the same time to establish possible adverse effects of legal cannabis, causing some observers concern.

Many people suffer from health problems

that traditional medicine still has not managed to relieve. We have deepened the research on the use of CBD, its benefits and its action on various pathologies:

The use of CBD

The advice for using CBD is: Start with a low dose, such as 1 drop of CBD oil, and increase gradually until the desired effect is achieved. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dose.

The short-term effect of CBD oil is usually felt within 15 minutes, and the effect lasts for several hours. Think about the relaxing effect. For the long-term effects of CBD, CBD should be used for a minimum of a few weeks before you can feel the benefits.

When using CBD oil, it is recommended to always shaking the oil before use. Then put the drops under the tongue or in a teaspoon. The taste of CBD oil is different depending on the product, but plant extracts have a bitter taste that is sometimes found in oils. If the taste is not tolerated, the CBD oil can also be placed on a piece of bread and consumed in this way. As CBD is now absorbed by the stomach and intestines, it will take a little longer before the CBD oil is effective, and the effects are noticeable.

Measurements of CBD It is hard to demonstrate the correct dosage of CBD. This may shift contingent upon the individual and the pathology. This is the reason it is constantly prescribed beginning with a low measurement and expanding the dosage until the point when the coveted impact is accomplished.

With CBD oil, you can start with 1 drop three times a day. If you feel the little effect, you can increase the dose to 2 drops per dose. You can increase the dose to the maximum indicated on the product label itself.

The benefits of CBD

CBD is not psychoactive and therefore has no psychotropic effect. It is one of the natural molecules used mostly in the medical environment for years. CBD is legal in some European counties because it does not contain THC. Its benefits are multiple: it calms the pains and inflammations, it is a powerful antalgic and anti-inflammatory which helps in particular to fight against arthritis. It also offers an anxiolytic effect that calms anxieties and depression. CBD also relieves and reduces epileptic seizures and Sclerosis Plaque. It is known to be an alternative in smoking cessation.

Many patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, HIV, HCV, cancer, Crohn’s disease, etc. … see their symptoms or side effects of treatments greatly mitigated by the effects of CBD.

To conclude

CBD or cannabidiol, therefore, has a broad spectrum of action in view of available pre-clinical data and interactions with other cannabinoids and terpenoid are numerous, causing a synergistic effect, called the surrounding effect.

In view of its safety of use, it can enter both the composition of wellness products (food, cosmetics) as in that of health products, at a priori higher concentrations and with appropriate medical monitoring. The question to be asked is not that of its prohibition, but rather that of its regulation adapted according to the purpose (and the dosage of the product) whether in the category of products of well-being or products health.

It is essential to release and promote research on cannabinoids, particularly in the context of national plans for the fight against cancer, neurodegenerative diseases or autism.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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