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"It is hard to Succeed in this Dynamic World" Essay

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The world is changing with the geometric progression, thus it is becoming harder and harder for the human beings to keep up. This made motivational talks arise, and there is no video, speech or book, where there are no expressions: keep doing what you do; never give up; push yourself to your limit and beyond… Those words are already deeply imprinted into everybody’s minds. But what does it really mean to never give up, when you are actually put into the situation? What are the actions to be taken? Now, I think this is the real query: how to put theory/idea of “never giving up” into practice.

Let’s start the discussion with an agreement that every human is already an artist at birth, already having all the tools and supplies to create masterpiece and all that is left to do, is to learn how to use them for the creation process. But what and where is the starting point?

It is hard to wonder in the endless possibilities. Everything is possible but not everything can be done. So, constrain yourself. It’s better to work inside some kind of a scene, because you will feel less lost. Your “scene” should be guided by ethics & morality. Recently, I read John Maxwell’s “There is no such thing as “Business” Ethics”. Yes, there is no “business” ethics, “political” ethics, “sports’” ethics… there is just – ethics. Long story short, he points out that ethical person is the one who does the right thing at the right time. Think for the moment, how much time is saved by that. As it can and are written books about my chosen topic, but the limitation of two pages, makes me save time and be exact. The constraining of the area keeps and guides you on track: the morality of yours dictates what’s right, ethics makes you do right and together they act like a tailwind, boosting yor energy whilst saving time – which is the precious, the backbone to be saved.

If it is all set with the scenes, than the next concern is that – there will be failures. What’s your response to them? There has to be something painted on the scene. It is already settled that giving up is not an option, but ‘’keep doing” has two faces. There is a dilemma: Give up fight for now and try later by being a lot more prepared or keep doing, keep fighting the battle without any brake, while trying to improve the state of yours. Which one is THE choice? Which one will be perceived with more appreciation?

These two faces can be expressed shortly: alone or with others? Both of them work, separately and together. For example, imagine that your scenery requires a tree to be painted, but you have no idea of the tools you are supposed to use or the ways a tree can be painted. So, you have two options: paint yourself a tree many times, many ways until you find your style; or you could ask the ones who have already painted a tree (or use historical information) to teach you some basic ways: the contouring, the tools… this will limit the amount of time you need to spend on painting it, you will save a lot of energy and also, you will still find your style along the way. The outcome is the same – the tree is painted the same way. Your style is the fruit of your way of thinking after knowing the other ways it was done before you or by you; this is the basic foundation of the “out of the box” thinking. It’s up to you to judge and choose which one will be the best for the situation you are in.

The lesson can also be taken out of the very recent World Cup tournament. The team will receive the most appreciation and respect, which will actually work as a team. It doesn’t matter if a team has certain individual, if he will be alone against eleven opponents, he cannot succeed. The key is that everyone is important, everyone has to respect each other in the team. The reward is winning and success. And respect (material or abstract) that comes, is for the whole team, shared equally by each member (everyone’s medal is of same weight and shape). So, this success is derived from the players’ individual successes: being in perfect shape for the effective game; being aware of what they do; practicing all the time… Alone and together is one huge success.

There is one massive trap along the way of success though, it is the choice between desiring all at once and following the road step-by-step. No painter takes one brush and paints everything with one color, within a second. Every area should be done separately, with different tools, under different amounts of time for the whole picture to be creating harmony.

There was a case or merely an experiment when a poor man, living in the streets was given money of million. He was observed from a far. He fulfilled all the desires he had: bought a house, clothes, was living a life… But couple months later, he ended up sitting at the same spot in the streets. He didn’t have knowledge and power to control and maintain his new state. So, desires governed him, money controlled him and not vice versa. Don’t fall on the trap of doing nothing but desiring your way to be already walked by you. Actually acting, walking step-by-step on the other hand, is always a hard choice but this strategy empowers you, teaches you, firms you and it pays off. It is true though, that the outcomes come in the long-term, but it’s worth a wait. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” they say and it is true: brick by brick creates glory.

To sum up, I agree that in this dynamic world it is hard to be successful unless you are commited. Only you, can change you, because only you know what you need, what you are doing wrong, what do you need to improve. And the most important thing is that, I firmly believe, feeling of success comes from within and is not measured by outside, stereotypical standards. Your sense of morality and ethicality, your persistance, your awareness is vital. You are an artist, your masterpiece will be shown only if you decide so, if you like it and when it makes you feel accomplished and contend. And the world has the job to encase your work in the most deserved frame.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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