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Jobs for Criminologist: Prison Officer, Criminal Profilers and Youth Worker

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The Prison Officer

The prison officer responsibilities are many; they act as security of the prison. This involves supervision of CCTV or prisoners directly, care of prisoner’s property, they write reports and the one where I will focus my attention is the performance of rehabilitation and preparation work done on the convicted. This is really important because it shows the intention of the authorities to re-insert them in the society in a way that avoids the incarceration after the release. By acting in this way another chance is offered to the person. That will likely believe that, despite mistakes were made the world or the community in which he/she will try to insert will not just look at his/her past but also to action e predisposition of a good behaviour.

The theory that applied by the officer is the Labelling Reintegrative Shaming. The theory helps in this scenario by shaming the object, which means, causing a bad feeling in a subject given by the understanding of the action committed that does not conform with the society rules norm. By doing this the officer tries to access the human side of the prisoners, which every person has a conscious, and work on it in order to create such a sense of guiltiness, to avoid a repeat behaviour. The theory works on the conscious of the person and having them understand how shameful the act they have committed is encouraging them to understand that they are better than the actions as to what they were brought in prison for. Officers can do so because they are part of their journey inside the prison, they know each prisoner personally (a report has to be written on each of them.), therefore they build on relationships with the prisoners. By being the first part to forgive them if change is attempted, they impersonate the outside world.

The Criminal Profiler

The criminal profiler is another career that criminologist might pursue. They work with the justice in order to delineate a criminal. They work not only with the justice system but also with each other, as a team. Their work is not usually allocated on small cases where help might not be needed from the police but instead they focus attention on high-profile cases where it is difficult for the police on their own, for instance, to find the culprit.

More in depth, the work itself consist on scrutinising every detail – without missing out anything of a crime scene. It involves a someone which is oriented to carry out this job. For a criminal profiler the criminology background helps but is not essential. It helps define a starting point in the mind of the offender profiler that can link similar crime scenes together with the knowledge from the aforementioned background, being able to perhaps predict future crime scene that the criminal might commit. A psychology background is also required because it facilitates the job of trying to understand a criminal mind (possible thoughts) and how it works (possible motivation of the crime), in order to better select a list of candidates. The criminology theory that can be applied is the individual trait. This theory categorises criminals and non-criminal based on biological and psychological characteristics. A criminal is therefore easier to recognise because of some trait that he/she has. Finally, we can say that the theory represents a starting point from which the criminal profiler will start identifies the possible criminal.

Youth Workers

Youth workers as the name suggests work with young people with age ranging from 13 to 19 (the range can occasionally shift to 11-25 depending on needs). Their job is to provide help in each field of struggle of the young in order to facilitate in the social insert inside the community. Their aim, by working with young people is to help them reach a potential that may not have been reached yet because of external causes whom they vary from; community violence predominance to family problems or more personal problems such as mental health and/or bad habits. More in depth the help supplied to the needy takes different forms; plans to improve aspects of daily life, activities the help improve the team-work skills and trust, personal mentoring that aims to build an individual and plans skills in which targets and progressions are set and monitored. Thus, a youth worker will keep track of individual progression with reports filed to perhaps the court if needed. The theory used by the youth worker is the social disorganisation. According to the theory the reason for such a high rate of criminality condenses in a single area have to do with how the community is structured, this means, that community with high criminality are usually the one with an economic deprivation and therefore live there become undesirable for residents. Since the youth is, the next generation, addressing them in the right direction becomes fundamental. Make the youth not following wrong models in the community by having goals in life or realise the importance of the team-work is only a few of the intention of the youth workers in order to avoid future criminality to be build and strengthen. The original theory is based on researches made by Shaw and McKay, they showed how different neighbourhoods behaved differently of each other’s. The research showed how the absence of infrastructure or activities that could have improved the conduct of the residents, taking them off criminal life, was the reason. This is why youth workers, and administration in general, have started targeting this type of community.

According to the government website, in order to be a magistrate there aren’t qualifications needed or special requirements. What is demanded is to be of age between 18-65 be in good health conditions, be up to date with social issues, be comprehensive with people and situations and with a balanced judgement. The future magistrate will be also asked to do the OATH of justice where he declares he/she will be faithful to the queen rules. Not to overlook the fact that it should be able to read and understand documents presented. What goes in contrast with these qualities required in a possible application is if the person applying has crime records, is in a position in which might have a personal interest in advance or be partial to a side or another. The chosen magistrate will serve 13 days or 26 half days a year and since any previous qualification was needed to be obtaining a full training will be provided. The job itself does not require mane responsibilities, and it seems fair asking the candidate for basic requirements that every person has. Asking to be legally mature is results to be a good starting point, however I personally believe that the age should be raised to 25 which is a more appropriate age where to start the job. This because at 18 experiences is still to be made while at 25 more maturity and judgment is reach thanks the more experience gained. The magistrate deals with a big number of cases that vary from; criminal, where there is a minor crime presented (theft, less serious aggression or public order) civil cases (family proceedings courts, licensing courts, collecting tax).


Studying criminology develops an understanding of the social and personal aspects of crime, victimisation and responses to crime and deviance, as well as building specific skills. It’s important to study another subjects related to criminology as it will help to develop more special skills. 


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